What is Gas Rotameter?

Rotameter is also called float flowmeter. It is often called glass tube float flowmeter, glass rotameter, metal rotameter, and metal tube float flowmeter.
Rotameter is mainly used to measure the flow of single-phase non-pulsating fluid (gas or liquid). When gas or liquid is introduced into a uniform conical flow tube. The float rises. Its weight is supported by the fluid flowing below. Until the entire fluid volume is available Flow through the float. The position of the float corresponds to a point on the pipe measurement scale and provides an indication of the fluid flow rate.

Gas Rotameter Tips

Can rotameter be used for gases?

Rotameter can measure gas.

Rotameter is a variable area flow measuring instrument commonly used in industrial automation process control, which can be used to measure the flow of liquid, gas, and steam.

Rotameters are especially suitable for dry gas and steam measurement. Such as the measurement of nitrogen, air, oxygen and other gases.

It is not applicable if the liquid medium or gas medium contains impurity particles. It will affect the accuracy of the measurement.

If the pressure is relatively large, you can use a metal tube float flowmeter. The metal tube float flowmeter can transmit signals remotely for total accumulation or flow control. You can also customize the remote metal rotor flowmeter according to your needs. Explosion-proof metal rotor flowmeter.

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Rotameter Gas Flow Conversion

When measuring gas and liquid media, are the parameters of the rotameter the same?

Metal rotor flowmeter is a variable area flow measuring instrument commonly used in industrial automation process control. When it is measuring liquid and gaseous media, because the density of the two media is different, the material of the rotor of the flowmeter will also be different due to the density of the medium.

Regardless of whether it is measuring gas or liquid, the metal rotor flowmeter is the same in appearance and structure. But because the density of a gas is lower than that of liquid, the density of gas rotor material is smaller than that of the liquid rotor.

Whether the rotameter for measuring gas or liquid, the structure is basically the same, and it is equipped with a rotor in a conical tube. The main differences are as follows:

  1. The calculated density of the rotor: the density for liquid is high, and the density for gas is low.
  2. Rotor shape: the cross-sectional area of ​​liquid is relatively small, and the cross-sectional area of ​​gas is relatively large
  3. Damping device: It is better to use a damping device for liquids and gas, so that the measured value is stable.

Therefore, when we choose the metal rotor flowmeter, we need to clearly describe the real-time conditions of the working conditions with the manufacturer. In this way, we can formulate qualified process and technical parameter models of flowmeters according to the actual requirements of the working conditions. So as to be able to solve the measurement problem more effectively.

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Float Flow Meter Technology

How does a float flow meter work? Float Flow Meter is also called rotor flow meter. It is mainly used for small and medium caliber flow measurement. It can measure liquid, gas, steam, etc. The product series have complete specifications Read More

Metal Tube Rotameter

Metal tube rotameter with transmitter Metal tube rotameter with transmitter is also called digital rotameter. All-metal structure, there are indicator type, electric remote transmission type, corrosion-resistant type, high voltage type, jacket type, explosion-proof type. Electric remote transmission, explosion-proof design. Explosion-proof Read More

Rotameter flow meter-Variable Area Flow Meters

The LZ series Rotameter Flowmeter provided by Sino-Inst adopts a 304/316 stainless steel structure. It can be used to measure the flow of liquid, gas, and steam. Especially suitable for low flow velocity and small flow. Flow measurement of high Read More

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