Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensor is Designed for use in compact hydraulic cylinders

Magnetostrictive cylinder position sensor is a compact linear displacement sensor. Sino-Inst supplies cylinder position sensors suited to hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Cylinder position sensor output signals include: analog, SSI, Canopen.

  • Designed for use in compact hydraulic cylinders;
  • Linear measurement, absolute position output;
  • Measuring range: 50mm~2500mm, customized according to customer needs
  • Humidity/dew point: 90% humidity, no frost
  • Output signal: current, voltage
  • Power supply voltage: 9-32Vdc
  • Temperature range: -40℃ ~ +105℃
  • Electrical protection: IP67
  • Pressure resistance: 35MPa (continuous)/70MPa (peak)

Specifications of Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensor

Measurement dataLinear displacement
Measuring stroke50mm-2500mm, can be customized according to user needs
Number of measurementsOne
Voltage0.5~4.5Vdc  Maximum load resistance of the controller: ≥10kΩ)
Electric current4~20mA, 20~4mA, 0~20mA, 20~0mA      (Minimum/large load 0/250 Ω)
Resolution±0.1mm(50~400mm) Range÷4096(>400mm)
Nonlinearity±0.1mm(50~400mm)   0.02%(>400mm)
Repeat accuracy±0.1mm
Update time2.0ms
Working condition
Magnetic ring speedAny
Operating temperature-40~105℃
Humidity/Dew point90% humidity, no condensation
Temperature Coefficient<30ppm/℃
Impact indexGB/T2423.5 100g (11ms)
Vibration indexGB/T2423.10 25g/10-2000HZ
Electrical protectionIP67
EMC testGB/T17626.2/3/4/6/8, grade 4/3/4/3/3, Class A, CE certification; ISO13766, ISO11452-2/4
Structure and materials
Electronic warehouseStainless steel 304
RodStainless steel 304
Magnetic ringVarious magnetic rings
Outer tube pressure350bar/700bar (peak value) when installed in the liquid cylinder
Installation directionAny direction
Installation formElectronic warehouse outer circle
Electrical connections
Outgoing wayStraight out cable or aviation plug
Input voltage9-32Vdc
Power consumption1W
Polarity protectionMaximum -30Vdc
Overpressure protection36Vdc max
Insulation resistance>10MΩ
Dielectric strength500V

Features of Magnetostrictive Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensor

  • Compact structure: suitable for occasions with strict requirements on the installation space of the electronic head. It has a large number of applications in construction machinery
  • Rugged and durable: fully enclosed design. Adapt to harsh environments. The highest IP68 protection level
  • Straight line measurement: absolute output. No need to return to zero. Multiple signal interfaces are optional
  • Small size and easy to use.
  • Standard signal output, maintenance-free
  • Never wear: continuous non-contact measurement
  • Strong anti-interference and anti-vibration capabilities
  • Low power consumption. Effectively reduce system heating
  • Full range adjustable: 100% adjustable zero and full range
  • High resolution: resolution up to 1um

Magnetostrictive Cylinder Position Sensor analog output method

The MH series Magnetostrictive Cylinder Position Sensor has a built-in 16-bit D/A converter. It can accurately convert the absolute position of the vernier magnetic ring into a standard 4-20mA current signal or other signals in real time. The output signal has a linear relationship with the effective range. The zero point, full scale and positive and negative directions can be set by a screwdriver 100% according to the needs of on-site use. The output standard analog signal can be directly output to the PLC control module (such as Siemens 331 module) or other instruments.

Magnetostrictive Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensor installation dimensions

MH series Magnetostrictive Cylinder Position Sensor, all built-in compact products. The size of the electronic head is only 48mm (diameter) × 21mm (thickness). It is suitable for built-in measurement occasions that have strict requirements on the installation space of the electronic head. Compact structure and strong anti-interference ability. It can be widely used in construction machinery, walking machinery, power machinery and other occasions. And it can be replaced with the same type of linear displacement sensor abroad.

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Magnetostrictive Cylinder Position Sensor installation

MH series pressure-resistant outer tube, stainless steel electronic warehouse, specially designed for the use of hydraulic systems. Built into the hydraulic cylinder. Withstand pressure up to 35MPa continuous (70MPa peak).

Magnetostrictive Cylinder Position Sensor installation 1
Magnetostrictive Cylinder Position Sensor installation 2

Installation Notes:
To install the sensor housing, M5 DIN913 grub screws are required. The sensor can only be fixed in the direction of the axis. Since the screw can only contact the housing, the maximum torque to the screw can only be 1Nm. Otherwise the sensor housing will be damaged. And you need to remove the glue (such as Loctite Blue) to apply and seal the installed fixing sleeve screws.

Installation Precautions:

  • Cut off all sensor connections during welding!
  • Do not connect the ground terminal to the piston rod or the bottom of the cylinder.
  • If there are sensors inside the cylinder block, do not weld any part of the cylinder block.
  • If there are sensors inside the cylinder, do not weld near the cylinder.
  • Any place in contact with the welding machine may generate current or voltage. This is caused by the lubrication of the isolation bearing or the sliding part of the plastic part. In this case, the same consequences may be caused.

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The cylinder position sensor is mainly used to detect the position of the piston in the cylinder, and the user can directly install it in the cylinder. As a detection device, the sensor is the primary link to realize automatic control and automatic detection and can meet the various requirements of users for equipment information transmission, processing, storage, recording, display, and control.

The position sensor can be used to detect the position. A switch that reflects a certain state. Unlike the displacement sensor, the position sensor has two types: a contact type and proximity type.

The contact of the contact sensor is actuated by two objects contacting and squeezing. Common ones are travel switch, two-dimensional matrix position sensor, and so on. The travel switch has a simple structure, reliable action, and low price. When an object touches the travel switch during its movement, its internal contacts will act to complete the control. If travel switches are installed at both ends of the X, Y, and Z-axis of the machining center, the movement can be controlled. range. The two-dimensional matrix position sensor is installed on the inner side of the manipulator’s palm to detect the contact position between itself and an object.

A proximity switch refers to a switch that can send out an “action” signal when an object is close to a set distance, and it does not need to be in direct contact with the object. There are many types of proximity switches, mainly electromagnetic type, photoelectric type, differential transformer type, eddy current type, capacitive type, reed switch, Hall type, etc. The application of proximity switches on CNC machine tools is mainly tool holder selection control, worktable stroke control, oil cylinder and cylinder piston stroke control, etc.

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What is hydrostatic level transmitter?

Hydrostatic level transmitter is actually a type of pressure transmitter. Hydrostatic level transmitter is the application of pressure transmitter to liquid level measurement. The submersible Hydostatic pressure level transmitter is based on the principle that the measured liquid static pressure is proportional to the height of the liquid. Piezoresistive effect using diffused silicon or ceramic sensitive elements. Convert static pressure into electrical signal. After temperature compensation and linear correction. Convert to 4-20mADC standard current signal output. In order to achieve liquid level measurement.

What is magnetostrictive transducer?

Magnetostrictive liquid level transmitter is a kind of liquid level sensor. But it uses the principle of magnetostrictive operation internally. And combines modern electronic technology to measure the time value between pulse waves to achieve the purpose of accurately measuring the liquid level . The magnetostrictive liquid level meter works with waveguide pulses. During the work, the measured displacement is determined by measuring the time of the start pulse and the end pulse, so the measurement accuracy is high.

How do you measure pressure using a level transmitter?

Usually we measure the liquid level by measuring the pressure.
When the liquid level transmitter is put into a certain depth in the measured liquid, the pressure formula of the sensor facing the liquid surface is: Ρ = ρ.g.H + Po. In the formula:
P: the pressure on the liquid face of the transmitter
Ρ: measured liquid density
G: local gravity acceleration
Po: atmospheric pressure on the liquid surface
H: Depth of transmitter into liquid
At the same time, the pressure of the liquid is introduced into the positive pressure chamber of the sensor through the air-conducting stainless steel. Then connect the atmospheric pressure Po on the liquid surface to the negative pressure chamber of the sensor. To offset Po on the back of the sensor, the pressure measured by the sensor is: ρ.g.H. Obviously, by measuring the pressure P, the liquid level depth can be obtained.
Of course, if the liquid level is measured, the pressure value can also be converted.

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Sino-Inst offers over 10 Magnetostrictive Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensors for measurement.

About 50% of these are liquid level meters, 40% is the tank level sensor. A wide variety of level meters options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

Sino-Inst is a globally recognized supplier and manufacturer of Magnetostrictive Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensor, located in China.

Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensor products are most popular in North America, Domestic Market, and South America. You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, with ISO9001, and ISO14001 certification.

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