The Portable Doppler Flow Meter uses the Doppler effect of sound waves propagating in the fluid. Hand-held design, suitable for handheld wading water flow measurement.

Portable Doppler Flow Meter

The Portable Doppler Flow Meter (Model: LSX-2) can obtain the velocity of the fluid by measuring the Doppler frequency shift of the sound waves scattered by the moving particles in the fluid. Combined with the built-in pressure water level gauge, the velocity area method can be used to measure the flow of the liquid. It is suitable for flow measurement of open channels, rivers, pipelines and difficult-to-build standard sections. It can work continuously for more than 12 hours on a single charge.

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Features of Portable Doppler Flow Meter

  • The flow rate range can reach 0.02-5m/s, and the resolution is 1mm/s.
  • High response time. It takes a long time to get the flow rate and the measurement results are refreshed in real time.
  • Flow measurement by velocity area method, suitable for full and non-full pipes. The water level relationship of the section can be set freely.
  • The integrated pressure and water level sensor can directly measure the water depth and can be used in shallow water.
  • Fluid mechanics shell design. Little impact on the flow state of the water body. Does not affect the measurement accuracy.
  • Small and lightweight handheld terminal with a graphic display interface. It can display the flow rate, flow, water level, and water temperature in real time.
  • 16MB internal storage space. It can store more than 100,000 data.
  • Equipped with data receiving software. Used for data export and processing.
  • Built-in multiple standard flow rate measurement methods and flow calculation methods.
  • Rechargeable battery pack, continuous use for more than 12 hours.

Specifications of Portable Doppler Flow Meter

Fluid velocityRange20mm/s-5000mm/s
measurement accuracy±1% of measured flow rate
Liquid levelRange0-5m
measurement accuracy±1cm
Flow rateRange0.001m3/s to 9999m3/s depends on the actual section
measurement accuracy±3%
Other parametersPower supply rangeBuilt-in rechargeable battery, fully charged for more than 12 hours
Collection cycle5 meters, 10 meters optional
Interface TypeUSB
Storage temperature-20-80℃
Operating temperature0-60℃
Protection levelIP68
shell materialPVC

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Portable Doppler Flow Meter to measure open channel flow

Portable Doppler ultrasonic open channel flowmeter uses the principle of Doppler velocity area method to monitor flow. It is designed for flow velocity and flow measurement in open channels and partially filled pipes.

The principle of the Portable Doppler Flow Meter is to measure the fluid flow rate using the ultrasonic Doppler principle.

The liquid level is measured by pressure and ultrasonic sensors. The calculator can set multiple point coordinates to simulate the shape of the weir trough to obtain the cross-sectional area, so as to measure and monitor the flow.

The principle of ultrasonic Doppler is adopted, that is, any liquid flowing in the pipeline has discontinuous disturbance.

These discontinuous disturbances can be suspended solid particles or bubbles, or interfaces caused by fluid disturbances.

This disturbance causes the reflected ultrasonic wave to produce a Doppler frequency shift Δf. The Doppler shift Δf is a linear function of the flow velocity. By measuring the Doppler frequency shift Δf, and according to the propagation speed of sound waves in the water. The flow velocity of the disturbance can be calculated, and then the water flow velocity can be obtained.

Only need to connect the flowmeter probe and the handheld controller when using the equipment.

Use the measuring rod to fix the flowmeter probe.

Put the flowmeter probe into the channel or water body to be measured.

The hand-held controller can display the corresponding flow rate information.

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Portable transit time flow meter

Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter ( Model:2000H) has been successfully applied to measurement work in various industries. The measuring range is 20-6000mm (0.5-20 inches). A non-contact measurement method is adopted. Flexible operation and easy to carry. Conductive or non-conductive, corrosive or non-corrosive liquids can be measured. Various fluids: water, pure water, sewage, sea water, chemical fluids, river water, fuel Oil etc. can be measured.

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