RTD vs. Thermocouple: What’s the Difference, and Which Should You Use?

What is the difference between a resistance temperature detector (RTD) and a thermocouple? Both RTDs and thermocouples are sensors used to measure heat such as Fahrenheit and Kelvin. These devices are used in a wide range of applications and settings, Read More

Standard Platinum Rhodium Thermocouple

Standard Platinum Rhodium Thermocouple-Platinum Thermocouple Standard Platinum Rhodium Thermocouple is a temperature measurement standard device produced by our company. There are two types of standard platinum-rhodium 10-platinum thermocouple and standard platinum-rhodium 30-platinum rhodium 6 thermocouple. First-class standard thermocouple WRPB-1 Second-class Read More

Paperless Recorders

What is a paperless recorder? The paperless recorder is a data logger used to record measurement data over time. Paperless recorder equipment has been integrated into industrial control systems for process monitoring applications. Can input thermocouple, thermal resistance, standard current, Read More

Guidebook: Bimetallic stemmed thermometer

what is a bimetallic stemmed thermometer? Bimetallic stemmed thermometer is an instrument that uses two different metals to measure temperature. Combine two metals with different coefficients of linear expansion and fix one end. When the temperature changes, the two metals Read More