Mass Flow Rate vs Volumetric Flow Rate

Mass flow rate vs Volumetric flow rate is what we must use in flow measurement and control. In this post, we compare the concept of volume flow and mass flow and the conversion between the two. Sino-Inst offers a variety Read More

Intrinsically Safe vs Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitters

Intrinsically safe vs explosion proof is a common function of pressure transmitters. When pressure transmitters need to be used in high-risk and explosive places, you must know it! Sino-Inst offers a variety of  explosion-proof pressure transmitters. If you have any Read More

How to Calibrate a Pressure Transmitter

What is Calibrate a Pressure Transmitter? Calibrate a Pressure Transmitter is an important step to help pressure transmitters make accurate measurements. Only when the input and output are debugged together can it be called a true calibration. Including the pressure Read More

Steam Flow Measurement: Do you need temperature and pressure compensation?

Steam flow measurement has always been a problem. Today we solve a problem of temperature and pressure compensation. So Do you need temperature and pressure compensation for Steam Flow Measurement? Generally speaking, vortex flowmeter manufacturers will provide saturated and superheated Read More

Magnetostrictive Level Gauge Application: Refined Oil Storage Tank

The magnetostrictive level gauge is applied to the information system of the refined oil storage tank oil depot. Real-time monitoring and measurement management of refined oil storage tanks. 1. Introduction In order to grasp the operation information of the storage Read More

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Temperature Transmitters

Temperature transmitter is an instrument that converts a temperature variable into a standardized output signal that can be transmitted. Output signal 4~20mA two wires. Sino-Inst offers a variety of  Temperature Transmitters for temperature measurement. If you have any questions, please Read More