Analog flow meter

The analog flow meter is a flowmeter with the analog output signal. Analog output is a common function of flow meters. The analog signal is mainly used to output the flow signal to the next control system.

Analog flow meter

Analog signal: poor confidentiality, weak anti-interference ability.

Digital signal: strong anti-interference ability and good communication confidentiality.

Digital signal, as the name implies, means that the independent variable is discrete. And the dependent variable is also a discrete signal. The independent variable of a digital signal is represented by an integer. Its dependent variable is represented by a limited number. The digital signal uses two physical states to represent 0 and 1. Therefore, the quality of the digital signal is very strong, and the anti-interference ability is also relatively strong.

The analog signal refers to the continuous signal of the information parameter in a given range. The characteristic quantity of the information of the analog signal can be transformed into an arbitrary numerical signal in an instant. In the process of transmitting analog signals, the information signals need to be converted into electric wave signals, which are then transmitted through wired or wireless methods.

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Featured analog flowmeters

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If you need to know the flow rate in you pipe, or river, that when you need a flow meter. So, flow meter is the instrument that can finish the flow measurement.

Flowmeters consist of a primary device, transducer and transmitter.

The transducer senses the fluid that passes through the primary device.

The transmitter produces a usable flow signal from the raw transducer signal.

These components are often combined, so the actual flowmeter may be one or more physical devices.

Different types of flow meters are available for different applications, and depending upon the requirement, a careful selection of flow meters is made.

For e.g., we prefer vortex flow meters flow steam flow measuremnet. And we like the ultrasonic flow meters for non-contact pipe flow measuremnt.

A turbine-type flow meter cannot be used for measuring the flow in an unclear liquid (wastewater or corrosive liquids).

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Flow Metering Principals

  • Differential Pressure Flowmeters
  • Velocity Flowmeters
  • Positive Displacement Flowmeters
  • Mass Flowmeters
  • For Open Channel Flowmeters – weirs, flumes, submerged orifices, current meters, acoustic flow meters, and more

For different working principle, We offer different types of flow meters, like:

  • Differential Pressure Flow Meters
  • Orifice Plate
  • Venturi Tube
  • Flow Nozzles
  • The Sonic Nozzle – Critical (Choked) Flow Nozzle
  • Calorimetric Flowmeter
  • Ultrasonic Doppler Flowmeter
  • Positive Displacement Flowmeter
  • Variable Area Flowmeter or Rotameter
  • Velocity Flowmeters
  • Pitot Tubes
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  • Turbine Flowmeter
  • Vortex Flow Meter
  • Thermal Flowmeter
  • Coriolis Flowmeter
  • Mass Flowmeters
  • Open Channel Flowmeters

A flow meter (or flow sensor) is an instrument used to measure the linear, nonlinear, mass, or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas. When choosing flow meters, one should consider such intangible factors as familiarity of plant personnel, their experience with calibration and maintenance, spare parts availability, and mean time between failure history, etc., at the particular plant site.

It is also recommended that the cost of the installation be computed, only after taking these steps different sensors include dial, in-line, ultrasonic, orifice plate, totalizing meters, variable area, venturi, or switch output. The different designs of the flow meters have a variety of applications.

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The flow meter is used to measure liquid, gas (vapor) and solid (impulse flow meter) to meet the needs of process control and metering delivery.

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Sino-Inst offers over 50 Industrial analog flow meters for flow measurement. About 50% of these are gas flow meters, 40% are the liquid flow sensor, and 20% are the Ultrasonic and mass flow meter.

A wide variety of Industrial analog flow meters options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

Sino-Instrument is a globally recognized supplier and manufacturer of flow measurement instrumentation, located in China.