Liquid Level Controller monitors the liquid level of tanks and sends out control signals. Upgraded liquid level switch. Upper and lower level alarm. Tank temperature display or monitor whether there is liquid in the pipeline.

HS-ULC-Pro Ultrasonic Non-contact Liquid Level Controller

Liquid Level Controller is an ideal ultrasonic Non-contact Liquid Level switch. The sensor is attached to the tank body. No need to open holes in the tank. Liquid Level Controller is suitable for liquid level process control in the pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, electric power and other industries. For the monitoring of toxic, highly corrosive and dangerous liquids.

Sino-Inst offers a variety of Liquid Level Controllers for level measurement. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Features of Ultrasonic Non-contact Liquid Level Controller

  • Advanced signal processing methods. Can overcome the influence of temperature drift.
  • Stronger anti-interference
  • Brand new installation method. Adsorption type + adhesive type. Can improve the stability of the probe.
  • Built-in temperature sensor. Monitor temperature changes for 24 hours. Temperature compensation is also possible.
  • Adopt a new single probe mode. Installation is more convenient. Avoid repeated verification.
  • A new handheld operator can be used to debug the instrument. The probe status can be detected to ensure reliable installation of the probe. It can support on-site upgrade of digital probe software. The historical data of the secondary meter can be read wirelessly.

Specifications of HS-ULC-Pro Liquid Level Controller

projectOrdinary explosion-proof type;
Two-point monitoring explosion-proof type;
Intrinsically safe;
Intrinsically safe type with two monitoring points
Measurable wall thicknessMax 70mm
output signalLiquid level alarm 485 signal Fault alarm MODBUS 4-20mA
PROFIBUS HART signal FoundationFieldBus
Relay capacityDC 30V 6A/AC 250V 6A
power supplyDC 24V
Electrical interface specificationsAccording to the actual selection configuration
Threading hole diameterΦ8mm (adaptation cable diameter Φ6~8mm)
Explosion-proof markExd II CT6 Gb;
Ex ia II CT6 Ga
shell materialCast aluminum
Protection levelIP67
Applicable placeExplosive gas environment except coal mine
Applicable ambient temperature of the host-50℃~+60℃
Host applicable environmental humidity15%~100%RH
Working temperature of ultrasonic probeNormal type: -50℃~+80℃ High temperature type: up to 250℃
Host size155*241*129.4mm
Host weight2.6kg
Handheld meter communication distance3 meters
Intrinsic safety parametersUi:28VDC li:93Ma Pi:0.65W Ci:44Nf Li:11uH

Wikipedia does not give a professional definition of liquid level controller.
We define the liquid level controller as follows:
Liquid level controller refers to the control of high and low liquid levels through mechanical or electronic methods. It Can control solenoid valves, water pumps, etc. So as to achieve semi-automation or full automation. There are many methods, depending on the choice of different products.

Liquid Level Controller can also be used with paperless recorder.

Liquid Level Controller Working Principle

HS-ULC-Pro Liquid Level Controller Working Principle

The sensor of the High-Pro type liquid level controller couples the generated high-frequency ultrasonic pulse to the vessel wall through a couplant.

The pulse propagates in the wall of the container and in the liquid. It will also be reflected by the inner surface of the container. By detecting and calculating the characteristics of the reflected signal.

The measured data is transmitted to the on-site secondary meter through the 485 serial port in real time. It can be judged whether the liquid level reaches the position where the controller is installed.

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Of course, the above is the working principle of this product HS-ULC-Pro Ultrasonic Non-contact liquid level controller.

There are other types of liquid level controllers on the market. The liquid level switch controller is a pressure sensor that measures liquid level. It is divided into contact type and non-contact type. We make a simple introduction to the measurement principle:

The pneumatic liquid level controller is used in conjunction with the control valve. Level control in oil and gas production.
Pneumatic level controllers are usually used to produce tanks, separators, etc.

The working principle of the pneumatic level controller:

In a pressurized container, you can use a pipe to draw the controller out of the container or air compressor to supply air. The liquid level controller uses a displacer connected to the controller to sense the liquid level. The displacer is located in the process fluid inside the separator.

When the liquid level increases and the displacer reaches the high set point, the liquid level controller sends a pneumatic signal to open the control valve.

When the liquid level drops and the displacer reaches a lower set point, the liquid level controller will eliminate the pneumatic signal to the valve and switch to exhaust. This allows the gas inside the valve actuator to be discharged through the level controller, thereby closing the valve.

This can be used with low pressure or high pressure pneumatic control valves.

The working voltage of the electronic liquid level switch is DC5V-24V.
The water level is detected by the built-in electronic probe.
Then the chip processes the detected signals.

When the liquid level of the tested liquid reaches the action point, the output is DC5V-24V.

It can be directly used in conjunction with PLC or in conjunction with the control board to realize the control of the liquid level.

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The Displacer level controller changes the magnetic float to a float. Displacer level transmitter uses tiny metal film strain sensing technology to measure liquid level, interface or density.

Such as Fisher DLC3010 Digital Level Controller

The float type liquid level controller is composed of a magnetic float, a measuring tube, a signal unit, an electronic unit, a junction box and installation parts. Generally, the specific gravity of the magnetic float is less than 0.5, which can float on the liquid surface and move up and down along the measuring tube.

A measuring element is installed in the catheter. It can convert the measured liquid level signal into a resistance signal proportional to the change of liquid level under the action of external magnetism. And convert the electronic unit into 4-20ma or other standard signal output.

The hydrostatic level controller works by using the measuring principle of hydrostatic pressure.
Generally, a silicon pressure sensor is used to convert the measured pressure into an electrical signal. Then it is amplified by the amplifier circuit and compensated by the compensation circuit. Finally, it is output in 4-20ma or 0-10ma current mode.

Liquid level control system for oil and gas

Through node sensors such as wireless temperature sensor + thermometer, wireless pressure sensor + pressure gauge and wireless liquid level sensor + liquid level gauge, the temperature, liquid level, pressure and other parameters of the storage tank are collected.

Upload to the wireless data collection gateway via 2.4G, 433MHZ wireless.

The gateway processes the data received from the wireless sensor node.

Provide data to the XL.VIEW server through the RS485 serial port, so as to monitor the production status of the storage tank and handle the limit alarm.

When the temperature, pressure, and liquid level of the storage tank are abnormal, the intelligent measurement and control device automatically drives the sound and light alarm to remind the staff.

Solution for real-time remote monitoring of liquid level, pressure and temperature of natural gas and oil storage tanks:

Application equipment:

  1. Wireless temperature sensor
  2. Wireless pressure sensor
  3. Wireless liquid level sensor
  4. Wireless data collection gateway
  5. Intelligent measurement and control terminal
  6. Server

Ultrasonic technology is not only used to measure level, but also can be used to measure depth. Get more.

Application field

The storage tank remote monitoring system is suitable for real-time monitoring of the safety of the storage tanks of various chemicals such as gasoline, solvent oil, isooctane, mixed aromatics, isobutane, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, etc.

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Liquid level controller price

Sino-Inst offers over 10 Ultrasonic Liquid Level Controllers for level measurement. About 50% of these are fuel level meters, 40% is the tank level sensor.

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HS-ULC-Pro Ultrasonic Non-contact Liquid Level Controller reference price: USD 1500.00. The exact price depends on your measurement parameters.

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