Inline Air Flow Meter CFM

Inline air flow meters measure the volume or mass flow of air/compressed air. Vortex flow meters and thermal mass flow meters are more common inline air flow meters.

Featured Inline Air Flow Meters

An line flow meter is a flow meter with the function of displaying flow rate on-site. The sensor of the flow meter is installed on the fluid pipe. Digital display or pointer shows the flow rate on the spot. Read more

In-line flowmeters could be digital and mechanical flow meters. Common in-line flowmeters include turbine flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters, and ultrasonic flowmeters. With stainless steel material, analog and 4-20mA output, in-line flow meters can measure and controll inline flow.

Features of In-line Flow Meters

  • Local LCD display flow rate.
  • Signal output: analog, 4-20mA, pulse, and so on.
  • Liquid, Gas pipe flow measurement.
  • Special materials can be selected depending on the working conditions.
    Such as PTFE
  • Remote type is available.

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Inline air flow meter units conversion

Inline air flow meter cfm

CFM is a common imperial flow unit, cubic feet per minute.
For a certain volume of air flow passing in a unit time, m3/h air volume unit is generally used in China. Other countries also use the British air volume unit cfm (cubic foot per minute). That is ft3/min cubic feet/minute,
1CFM=28.316846592 L/MIN=0.028316847 m3/min

CFM traffic is divided into SCFM and ACFM.

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Inline air flow meter scfm

SCFM English standard cubic foot per minute means standard cubic foot per minute, British flow unit. Both ACFM & SCFM are units of measurement for English flow
ACFM=actual flow rate ft^3/min

SCFM=standard flow rate ft^3/min

1 cubic meter = 35.314724827664 cubic feet
1Nm^3/min=35.315 SCFM
1 liter/minute=0.03531SCFM
1 liter=0.03531SCFM

Inline air flow meter lpm

LPM is liter/minute.

Liter/minute to Cubic Meter/hour Conversion Table

Liter/minute [L/min]Cubic Meter/hour [m^3/h]
0.01 L/min0.0006 m^3/h
0.1 L/min0.006 m^3/h
1 L/min0.06 m^3/h
2 L/min0.12 m^3/h
3 L/min0.18 m^3/h
5 L/min0.3 m^3/h
10 L/min0.6 m^3/h
20 L/min1.2 m^3/h
50 L/min3 m^3/h
100 L/min6 m^3/h
1000 L/min60 m^3/h

How to Convert Liter/minute to Cubic Meter/hour?

1 L/min = 0.06 m^3/h
1 m^3/h = 16.6666666667 L/min

Example: convert 15 L/min to m^3/h:
15 L/min = 15 × 0.06 m^3/h = 0.9 m^3/h

Inline air flow meter units Converters

Converters for conversion and calculation of flow. Or a calculation tool that requires flow measurement to obtain other measurement parameters. Help users choose the right flow sensor and transmitter!

DP Flow Meter Output CalculatorFlow Meter 4-20mA Current Output CalculatorFlow Velocity & Pipe Diameter to Volumetric Flow Rate Calculator
Mass Flow & Density to Volume Flow CalculatorMass Flow Rate Unit ConverterVolume Flow Rate Converter
Volume Flow & Density to Mass Flow CalculatorVolumetric Flow Rate & Pipe Diameter to Flow Speed Calculator

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Inline compressed air flow meter

Compressed air is an important secondary energy source for industrial production. Most of it is converted from electrical or thermal energy through compressors.

The working fluids converted from a large amount of energy are managed to achieve the effect of saving energy and improving equipment management.

Compressed air It is an important economic indicator for cost accounting of enterprises and institutions. This is the main purpose of compressed air flow measurement.

Compressed air flow is an important parameter that expresses the performance of an air compressor, and it is also an important parameter measured in an industrial process.

With the widespread application of air compressors, accurate measurement of its flow is essential for product upgrades, industrial production process control and monitoring, and energy conservation and emission reduction.

Compressed air has the following characteristics. Sino-Inst suggestion: Combine the characteristics of compressed air to make a reasonable selection of compressed air flow meters.

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Air Velocity is measurement of the rate of displacement of air or gas at a specific location.

Air velocity (distance traveled per unit of time) is usually expressed in Linear Feet per Minute (LFM). By multiplying air velocity by the cross section area of a duct, you can determine the air volume flowing past a point in the duct per unit of time. Volume flow is usually measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM).
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1CFM is 0.028 cubic meters per minute.
CFM is a unit of gas flow, the full name is cubic feet per minute. It means the air flow of a certain volume through the filter in unit time. Air flow is the amount of air flow per unit time.
China generally uses m3/h air volume units, and foreign countries also use British air volume units cfm (cubic foot per minute). That is ft3/min cubic feet/minute, the two are converted into: 1cfm≈1.7m3/h.
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