Coriolis flow meter is also called Coriolis mass flow meter. Based on the principles of Micro motion mechanics. Coriolis meters provide extremely accurate mass or volume flow, density and temperature measurement.

Coriolis Flow Meter

A Coriolis flow meter is a type of mass flow meter. It is designed differently and works differently than thermal or differential mass flow meters. Coriolis meters provide extremely accurate mass or volume flow, density and temperature measurement with few moving parts and no straight pipe requirements.

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Features of Coriolis Flow Meter

  • Directly measure the mass flow of fluid in the pipeline
    • The measurement accuracy is high and the repeatability is good. It can directly measure the fluid mass flow in a large range
  • High measurement accuracy
    • The mass flow measurement accuracy of this flowmeter is 0.2 level
  • Stable and reliable work
    • There are no obstacles and moving parts in the fluid measuring tube, so it has high reliability and long life.
  • Adapted fluid medium surface width
    • In addition to uniform fluids with general viscosity, it can also measure high-viscosity fluids (honey, oil slurry, etc.).
    • It can measure not only the fluid parameters of a single solution, but also multiphase flow.
    • Whether the medium is laminar or turbulent, it does not affect its measurement accuracy.
  • Wide application environment
    • It is suitable for petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, paper, food, energy and environmental protection industries.
    • In the process of inspection and control and custody transfer measurement and other occasions.
    • Has been widely used,
  • Multiple real-time online measurement and control functions
    • In addition to mass flow, the density and temperature of the fluid can also be directly measured.
    • The intelligent flow transmitter can provide a variety of parameter display and control functions. It is a multi-function flow measurement and control instrument.
  • Good scalability
    • The company can design and manufacture mass flow meters with special specifications and special functions according to user needs.
    • It can also perform remote monitoring operations.

Specifications of Coriolis Flow Meter

Measured mediumLiquid, gas
Measuring diameter1mm~300mm
Measurement itemsMass flow, density, temperature, volume flow, concentration
Density measurement range0.2g/cm3~2.5g/cm3
Medium temperature-200℃~+300℃
Flow measurement errorLiquid 0.2%R+Cz, 0.15%R+Cz, gas 0.5%R+Cz, 1.0%R+Cz,
Density measurement error0.002g/cm3
Temperature measurement error≤1℃
Signal form4~20mA, O~2kHZ, RS485, Hart
Power supply24VDC
Measuring tube material304, 316, can also be negotiated and provided according to user requirements
Explosion-proof gradeExd(ib)IICT2~T5, ExdIICT4
Enclosure ratingIP67
Flange standardNational standard GB/T series standards can also be processed according to user requirements.
Instrument output forma. Current output: 4-20mA; power supply: 13-28VDC, three-wire system;
b. Pulse output: 0~2KHZ; power supply: 13-28VDC; optocoupler output>3mA;
c, RS485 interface
d, HART communication;
Instrument wiringa. The electrical connection port specification of the flowmeter signal output line is: M20 × 1.5; it can also be customized according to user requirements.
b. The 4-20mA current output is a three-wire system;
c. The pulse output is a three-wire system. 

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Structure of Coriolis Flow Meter

Coriolis mass flowmeter consists of two parts: flow sensor and converter (or flow computer).

Structure of Coriolis Flow Meter

The following figure shows an example of a flow sensor, which mainly consists of a measuring tube 2 and its supporting tube 1, a driving coil 4 in the measuring tube vibration excitation system, an electromagnetic detection probe 3 and 6 for detecting the deflection of the measuring tube, and a correction measuring tube material Yang Yang The temperature measurement components and other components affected by the modulus temperature.

U-tube sensor structure diagram
1 Support tube
2 Measuring tube
3 and 6 Magnetic detection probe
4 Drive coil
5 shell

The converter is mainly composed of the vibration signal generation unit, signal detection and signal processing unit of the vibration excitation system; the flow computer also has the functions of configuration setting, engineering unit conversion, signal display and communication with the host computer.

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How Does a Coriolis Flow Meter Work?

As shown in the figure, when a mass point with a mass of m moves at a speed υ in a pipe rotating at an angular velocity ω on the p axis, the mass point is subjected to the acceleration and force of two components.

How Does a Coriolis Flow Meter Work?

a. Normal acceleration is the centripetal force acceleration αr, its magnitude is equal to ω2r, and the direction is toward the P axis;
b. Tangential acceleration αt is Coriolis acceleration, its magnitude is equal to 2ωυ, and the direction is perpendicular to αr.
Due to the compound motion, Coriolis Fc=2ωυm acts in the αt direction of the particle, and the pipe acts on the particle with a reverse force -Fc= -2ωυm.

When a fluid with a density of ρ flows at a constant speed υ in a rotating pipe, any pipe with a length of Δx will experience a tangential Coriolis force of ΔFc.


In the formula, A-the internal cross-sectional area of the pipeline. Since the mass flow rate is δm, δm=ρυA.
And so


Therefore, the mass flow can be measured by directly or indirectly measuring the Coriolis force generated by the fluid flowing in the rotating pipe. This is the basic principle of the Coriolis mass flowmeter.

However, it is difficult to generate Coriolis force by rotating motion. The current products are all replaced by pipe vibration, which is a thin-walled measuring tube fixed by two broken ends. At the midpoint, it is excited at or near the resonance of the measuring tube. The fluid flowing in the tube generates Coriolis force, which causes the two halves of the measuring tube to be deflected in opposite directions. Electromagnetic method is used to detect the amount of deflection to obtain the mass flow rate.

The fluid density will affect the vibration frequency of the measuring tube. The density has a fixed relationship with frequency. Therefore, mass flow meters can also measure fluid density.

OMEGA Engineering has a great explanation video about Coriolis Flow Measuring Principle. Let’s take a look together.

Video source:

Applications of Coriolis mass flow meter

Coriolis Flow Meter can play a very effective role in the batching and batch measurement of various feeds in the following fields. The measurement and control of material flow in the process. The rapid and changeable density measurement. As well as product quality monitoring and other aspects.

Coriolis Flow Meter is mainly used to measure the mass flow and total volume and density of the medium. At the same time, it can also measure the volume flow and total volume, the temperature of the medium, the water content, the alcohol content of alcohol, and the concentration of two liquids that are more uniformly mixed. , The ratio of raw materials in the process flow, etc.

Applications of Coriolis mass flow meter
Applications of Coriolis mass flow meter

It is mainly applicable to the following industries:
(1) Petroleum industry, such as crude oil production measurement, water cut, single well production measurement, crude oil transportation measurement
(2) Chemical industry
(3) Food industry
(4) Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, such as liquid medicine production and measurement
(5) Papermaking industry, such as pulp metering
(6) Textile printing and dyeing industry
(7) Energy transmission measurement, such as liquefied gas measurement
(8) Environmental protection industry, such as sewage treatment; measuring slurry density during desulfurization

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Advantages and Disadvantages of coriolis flow meter


  • The Coriolis mass flow meter directly measures the mass flow rate with high measurement accuracy.
  • It can measure a wide range of fluids, including high-viscosity liquids, slurries containing solids, liquids containing trace gases, and medium and high-pressure gases with sufficient density.
  • The measuring tube has a small vibration amplitude and can be regarded as a non-moving part, and there are no obstructions and moving parts in the measuring pipe.
  • It is not sensitive to the flow velocity distribution of the upflow, so there is no requirement for upstream and downstream straight pipes.
  • The measured value is not sensitive to the fluid viscosity, and the change of fluid density has little effect on the measured value.
  • Multi-parameter measurement can be done, such as measuring density at the same time, and deriving the concentration of solute in the measurement solution from this.


  • The instability of the zero point of the Coriolis mass flowmeter results in zero drift, which affects the further improvement of its accuracy. Many types of meters have to divide the total error into two parts, the basic error and the zero point instability measurement.
  • Coriolis mass flow meters cannot be used to measure low-density media and low-pressure gases; the gas content in the liquid exceeds a certain limit (varies by model), which will significantly affect the measured value.
  • Coriolis mass flowmeters are more sensitive to external vibration interference. In order to prevent the impact of pipeline vibration, most models of Coriolis mass flowmeters require relatively high installation and fixation of flow sensors.
  • It cannot be used for larger pipe diameters, and is currently limited to 150 (200) mm or less.
  • The inner wall of the measuring tube is worn, corroded, or deposited and scaled, which will affect the measurement accuracy, especially for the Coriolis mass flowmeter of the thin-walled tube.
  • The pressure loss is relatively large, which is equivalent to that of volumetric meters. Some Coriolis mass flow meters are even 100% larger than volumetric meters.
  • Most models of Coriolis mass flow meters are larger in weight and volume.
  • Expensive. The overseas price is 5,000 to 10,000 US dollars for a set, which is about 2 to 5 times that of the electromagnetic flowmeter of the same caliber; the Chinese price is about 2 to 8 times that of the electromagnetic flowmeter.

Coriolis flow meter installation

Installation Requirements for Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

When choose Flowmeter, many enterprises will choose Coriolis mass Flowmeter under reasonable cost. Under the correct installation, Coriolis mass Flowmeter can directy measure the mass and density of fluid. Only reasonable installation can ensure the accuracy and stability of mass Flowmeter.

1. Conventional of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Installation

At least 0.6 m distance between the sensor and a large transmitter or motor. Since the sensor depends on the electromagnetic field. It is necessary to avoid installing the sensor near the large interference electromagnetic field. In addition, the installation position should be carefully selected to avoid vibration as far as possible.

2. Installation Direction

The requirements of the process and the location of the process pipeline have determined the installation direction of most sensors.While the sensor installation angle does not affect the flowmeter operation, the following recommendations should be considered to the extent possible:

  • (1) When measuring the liquid. The sensor housing shall be mounted downward to avoid air gathering in the flow tube;
  • (2) When measuring the gas. The sensor housing shall be mounted upward to avoid condensation water gathering in the flow tube;
  • (3) When measuring liquid slurry. The sensor shall be mounted vertically, like a flag, to avoid the accumulation of particles in the flow tube. The process medium should flow from the bottom up to avoid the jet tube.

3. Valves

In order to facilitate Flowmeter zero adjustment, the downstream sensor should be installed globe valve. To facilitate batch operation, sensors and globe valves should be as close as possible to the receiving container.

Hose should not be installed between sensor and globe valve to avoid batch error caused by expansion or compression. Also, control valves can be installed downstream to prevent vaporization or emptying of the medium.

4. Flow direction of mass flow meter installation

No matter what flow direction, the flow sensor can accurately measure the flow rate. The normal flow direction of the fluid is indicated by arrows on the general sensor.

5. Gas&liquid two-phase flow

If the process medium produces a gas-liquid two-phase flow, the sensor housing should be installed down or on a vertical pipe. This installation can effectively avoid the accumulation of gas in the medium in the flow tube.

In loading and unloading metering applications, the sensor housing should be mounted upwards or vertically. One-way valves should be installed downstream of the sensor to prevent medium reflux. One-way valves should be installed as close as possible to the sensor.

In some cases, the process medium can not be completely excluded from the pipeline. And flag installation is generally recommended.

When Coriolis mass Flowmeter is installed, the direction of installation is very important. The direction of installation is determined according to the position of the process pipeline arranged on the spot.

Reasonable installation can ensure the long-term stable work of Coriolis mass Flowmeter. Installation Requirements for Coriolis Mass Flowmeters.

Four Installation Methods of Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

Installation Methods of Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

I. Normal installation, medium/large Coriolis mass flowmeter

It is recommended to release and empty the gas that may be stored in the Coriolis mass Flowmeter pipeline of Shanghai Automation instrument Co., Ltd before installation.

I. Normal installation, medium/large Coriolis mass flowmeter

 II. Inverted installation, medium/large Coriolis mass flowmeter

It is recommended to use an inverted installation to measure gas (e.g. steam). Because only in this way, the liquid that may be stored in the Coriolis mass Flowmeter can be released and emptied.

 II. Inverted installation, medium/large Coriolis mass flowmeter

III. Flag type installation, medium/large Coriolis mass flowmeter

Flag installation is the installation of Coriolis mass Flowmeter perpendicular to horizontal line.

Flag type mounting is recommended to measure the suspension and liquid and solid biphasic liquids.

For example, for liquids that are easy to solidify under temperature change, for liquids with high viscosity, it is necessary to empty the liquid left in the measuring pipe after measurement.

Flag mounting will not affect the measurement accuracy of any type of liquid measured. but the direction of the measurement flow must be bottom-up.

III. Flag type installation, medium/large Coriolis mass flowmeter

IV. Miniature Pipe Size Coriolis Instrument Installation

Sino-Inst small size Coriolis mass Flowmeter has a very small flow range and high accuracy requirements. In this way, stable mounting plates and supports are necessary. The mounting plate and Coriolis mass Flowmeter must be completely flat without any space.

If not, use horizontal bolts to adjust the balance. The small size Coriolis mass flowmeter is installed as follows:

IV. Miniature Pipe Size Coriolis Instrument Installation

Types of mass flow-meters

Sino-Inst offer different types of mass flow meter, like:

Coriolis flow meter price

Sino-Inst offers 20 Coriolis mass flow meter products, with Best Price.

About 13% of these are Petroleum& Chemical flow meters, 4% are water treatment flow indicators. The best Reference price is USD 2000-7000.

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