Tank level indicators are level gauges that can measure and display the level of industrial liquid storage tanks. Liquid level refers to the level of liquid in a sealed container (for example: oil/fuel tank) or an open container (water tank).

Industrial Tank level indicators and Tank Level Gauges

In industrial production, it is often necessary to know the liquid level in the storage tank. The liquid level sensor converts the liquid level signal in the container into a switch signal or a voltage and current signal. Then through the external circuit, the measurer can intuitively know the liquid level in the container. There are many types of Liquid level indicators. By reading this article, you will know what kind of level indicators is best for your tank.

Sino-Inst offers a variety of Tank level indicators for level measurement. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Featured Tank Level Indicators and Gauges

Hydrostatic Tank Level Indicators

Hydrostatic level measurement is based on the principle that the Hydrostatic is proportional to the height of the liquid. Hydrostatic submersible pressure level transmitter is the most commonly used level measurement sensor. Of course, the differential pressure transmitter can also measure the liquid level.

A hydrostatic level sensor is a submersible pressure transmitter that has a pressure diaphragm at the end of level probe. A hydrostatic level sensor is a submersible pressure transmitter that has a pressure diaphragm at the end of level probe. This Hydrostatic is caused by the weight of the fluid on top of the transmitter and is used to calculate the level. And the inner side of the diaphragm is vented to atmospheric pressure.

SI-151 Hydrostatic Level Sensor
Hydrostatic Level Sensor (Best Price), also called Hydrostatic level transmitter. Continuous level measurement in liquid applications with pressure sensors.
SI-PCM261 Submersible Pressure Transducer
Submersible pressure transducer with 4-20mA output,
is normal submersible pressure transmitter for level measurement.
SMT3151TR Submersible Level Transmitter
Hydrostatic level transmitter is also called hydrostatic level gauge. The rod-type Hydrostatic level transmitter 4-20mADC standard signal output. Flange or threaded installation. Can withstand high temperatures up to 450 ℃.

Hydrostatic Level Indicators are suitable for measuring unsealed tanks. The applicable media of Hydrostatic Level Indicators include water, oil, etc. Hydrostatic Level Indicators are the lowest cost Tank Level Indicators.

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Pressure/differential pressure Tank Level Measurement

Pressure/differential pressure Tank Level Indicators refers to Diaphragm Seal Pressure Transmitters. Usually installed at the bottom of the outer tank.

Diaphragm Seal pressure transmitter can measure pressure, liquid level and flow.When the environment is extremely hot or cold, or when the process connection is difficult to connect to the measuring instrument. When the measured medium is corrosive, sticky, sticky or easily cured. Or when the process is not chemically compatible with the instrument material. It is recommended to use a diaphragm seal.

Extended Diaphragm Seal DP Level Transmitter
Differential pressure(DP) level transmitter

Pressure/differential pressure Tank Level Indicators are often used to measure liquid tanks with harsh medium conditions. Such as chemical liquids. High temperature liquids, etc. The measuring instrument should not be placed in the tank, or the medium cannot touch the sensor.

Magnetic Float Level Senosrs for Tank Level

Float level sensor is a kind of continuous liquid level measurement sensor. Also called float level switch, float level gauge, float level transmitter.

Float level sensors are continuous level sensors. Float level gauges use magnetic floats as measuring elements. magnetic float that rises and falls as liquid levels change. The movement of the float will generate a magnetic field. The sensor’s internal resistance changes linearly, and the intelligent converter converts the resistance change into a 4~20mA standard current signal. It can display the liquid level percentage, 4~20mA current and liquid level value on the spot. It can also output the switching value signal to conduct liquid Bit switch control. 

SI-U01 Float Level Sensor
SI-U02 Multi-Point Liquid Level Float Switch
SI-U03 Float Switch Water Level Controller
SI-U04 Magnetic Float Level Sensor-Reed Switch

Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters for continuous Tank Level Measurement

Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters are used for continuous measurement of liquid level and interface. Magnetostrictive level measurement is currently the best liquid level measurement and control technology.

Sino-Inst’s Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters can provide two independent outputs: interface; overall level. It can be applied when the difference in specific gravity drops to 0.02. Magnetostrictive Level Sensors Commonly used for the measurement of the oil-water interface. And others include acid tanks, propane containers, desalter and sewage tanks. Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters are composed of three parts: probe rod, circuit unit and magnetic float. The flexible cable type and the outer buoy type are derived from the basic model. And has a variety of communication modes 4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V, HART, RS-485 and so on.

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Magnetic Level Gauge for Tank Level Indicate

Magnetic Level Gauge can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, oil field, medicine, food, wine and other industries. Various storage tanks, reaction tanks, fermentation tanks, liquid ammonia storage tanks, boiler drums, high-pressure heaters, evaporators and other pressure vessels. Medium liquid level compatible with 304, 321, 316L, 0Cr18Ni9, 304 or 0Cr18Ni9+PTFE, 00Cr17Ni14Mo21Cr18Ni9Ti, PVC, PP and other materials. Even two different media interface measurement and display.

Magnetic Level Gauge can be reliably used for liquid level detection in high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, highly toxic and dangerous environments.

Magnetic Level Gauge for Tank Level Indicate

Radar Measurement of Tank Level

Radar level transmitters use radar technology to perform non-contact continuous level measurement. The radar level indicator converts the level into an electrical signal. The level signal output can then be utilised by other instrumentation to monitor or control. Liquids and solids are commonly measured with this measuring technique. Like: Fly ash silo. Radar level sensors are divided into: Pulsed radar technology and frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar level sensors.

Sino-Inst produces 120GHz FMCW radar level sensor, 26GHz radar level meter, 6GHz level meter.

Ultrasonic Tank Level Indicators

Ultrasonic Level Sensing is a low-cost liquid level measurement technology. Ultrasonic Level Sensing sensors and transmitters are used for tank or river level measurement.

Ultrasonic Level Sensing does not need to contact the medium, can be continuously measured, low cost. Therefore, Ultrasonic Level Sensing is very popular among users.

Ultrasonic liquid level sensors are available in general and intrinsically safe types. Output 4~20mA standard signal or output the measurement result to the secondary meter through RS-485. Meets the system’s automatic control.

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Tank level indicators for common tanks

Water tank level indicator

Water tank level monitoring is the most common application of Tank level indicators.

Common water, purified water, application water, etc. Less impurities. If the tank is not sealed. It can be applied to the hydrostatic input level gauge. The lowest cost. The easiest to use.

Of course, if the tank is sealed. Or there are impurities in the water. A diaphragm seal differential pressure level transmitter can be used.

According to your actual measurement installation situation, you can also choose other applicable Tank level indicators and Tank Level Gauges.

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Propane tank level indicator

Propane is a gas that can be liquefied. Chemical formula CHCHCH, colorless, liquefiable gas. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and ether.

Common Industrial Propane Tank Level Indicators for Industrial Tank Level Measurement include: radar level sensor; magnetostrictive level sensor; float level gauge; magnetic flap level gauge; ultrasonic level gauge.

What kind of level gauge is used for Industrial propane level measurement?

Please refer to:

Fuel & oil tank level indicator

Measure the level of oil storage tanks. We recommend the use of a magnetostrictive level gauge or an externally attached ultrasonic level sensor.

Measure the level of oil storage tanks. We recommend the use of a magnetostrictive level gauge or an externally attached ultrasonic level sensor.

Advantages of magnetostrictive level gauge for measuring oil tank level:

  • The magnetostrictive liquid level gauge can simultaneously measure multiple parameters such as liquid level, interface level, and temperature.
  • The measurement range is large, and the maximum measurement range can be 20m.
  • Measurement grade products, high measurement accuracy, can reach up to ±1mm.
  • Using pure electronic technology to measure, so there is no wear, safe and reliable, and long service life
  • The measurement accuracy is not affected by factors such as the shape of the container and the steam in the container.
  • No need for regular calibration, easy installation and maintenance without tank cleaning.
  • Multiple signal output, easy to realize the monitoring function of the system.
  • The product design meets the requirements of explosion-proof standards, and achieves explosion-proof and intrinsically safe certification.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor-External Mounted

  • Non-contact measurement function ——– Ultrasonic sensor probe is external. No need to open a hole in the container to be tested.
  • Auto-calibration function——–With self-calibration function. It overcomes the problem of reduced accuracy after long-term use of traditional liquid level gauges.
  • Infrared online debugging function——–Applicable to occasions where it is not suitable to open the cover for testing in dangerous situations. At the same time, it reduces the difficulty of debugging.
  • Self-diagnosis function——–It has its own working status diagnosis function. It also has hardware diagnosis function. It enhances the reliability and stability of the level gauge.
  • One-key recovery function——–When the external measuring level gauge works abnormally, it can be restored to the normal state with one key through the debugger.
  • Local display and remote transmission function——–The level gauge can not only display the level value on the spot in time. But also remotely transmit it to the control room through the signal line.

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If you need to measure the tank level. But you still don’t know how to choose suitable Tank level indicators and Tank Level Gauges, please contact Sino-Inst sales engineer.

Sino-Inst offers over 30 Tank level indicators and Tank Level Gauges for level measurement. About 50% of these are Radar level meters, 40% is the magnetic level sensor.

A wide variety of Tank level indicators and Tank Level Gauges for level measurement options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

Sino-Inst is a globally recognized supplier and manufacturer of Tank Level measurement instrumentation, located in China.

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