Insertion Vortex Flow Meters drawing

The Sino-Instrument Insertion Vortex Flow Meter measures the volumetric,

or mass flow rate of steam, gases, steam in piping conduits, or liquids over a large flow range.

The plug-in vortex flowmeter is mainly used for flow measurement of large-diameter gas,

liquid and vapor medium fluids in industrial pipelines of various industries.

It is almost unaffected by parameters such as fluid density,

pressure, temperature, and viscosity,

when measuring the volumetric flow rate.

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Features of Insertion Vortex Flow Meters

Insertion Vortex Flow Meters

Measure volumetric flow, mass flow with temperature compensation or BTU/energy

Durable stainless steel design

Mounting kit for proper installation

No moving parts to wear

Integrated RTD for mass flow or BTU/energy eliminates a hot tap

Seal-free sensing element eliminates leak paths to electronic sensors

Single meter for multiple pipe sizes

Dual sensor technology reduces noise interference

No zero drift

Self-cleaning sensing element

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The meter includes a mounting assembly to simplify the installation,

and ensure proper installation depth and orientation for specified pipe size. 

Additionally, the probe length is sized to match the pipe size to minimize the meter length.

With the piezoelectric stress sensor,

it has high reliability and can work in the operating temperature range of -20 °C ~ +250 °C.

There are analog standard signals and digital pulse signal outputs,

which are easy to use with digital systems such as computers.

It is a relatively advanced and ideal flow meter.

The plug-in vortex flowmeter is explosion-proof and conforms to GB3836-83 Explosion-proof electrical environment.

The relevant provisions of the Equipment,

the explosion-proof mark is ExdIIBT6.

Working principle of Insertion Vortex Flow Meters

According to the International Organization for Standardization IS07145

(a measurement of fluid flow in a closed section of a circular section
– velocity measurement at a section of the section),

a vortex velocity probe embedded in a piezoelectric crystal,
is inserted into a large-diameter industrial pipe,
to convert the Karman vortex frequency.

It is a current or voltage pulse signal or a 4-20 mADC current signal proportional to the flow rate.

Insertion Vortex Flow Meters2
Insertion Vortex Flow Meters

In the right applications,

insertion style vortex meters provide a very reliable,

and cost-effective solution for mass flow measurement.

They are often the best choice for flow measurement in larger diameter pipes,

where the expected process flow rates are within the operating range of the meter.

The standard loop powered version of the vortex flow meter

is equipped with internal temperature compensation,

required for direct mass flow measurement of saturated steam.

Each Insertion Vortex Flow Meter is provided with a 4-20mA analog output for flow rate,

pulse output for totalization and a built-in user interface and display.

The standard loop-powered meter also includes HART (So it can work with HART communicators.).

Optional versions are available with internal pressure compensation,

multiple analog outputs and BACnet or MODBUS serial communications.

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