LPG flow meter is used for flow measurement of liquefied petroleum gas. The flow measurement of LPG is very important in industrial production, transportation and trade settlement.

LPG flow meters

LPG gas (Liquefied petroleum gas) is a kind of hydrocarbon with propane and butane as its main components. LPG is used for heating, motor fuel, industrial applications and in agriculture. LPG can be in a gas or liquefied state. Different type industrial LPG flow meters with accurate and reliable performance. Such as thermal dispersion flow meter, Coriolis flow meter, gas turbine flow meter, vortex flow meters.

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Features of LPG

LPG refers to petroleum gas liquefied at high pressure or low temperature, referred to as “liquefied petroleum gas” or “liquefied petroleum gas”. Its composition is propane, n-butane, isobutane and a small amount of ethane, organic compounds greater than carbon 5, unsaturated hydrocarbons and so on.

LPG has the characteristics of flammability, explosiveness, vaporization, thermal expansion, retention, electrification, corrosiveness and suffocation.

PG is mainly composed of propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10). Some LPG also contains propylene (C3H6) and butene (C4H8).

LPG is generally obtained from petroleum gas in oil and gas fields, refineries or ethylene plants. Compared with other fuels, LPG has the following unique advantages.

  • Less pollution
  • High heat
  • Easy to transport
  • Stable pressure
  • Simple storage and flexible supply

Because of the above-mentioned advantages of LPG, it is widely used as industrial, commercial and domestic fuel.

At the same time, its chemical composition determines that LPG is also a very useful chemical raw material, so it is also widely used in the production of various chemical products.

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LPG Flow Meter Types

Generally, when choosing a suitable LPG flow meter, we must distinguish it according to the state of the LPG.

Gaseous LPG

Vortex flow meter also called Vortex shedding flow meter. Vortex Flow Meter is suitable for flow measurement of steam and various liquids and gases. Read more about: How Vortex Flow Meter measures efficiently? For steam, gas, liquid 

Precession vortex flowmeter is a new type of gas flowmeter. It can be used for the measurement of natural gas, propane, air, nitrogen, and other gases. Read more.

Gas turbine flow meter is a velocity flow meter that measures gas flow. For natural gas, nitrogen, and gas trade measurement.

Rroots Gas Meter is a meter that accurately measures gas flow. Based on the principle of volumetric measurement. It is an ideal natural gas and gas flow meter.

Liquid LPG

Mass flow meter directly measures the mass flow of the medium passing through the flow meter. It can also measure the density, temperature and viscosity of the medium

Mass flow meter is a flow measuring instrument that measures the mass flow in the pipeline. The volume of a fluid is a function of fluid temperature and pressure and is a dependent variable. The quality of a fluid is a quantity that does not change with time, space temperature, and pressure.

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Low temperature micro flow LPG

Gear flow meter for Micro flow

A gear flow meter is a micro digital positive displacement flow meter. Can measure very small flow rates and quantify small volumes of liquid. High and low-temperature resistance (-196℃-200℃).

The Gear flow meter for Microflow is made of stainless steel and is used for precise continuous or intermittent measurement of the flow or instantaneous flow of liquid. It is especially suitable for the flow measurement of heavy oil, polyvinyl alcohol, grease, and other high-viscosity media. It can measure the viscosity of Fluids up to 10000Pa.s.

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Low temperature Turbine Flowmeter-The Best Liquid Nitrogen Flow Meter

High viscosity LPG

Volumetric Flow Meters

Volumetric Flow Meter, as a mechanical flow meter, is also called Positive displacement flowmeter. It can measure the volume flow of high viscosity and corrosive fluids.

Volumetric Flow Meter is a mechanical instrument used to measure the volume flow of fluids. A volumetric flow meter is an instrument which can measure either directly or indirectly the volume of a substance which is passing through a specific location in a set period of time. The main advantage of these types of flow meters is that they can handle high viscosity and corrosiveness fluid.

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Digital Propane Flow Meters

Propane flow meter refers to a flow meter that can measure gaseous or liquid propane. Propane is also generally referred to as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

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