Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter is a new type of water meter designed for water resource monitoring. Using ultrasonic time difference measurement technology.

Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter

Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter (Model: 2000K) is a card type digital water meter. Using ultrasonic time difference measurement technology. A new type of water meter designed for agricultural irrigation, garden management, and water pipe monitoring of water resources. The thickness of the water meter is only 50mm to save installation space.

Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter Reference price: USD 270.00/pc

Sino-Inst offers a variety of  Ultrasonic flow meters for flow measurement. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Features of Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter

  • Small and compact all plastic, IP68 protection level
  • High accuracy 100:1 turndown ratio
  • Pipe body probe, not easy to scale
  • Adaptive ultrasonic signal can measure water with impurities
  • Single chip SOC digital time difference processing
  • Multi-line with status display, touch key operation
  • Optional built-in Lora or NB-iot function
  • Dual interface RS485 and MBUS
  • MODBUS, MBUS, CJ188 and other multiple communication protocols
  • Can work with external power supply
  • 10 years working life of built-in battery
  • Reliable and low price suitable for mass application

How much is a 2 inch water flow meter? Let’s find out.

Specifications of Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter



Measurement Range Ratio
100 : 1
Working Pressure
<1.6 MPa
Working Environment -25°C~55°C,≤100%RH
Display Range Multi-lines show 9-bit cumulative flow, 6-bit instantaneous flow, signal strength flow direction, error, communication status
Unit m³, USG, Liter, cubic foot, Acre Feet
Operating Mode Two capacitive touch keys support sliding operation.
Communication Interface Physically independent RS485 and infrared interface. LORA/ NB-IOT, WIFI, USART are optional.
Output 2 way of OCT output is optional, can simulate dipulse output of mechanical water meter.
Communication Protocol MBUS, MODBUS, ASCII, CJ188
Power Supply 3.6V 4Ah lithium battery (battery life>10 years). It will operate power save functions when there is no water and flow in pipe
Other Data saving time after power failure: 10 years
Protection IP68

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Flow Rate:

Flow Meter Dimensiom Flange Dimension Weight(Kg)
L H1 H2 W1 W2 Outside Diameter D Diameter of Bolt Circle
Bore Diameter
Ralsed Face
Outside Diameter D2 Height f
DN50 50.8 52 91 58 58 102 125 16.5×2 102 2 0.7
DN65 50.8 60.5 97 63.5 63.5 120 145 16.5×2 120 2 0.7
DN80 50.8 70 132 68 68 135 160 16.5×2 135 2 0.9
DN100 50.8 80 140 79 79 158 180 16.5×2 158 2 1.0
DN125 50.8 95 145 94 94 188 210 16.5×2 188 2 1.2
DN150 50.78 107 157 106 106 212 240 20.5×2 212 2 1.4

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Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter-Old Style
Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter-Old Style
Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter-New Style
Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter-New Style

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Ultrasonic Water Meter Working Principle

The ultrasonic water meter adopts the time difference method to measure the flow. That is to say, an ultrasonic transducer is installed in the upstream and downstream of the measurement channel (pipe section) for mutual transmission and reception of ultrasonic signals.

Because the ultrasonic signal is superimposed with the water flow signal. Make the sound waves travel at different speeds in the forward and reverse flow. Therefore, the ultrasonic signals emitted by different transducers have different running times in water. By measuring the difference in time, the flow rate of the fluid can be calculated. And then converted into flow, so as to achieve flow measurement.

There are two transducers on top of the flow tube. Transducer A transmits an ultrasonic signal (downstream) to transducer B. At the same time, the B transducer transmits an ultrasonic signal (countercurrent) to the A transducer. A certain time difference is formed in the transmission process of the ultrasonic signals in the upstream and downstream.

In the case of calibrated pipe diameter cross-sectional area and standard measuring pipe length. The flow rate of the meter is calculated by the calculation chip on the integrator.


Non-intrusive flow meters are also known as clamp-on flow meters. The clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter consists of a host and a clamp-on sensor. With the clamping technology, the ultrasonic sensor can be easily clamped on the outer surface of the pipe. Flow measurement can be performed without cutting the pipe or interrupting the flow.

Just stick the external clamp sensor on the surface of the pipe to complete the flow measurement of various liquids. Compared with the traditional flowmeter, it does not need to cut off the pipe. The installation is convenient and fast. It truly realizes non-destructive installation.

This not only has the advantage of always guaranteeing the sterility and integrity of the system and that personnel are not exposed to any substances harmful to health. It also ensures quick and easy installation of the measuring device.

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Water flow meters are flow meters that can diaplay the flow rate of industrial water pipe.

A water flow meter measures the amount of water flowing through a pipe. We have several kinds to choose from, depending on the application, maintenance needs, and budget.

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There are four common water flow meter types:

Turbine (also called mechanical), Vortex, Ultrasonic, and Magnetic. We will tell you everything you need to know about them and help you choose one for your application.

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At present, in the Chinese market, high-precision ultrasonic flowmeters are all multi-channel or tube-segment type. Medium and small-diameter tube-segment ultrasonic flowmeters are usually calibrated in real flow, with an accuracy of 0.5%.

The currently widely used domestic monophonic ultrasonic flow rate has a nominal accuracy of 1%. However, in practical applications, due to the inability to accurately measure the inner diameter, wall thickness, and roundness of the on-site pipeline and many other factors, the measurement accuracy will exceed the nominal accuracy. There are many degrees. For the measurement of the water supply industry, the actual measurement error of the ultrasonic flowmeter can be controlled within 3%, even if the accuracy is high.

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Featured ultrasonic clamp-on water flow meter

Clamp on flow meter (Model: 2000) is composed of an integrated host and ultrasonic clamp on sensor. Clamp on flow meter is widely used in online flow measurement of various liquids. Just stick the external clamp sensor on the pipe surface. Compared with the traditional flowmeter, it does not need to cut off the pipe and flow. The installation is convenient and quick, and the non-destructive installation is truly realized.

Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter ( Model: 3000S) is composed of a host and an external clamp sensor. The flow measurement of various liquids can be completed by simply sticking the external clamp sensor on the surface of the pipeline. Compared with the traditional flowmeter, it does not need to cut off the pipe and flow, the installation is convenient and quick, and it truly realizes the lossless installation. Compared with the common TDC algorithm of other manufacturers, TGA measurement technology is an algorithm for measuring process time with higher speed and higher accuracy.

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