Doppler Flow Meter uses the Doppler effect of sound waves propagating in the fluid. Suitable for flow measurement in open channels, rivers, and various full and partial open channels.

Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meter

The Doppler Effect Ultrasonic Flow meter (Model:LSX-1) use reflected ultrasonic sound to measure the fluid velocity. By measuring the Doppler frequency shift of the sound waves scattered by the moving particles in the fluid, the velocity of the fluid can be obtained. Combined with the built-in pressure water level gauge. Using the velocity area method. Then the flow of liquid can be measured. It is suitable for flow measurement of open channels, rivers, and various full and partial open channels.

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Features of Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meter

  • All functions in one design. Simultaneous measurement of average flow rate, water depth, and water temperature
  • The velocity area method is used to measure the flow, and there is no head loss. There is no need to build a standard weir.
  • The ultrasonic Doppler principle is used to measure the flow velocity. The measurement accuracy is high and the initial speed is low.
  • No mechanical rotor structure. It has no effect on the water flow state, and the measurement is more accurate.
  • Comes with a temperature sensor. It can be used to compensate for the effect of water temperature on the speed of sound.
  • It can measure instantaneous flow and cumulative flow.
  • Using frequency domain Doppler analysis algorithm. The data is stable and reliable, and the real-time performance is strong.
  • Simple installation. No need for auxiliary engineering facilities

Specifications of Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meter

Fluid velocity Range 20mm/s-5000mm/s
measurement accuracy ±1% of measured flow rate
Resolution 1mm/s
Liquid level Range 0-5m
measurement accuracy ±1cm
Resolution 1mm
Flow rate Range 0.001m3/s to 9999m3/s depends on the actual section
measurement accuracy ±3%
Resolution 0.0001m3/s
Other parameters Power supply range 9-24V
Collection cycle Can be set
Interface Type RS485(Modbus)
Storage temperature -20-80℃
Operating temperature 0-60℃
Protection level IP68
shell material PVC

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Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meter Applications

Fixed Doppler ultrasonic flowmeters

mainly used in environmental testing of urban sewage treatment plants, drainage pumping stations, and mining, oilfields, metallurgy, chemical, oil refining, paper, food and other industries.

Flow measurement of urban drainage, industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, mud, paper pulp, oil-water mixture, etc.

It is suitable for hard pipes such as steel and hard plastic pipes.

It can measure two-phase liquids containing suspended solid particles or bubbles in tubes with various tube diameters and wall thicknesses.

Application of Ultrasonic Doppler Flowmeter in Irrigation District

1.Check the water level and velocity curve

Portable Doppler ultrasound can be used to place it in the channel of the irrigation area. During the upstream discharge process, the water level, velocity, and flow changes are measured. The water level, velocity, and flow meter are generated.

In the later calculation, you can directly use the ultrasonic water level gauge or the radar water level gauge for online monitoring. Combine the existing water level, velocity and flow relationship to get the flow value under the current water level.

When the upstream and downstream channels of the irrigation area are changed, re-measurement is required. This method is suitable for use in irrigation areas that require cost and require mass monitoring.

2.Long-term online monitoring

Use LSX-1 Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter with telemetering terminal. Use city power or solar power system for power supply. Fix the flowmeter in the channel. The telemetry terminal periodically collects the data in the flowmeter and sends it to the server remotely via GPRS. The data can be viewed through the WEB platform.

Transit time vs doppler flow meter

There are two types of ultrasonic flowmeters, one is the time difference measurement method, and the other is the Doppler method. Many users often only know one of them.

Here, we make a simple comparison so that you can choose the correct model.

1.The measurement principle is different.

The main principle of the time difference method is that when the ultrasonic beam propagates in the liquid, the flow of the liquid will cause a small change in the propagation time. The change in its propagation time is proportional to the flow rate of the liquid.

At zero flow, the time required for the two sensors to transmit and receive sound waves is exactly the same. The only technology that can actually measure zero flow.

When the liquid is flowing, the transmission time of sound waves in the counter-current direction is longer than that in the downstream direction. The Doppler method uses the characteristic that the ultrasonic wave will be scattered when encountering tiny solid particles or bubbles in the propagation path.

2.The applicable medium is different.

The time difference ultrasonic flowmeter can only measure clean liquids. It will not work well when it contains more solid particles or bubbles.

The Doppler method uses the scattering characteristics of ultrasonic waves for measurement. Therefore, the Doppler method is suitable for measuring fluids containing solid particles or bubbles, but clean liquids cannot be measured.

3.The measurement accuracy is different.

The time difference method has higher measurement accuracy, and the Doppler method has lower measurement accuracy.

Since scattered particles or bubbles exist randomly, the sound transmission performance of the fluid is also different. If it is a fluid with poor sound transmission performance, the scattering is stronger in the low velocity area near the pipe wall.

However, the scattering of fluids with good sound transmission performance is dominant in the high velocity area, which makes the measurement accuracy of the Doppler method lower.

Although it adopts a structure in which the transmitting transducer and the receiving transducer are separated. In this way, only the scattering in the middle area of ​​the velocity profile can be received. However, the measurement accuracy is still lower compared with the time difference method.

4.The working conditions are different.

The time difference method is suitable for full pipe measurement.
The Doppler method is suitable for measuring the flow of full pipes, partial pipes, open channels, etc.

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Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meter|New water level monitoring

Doppler Flow Meter uses the Doppler effect of sound waves propagating in the fluid. Suitable for flow measurement in open channels, rivers, and various full

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