Liquid Mass Flow Meter can perform accurate mass measurements for liquids or slurries. Used for volumetric flow metering of liquids in pipelines. Such as diesel fuel, fuel oil flow measurement.

U-Series Liquid Mass Flow Meter

Liquid mass flow meter, we mean the mass flow meter can measure the flow rate of liquid, like the: diesel fuel, fuel oil, water, caustic, and gases/vapors. And we can use the thermal mass flow meter for the gas flow rates measurement. Coriolis mass flow meter is well known to everyone. Sino-Inst offers liquid mass flow meters based on the Coriolis mass theory.

Sino-Inst offers a variety of mass flow meters for flow measurement. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Features of U-Series Liquid Mass Flow Meter

  • High-precision measurement ±0.1~0.2%.
  • Wide application range: 316L stainless steel structure is suitable for a variety of media, and the meter coefficient is not affected by liquid measurement.
  • The gas flow measurement does not require temperature and pressure compensation, and the measurement is convenient and accurate.
  • Multivariable flow: Provide accurate measurement for a series of variables. Including mass flow, volume flow, total flow, density and temperature.
  • Using MVD multivariable digital technology converter: from analog signal processing to digital signal processing. A stable signal can be generated, thereby improving response speed and measurement accuracy.
  • Easy to use: LCD display. Users can directly and conveniently perform configuration operations through touch buttons in English.
  • Reliability and repeatability: The non-wearing movable parts enable the instrument to maintain reliability and repeatability for a long time. And to ensure high-precision flow and density measurement in conventional process control applications.

Specification of U-Series Liquid Mass Flow Meter

Measuring rangeDN6~DN200
Fluid measurement accuracy±0.1~0.2%
Density measurement range0.5~2g/cm3
measurement accuracy±0.002g/cm3
Temperature measurement range-100~+300℃
Measuring tube materialSS316L
shell materialSS304
Work pressure0~4.0MPa (high pressure can be customized)
Explosion-proof standardExd(ia)IICT6Gb
Output4-20mA, pulse, RS485
communicationMODBUS, HART
Power220VAC or 24VDC
LCD display contentFlow, temperature, density

Flow Range

ModelDiameter (mm)Recommended flow range (kg/h)Maximum flow range (kg/ h)
CMF-032320-180000- 21000

Details of U-Series Liquid Mass Flow Meter

details of liquid mass flow meter2
details of liquid mass flow meter
details of liquid mass flow meter2
details of liquid mass flow meter

U-Series Liquid Mass Flow Meter Applications

The CMF mass flowmeter can be monitored in the following areas to meet the needs of its ingredients, mixing processing and commercial measurement:

  • Chemical industry, such as systems with chemical reactions
  • Petroleum industry, such as moisture content analysis
  • Oil industry, such as vegetable oil, animal oil and other oils
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paint industry
  • Paper industry
  • Textile printing and dyeing industry
  • Fuel industry. Such as oil, heavy oil, coal water slurry and other fuels, lubricants
  • Food industry. Such as dissolved gas drinks, health drinks and other liquids
  • Transportation industry. For example, the metering of pipeline transportation liquid

Liquid Mass Flow Meter working principle

Coriolis mass flowmeters measure the force resulting from the acceleration, caused by mass moving toward (or away from) a center of rotation.

This effect can be experienced, when riding a merry-go-round, where moving toward the center will cause a person to have to “lean into” the rotation so as to maintain balance.

As related to flowmeters, the effect can be demonstrated by flowing water in a loop of flexible hose, that is “swung” back and forth in front of the body with both hands. Because the water is flowing toward and away from the hands, opposite forces are generated and cause the hose to twist.

They represent about 21% of all flowmeters sold.

In a Coriolis mass flowmeter, the “swinging” is generated by vibrating the tube(s) in which the fluid flows.

The amount of twist is proportional to the mass flow rate of fluid passing through the tube(s).

Sensors and a Coriolis mass flowmeter transmitter are used to measure the twist and generate a linear flow signal.

How do you calculate mass flow rate?

As shown, when a mass point of mass m moves at a velocity υ in a pipe that rotates at an angular velocity ω for the p-axis, the particle is subjected to acceleration of two components and its force.

a. The normal acceleration is the centripetal force acceleration αr, the magnitude of which is equal to ω2r, the direction is toward the P axis;

b. Tangential acceleration αt is the Coriolis acceleration, the magnitude of which is equal to 2ωυ, and the direction is perpendicular to αr.

Due to the compound motion,

Coriolis Fc=2ωυm acts on the αt direction of the particle, and the pipe acts on the particle with a reverse force of -Fc= -2ωυm.

How do you calculate mass flow rate?

When a fluid of density ρ flows at a constant velocity in a rotating pipe, any pipe of length Δx will be subjected to a tangential Coriolis force of ΔFc.

Where A is the cross-sectional area of the pipeline. Since the flow rate of the mass flow meter is δm, δm=ρυA.

Therefore, directly or indirectly measuring the Coriolis force generated by the flowing fluid in the rotating pipe can measure the mass flow, which is the basic principle of the Coriolis mass flowmeter.

However, it is difficult to generate Coriolis force by the rotary motion.

At present, the product is replaced by a pipe vibration, that is, a thin-walled measuring tube fixed by two broken ends,at the midpoint of the measuring tube resonance or near resonance frequency.

Excitation, the fluid flowing in the tube generates Coriolis force, causing the opposite direction of deflection in the front and rear half points of the measuring tube. And electromagnetically detecting the amount of deflection to obtain mass flow.

Since the density of the fluid affects the vibration frequency of the measuring tube, and the density has a fixed relationship with the frequency, the mass flow meter can also measure the fluid density.


The mass flow meter directly measures the mass flow of the medium passing through the flow meter, and can also measure the density of the medium and indirectly measure the temperature of the medium. Since the transmitter is an intelligent instrument with a single-chip microcomputer as the core, more than a dozen parameters can be derived for users to use based on the three basic quantities mentioned above. The mass flow meter has a flexible configuration, powerful functions, and a high performance-price ratio. It is a new generation flow meter.

Classification of mass flow meters:

①Direct mass flow meter
That is, directly detect the amount proportional to the mass flow rate. The detection element directly reflects the mass flow.

②Deduced mass flow meter
That is, a combination of the volumetric flowmeter and density meter is used to measure mass flow. At the same time, the volume flow rate and fluid density are detected. The output signal related to the mass flow rate is obtained through calculation.

③Compensating mass flowmeter
At the same time, the volume flow rate of the fluid and the temperature and pressure of the fluid are detected, and then according to the relationship between the density of the fluid and the temperature and pressure. The density value of the fluid in this state is calculated by the calculation unit. Then calculate the mass flow value of the fluid.

The mass flow meter is a function of fluid volume and fluid temperature and pressure. Is a dependent variable. The quality of a fluid is a quantity that does not change with time, space temperature, and pressure.

The electromagnetic flowmeter is a pure liquid volume measurement instrument.

More digital liquid flow meters

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Sino-Inst offer over 10 liquid flow meters, with Best Price.

A wide variety of industrial flow meters options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples. All of our flow meters can wokrk with the AMS NEW TREX. About 13% of these are magnetic flow meter. 14% are Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter. 25% are Venturi flow meter. 13% are Handheld ultrasonic flow meter, and others are Liquid Turbine Flow Meters.

Sino-Inst is mass flow meter suppliers, located in China. Mass flow meter products are most popular in North America, Mid East, and Eastern Europe.

The United States, and India, which export 99%, 1%, and 1% of ultrasonic level transmitter respectively.

You can ensure product safety by selecting from a certified supplier, with ISO9001, ISO14001 certification.

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