Gas Turbine Flow Meters

Sino-Instrument Gas Flow Meters,

feature a transducer that utilizes a lightweight,

low-inertia rotor to sense gas velocity.

Gas flow meters are designed for precise and repeatable flow measurement,

of all compressible fluids,

with the added benefit of minimal pressure loss.

To accommodate the requirements of most gaseous flow applications,

Sino-Instrument Gas Meters come in a variety of sizes,

end fittings and options.

The gas models feature three basic rotor designs to compensate,

for low, medium and high density gases.

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Features of Gas Turbine Flow Meters

  • Single gas turbine flow meter handles wide range of flow rates
  • Rugged carbide bearing design eliminates need for lubrication and withstands difficult service conditions
  • Low-inertia rotor design provides quick response to flow-rate changes
  • Two-bladed rotor offers large unobstructed flow area
  • Electrical output signal adapts readily to a variety of readout devices
  • serviced; Low-cost precalibrated replacement turbine cartridge available

Specifications Of Gas Turbine Flow Meters

  1. High precision, generally up to ±1%R, ±0.5%R, high precision type up to ±0.2%R;
  2. Repeatability is good, and the short-term repeatability can reach 0.05%~0.2%.
  3. With the three-point correction of meter coefficient, the intelligent compensation meter coefficient is nonlinear and can be corrected on site.
  4. All valid data will remain for 10 years after being powered off;
  5. The range is wide, the medium and large caliber can reach 1:20, and the small diameter is 1:10;
  6. Compact and lightweight, easy to install and maintain, and large circulation capacity;
  7. Applicable to high-pressure measurement, it is not necessary to open holes on the meter body, and it is easy to make high-pressure type instrument;
  8. There are many types of special-purpose sensors, which can be designed into various types of special-purpose sensors, according to the special needs of users, such as low-temperature type, two-way type, downhole type, and mixing type, etc.
  9. Can be made into insert type, suitable for large diameter measurement, low-pressure loss, low price, continuous flow, easy installation, and maintenance.
Gas Turbine Flow Meters
Gas Turbine Flow Meters

What Are Gas Turbine Flow Meters?

Sino-Instrument’s turbine gas meters are robust meters,

used to accurately and reliably measure gas consumption in gas distribution,

transmission, industrial plants and for commercial users.

The meter tracks the flow rate continuously,

offers little resistance to flow,

and has a unique cartridge design that allows removal of all internal parts as one assembly.

The meter also exhibits little sensitivity to gas density above two atmospheres pressure.

The low inertia of the rotor and vee bearings,

allows overhanging of the meter to twice its rated capacity,

without damage for intermittent flow variations. 

Over decades they have proven to be highly accurate,

from the first calibration on to the end of their life many years later.

This is why leading gas distribution and transmission companies around the globe,

rely on the Sino-Instrument line of turbine meters,

for their standard gas metering applications.

Meters are available from sizes 2” (DN50) to 24” (DN600)

and in pressure classes ranging from PN10 to ANSI600 as a standard.​

How does a Gas turbine flow meter work?

The gas flowing through the meter sets a turbine wheel in motion.

The number of revolutions of the wheel

is proportional to the volume passing through the meter.

To optimize measurement performance a flow straightener eliminates flow disturbances,

such as swirl or asymmetric flow that is created e.g. by bends or T-pieces upstream of the meter.

After the flow conditioner the cross-section of the meter

is reduced to increase flow velocity,

and consequently, increase the driving impulse of the medium on the turbine wheel.

A mechanical or electronic index on the meter gives the user information of the total value of gas,

which has flown through the meter at operating conditions.

Gas turbine flowmeters Applications

Gas Turbine Flow Meters applications
Gas Turbine Flow Meters applications

In order of magnitude from largest to smallest,

these are used in oil and gas, water and wastewater,

gas utility, chemical, power, food, and beverage,

aerospace, pharmaceutical, metals and mining, and pulp and paper.

Sino-Instrument’s Turbine Gas Meters,

offer reliable and accurate volume flow measurement,

in a large range of sizes and pressure rating,

while being fully compliant with international standards.

Sino-Instrument is the risk-free choice for your gas flow measurement applications.

Sino-Instrument, supplies turbine flow meters,

like: gas turbine flow meter, gpi turbine flow meter,

liquid turbine flow meter, sanitary turbine flow meter,

insertion turbine flow meter, steam turbine flow meter,

and natural gas turbine flow meter.

Sino-Instrument’s turbine flow meters, made in China,

Having good Quality, With better price.

Our flow measurement instruments are widely used in China, India, Pakistan, US, and other countries.

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