Open Channel Flow Meter is used to continuously measure the volumetric flow of conductive liquid in open channels, culverts or Partially Filled Pipes.

Open Channel Flow Meter continuously measures fluid flow in open pipelines. Such as semi-pipe flow sewage pipes and large flow pipes without overflow weirs. Magnetic Open Channel or Partially Filled Pipe Flow Meter uses the flow rate-area method. The Open Channel Flow Meter measures the flow rate and level of the fluid in the pipeline. The user only needs to input the inner diameter of the round pipe or the width of the square pipe. The non-full pipe flowmeter will automatically calculate the flow rate. Open Channel Flow Meter can measure and display data such as instantaneous flow, velocity, and cumulative flow. Especially suitable for municipal rainwater, wastewater, sewage discharge and irrigation water pipelines.

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Features of Magnetic Partially Filled Pipe or Open Channel Flow Meter

  1. Open Channel Flow Meter can be used for flow measurement of open partially filled pipes (round pipes, rectangular pipes or other special-shaped pipes).
  2. Open Channel Flow Meter can be used for continuous measurement of municipal rainwater, wastewater, sewage discharge and irrigation water pipelines.
  3. Open Channel Flow Meter can realize forward and reverse two-way flow measurement.
  4. The sensor can work reliably for a long time under harsh scenes and sewage water quality.
  5. The measuring range of flow velocity is 0.05-10m/s.
  6. High flow measurement accuracy. Moreover, it is not affected by factors such as downstream, direct flow, obstruction, etc.
  7. Large-screen, backlit LCD. The measurement data can be read clearly under strong light or at night.
  8. The instrument display and output functions are complete. It can display data such as instantaneous flow, flow rate, cumulative flow, and has computer communication interfaces 232, 485 (optional).
  9. With GSM and GPRS wireless data remote transmission function (optional).
  10. With power failure timing, counting and clock functions.

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Specifications of Magnetic Partially Filled Pipe or Open Channel Flow Meter

Nominal diameterCircular pipe: DN300-DN6000mm
Rectangular pipe: width≤6m≤6m
measurement accuracyWater level: ±2mm
Flow rate: ±1.0%
Flow rate: ±1.5%
Measuring rangeVelocity: 0.05-10m/s
Conductivity of measured medium≥20s/cm
The highest temperature of the measured medium≤60℃
Display deviceLarge screen, backlight LCD. Can display instantaneous flow rate, flow rate, cumulative flow and other measurement data at the same time
Current output signal4-20mA/DC (load resistance≤500Ω)
Pulse output signal1-2000HZ
Digital communication interfaceRs232 and RS485 optional
Wireless data remote transmissionGSM and GPRS optional
Power supply220V/AC or 12v/DC, 24v/DC

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Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter

Ultrasonic open channel flowmeter is used to measure the flow of fluid in the state of free surface of natural flow in a non-full tubular open channel, which is called open channel flow detection.

The measuring tank that is not full is called an open channel. The meter that measures the flow of fluid in the open channel is called an open channel flowmeter.

The ultrasonic open channel flowmeter is composed of three parts: an ultrasonic level gauge, a water measuring tank, and a flow totalizer.

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Open Channel Flow Meter Working Principle

Based on the flow rate-water level algorithm. Advanced flow rate measuring instrument and water level measuring instrument are adopted. A new type of intelligent flow system to ensure the accuracy of speed measurement and calculation. According to the width of the channel and the requirements of measurement accuracy. Adopted. The mathematical model of single probe method or multi-probe method for open channel flow measurement.

The automatic measurement of open channel flow usually adopts the weir level method or the velocity area method.

1. Water level method

The water level method is based on the shape of the open channel and the size of the water flow. A section of flow measuring weir trough is constructed on the open channel. The water level of the weir flow is monitored online. Then the hydraulic formula can be used to calculate the flow through the weir trough.

Water level method Open channel flow meters usually use ultrasonic or microwave radar water level gauges to measure the water level without contact. Ultrasonic or microwave radars use the principle of echo reflection to achieve water level measurement.

2. Velocity area method

The flow velocity area method is a commonly used flow measurement method in open channels. There is no need to build water measuring structures. The flow rate is obtained by measuring the flow velocity and the area of ​​the cross section.

Flow velocity area method Open channel flowmeter is a device for automatic measurement of open channel flow using velocity area method composed of flow indicator, flow meter and liquid level meter.

The flow meter can choose electromagnetic flowmeter or Doppler flow tester. If an electromagnetic flowmeter is selected, the flow rate indicator will convert the flow rate signal into a digital signal proportional to the flow rate signal, thereby realizing the flow rate measurement.

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