Miniature thermocouples are smaller than armored thermocouples. It has more advantages, such as: bending, high pressure resistance, fast thermal response time, sturdiness and durability, etc.

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Miniature thermocouples are the same as armored thermocouples and assembled thermocouples. As a sensor for measuring temperature. They are usually used in conjunction with display instruments, recorders and electronic regulators. At the same time, miniature thermocouples can also be used as assembly thermocouples. Temperature sensing element. Temperature probes for applications with tight space requirements, limited access or other considerations. Typical miniature thermocouple applications include analytical instrumentation and medical devices.It is an indispensable temperature-measuring device in textile, tape and other industries.

It can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium and solid surface in the range of 0℃~600℃ in various production processes. are especially suitable for temperature measurement and control in narrow and bending places. Widely used in chemical, chemical fiber and pharmaceutical industries

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Technical Parameters

  • Accuracy level: I or II [plus or minus 1.5 degrees below 375° is the first level standard. Plus or minus 2.5 degrees is the secondary standard]
  • Nominal diameter: Φ1 Φ0.5 Φ0.35 [generally the smallest outer diameter]

The Main Technical Parameters Of Miniature Thermocouples

  • Models and Specifications Accuracy grade: I or II
  • Nominal diameter: Φ1
  • Bending radius: R≥5D
  • Nominal pressure: normal pressure

About Temperature

The Celsius Temperature Scale (°C) Stipulates:

Under standard atmospheric pressure, the melting point of ice is 0°C, the boiling point of water is 100°C, and the middle is divided into 100 equal parts, each divided into 1°C, the symbol is °C.

The Fahrenheit Temperature Scale (℉) Stipulates:

Under standard atmospheric pressure, the melting point of ice is 32 degrees, the boiling point of water is 212 degrees, and the middle is divided into 180 equal parts, and each equal part is 1 degree Fahrenheit. The symbol is ℉.

The Thermodynamic Temperature Scale (symbol T)

The thermodynamic temperature scale (symbol T) is also called the Kelvin temperature scale (symbol K), or absolute temperature scale, which stipulates that the temperature when the molecular motion stops is absolute zero.

Principle Of Operation

In 1821, the German physicist Thomas Johann Seebeck discovered that when different metals are joined at the ends and there is a temperature difference between the joints, a magnetic field is observed. At the time, Seebeck referred to this consequence as thermo-magnetism. The magnetic field he observed was later shown to be due to thermo-electric current. In practical use, the voltage generated at a single junction of two different types of wire is what is of interest as this can be used to measure temperature at very high and low temperatures. The magnitude of the voltage depends on the types of wire being used. Generally, the voltage is in the microvolt range and care must be taken to obtain a usable measurement. Although very little current flows, power can be generated by a single thermocouple junction. Power generation using multiple thermocouples, as in a thermopile, is common.

Thermocouple from Wikipedia.

Model And Specifications Of Miniature Thermocouples

ModelGraduationRange of temperature measurement  ℃Thermal response timeMaterial for protective tube
WZP-203SPt100A -30-300       B -50-500<5S1Cr18Ni9Ti
WZP-205SPt101A -30-300       B -50-500<8S1Cr18Ni9Ti
WZP-206SPt102A -30-300       B -50-500<10S1Cr18Ni9Ti

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Miniature Thermocouple Connectors

Standard and miniature connectors are used with thermocouples, extension wires and compensation cables. No false thermal EMFs are created in the connection. Uncompensated miniature copper connectors are also available.

Miniature Thermocouple Connectors

All contacts are polarized. to ensure proper connection. And these connectors are fully compatible with RS thermocouples and thermocouple wiring products of the same type.

Uses: Suitable for thermocouple and RTD connectors.
Suitable for fine wire and mineral insulated cables.

a) Thermoplastic (200℃)
b) Thermosetting (350℃)
C) Ceramic (650℃)

About Sheathed thermocouple: Sheathed thermocouple can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gaseous media and solid surfaces in the range of 0℃~1200℃ in various production processes. Sheathed thermocouples are usually used along with display instruments, recording instruments, electronic computers and so on. It is able to directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas and solid surface in a variety of production processes within the range of 0 ~1300℃.

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