Inline water flow meters-ultrasonic

Inline water flow meters are instruments that can be installed directly on water flow pipes to display flow. In principle, there are mechanical, ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and so on. Used in residential water pipes or industrial water pipes.

An line flow meter is a flow meter with the function of displaying flow rate on-site. The sensor of the flow meter is installed on the fluid pipe. Digital display or pointer shows the flow rate on the spot.

In-line flowmeters could be digital and mechanical flow meters. Common in-line flowmeters include turbine flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters, and ultrasonic flowmeters. With stainless steel material, analog and 4-20mA output, in-line flow meters can measure and controll inline flow.

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Featured inline water flow meters

Strap on flow meter X3

 External clamp-on flow sensor. Easy to install. Suitable for measuring pipe diameter Φ9.53~Φ90.

Ultrasonic Water Meter for Residential Water

Ultrasonic Water Meter for Residential Water

DN15-DN40, RS485. LORA/ NB-IOT, WIFI, Output MBUS, MODBUS, ASCII, CJ188 are optional.

Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter

Sandwich-type Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter

DN50-DN150. New type. The thickness is only 50mm.

Dual Channel Ultrasonic Water Meter

Can be battery powered and wireless. For residential water, urban water, industrial water management.

In-Line Ultrasonic Flow Meter

DN15-DN6000, InLine Ultrasonic Flow Meter Reference price: USD 470.00/pc

Magnetic Water Flow Meter

DN15~DN3000, Conductive liquids such as drinking water, sewage, wastewater, sea water, ammonia, cement slurry, etc.

Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter

 Suitable for large diameter DN300-3000. Insertion magnetic flowmeter can be installed without stopping flow.

Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

DN4~DN200. Liquid Turbine Flow Meter reference price: DN100. USD 600-700/pc.

Turbine Sanitary flow meter

DN4-50mm. Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter reference price: DN100. USD 300-700/pc.

Residential inline water flow meter

Residential inline water flow meter is an essential thing in modern residents’ homes. Residential inline water flow meter is used to measure household water consumption. It is also the basis for the water company’s charges.

Domestic inline water meters are provided and installed by the water supply company.

The price of the water meter is determined according to the function of the water meter. At present, the water meters on the market are divided into mechanical water meters, IC card water meters, remote water meters, photoelectric direct reading water meters, NB-IoT Internet of things water meters, etc. The prices are different for different levels .

Generally speaking, the price of mechanical water meters is relatively cheap. The price of smart water meters is more expensive. At present, the relatively new type is the NB-IoT remote transmission water meter, which is convenient for meter reading, mobile phone operation, no wiring, and wireless transmission of signals.

  1. Divided according to the functions used, the smart IC card water meter is more commonly used now. That is to say, this smart water meter has an IC card inserted into the water meter. You can query the water consumption at home and the water bill.
    • And one of its biggest features is that it can pay water charges in advance. It can also solve the trouble of water company charges. Before, it was necessary for staff to go door-to-door to read the meter. With this smart IC card, it can be inquired remotely.
  2. Now a remote water meter has been developed. According to its literal meaning, it can also be understood that this kind of water meter is also very intelligent. There is no need to go to the house to read the meter. The staff can understand the water consumption of each customer in the office. It also brings a great deal to the water supply company. Convenience. Solved the problem of a nuisance to the people.
  3. Intelligent valve-controlled water meter. One of the bright spots of this type of water meter is that you need to pay money before you can use it. It is very useful for users who are in arrears of water bills. It is also tailored for these users. And it can be controlled remotely and is very intelligent.
  4. According to the nature of the water meter, it can be divided into rotor wet water meter or dry water meter, or speed water meter, volume water meter, and so on.

Industrial inline water flow meter

Industrial inline water flow meters are more complicated than residential water meters. Because residential water is mainly used to measure tap water. Industrially, it is necessary to measure water, including raw water, waste water, condensed water, and various aqueous solutions.

You can refer to the following to select the appropriate Industrial inline water flow meter.

In line Flow Meters

In-line flowmeters could be digital and mechanical flow meters. Common in-line flowmeters include turbine flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters, and ultrasonic flowmeters. With stainless steel material, analog and 4-20mA output, in-line flow meters can measure and controll inline flow. Features of In-line Read More

Digital Water Flow Meters

Featured Digital Water Flow Meters for Sale Water flow meter types Water flow meters are flow meters that can diaplay the flow rate of industrial water pipe. A water flow meter measures the amount of water flowing through a pipe. Read More

Industrial Magmeters

Advantages of Magmeters Choose the Suitablet Magmeter Magnetic flow meter pdf You may like: Magnetic flow meter manufacturers Sino-Inst is one of the reliable Magnetic flow meter manufacturers and suppliers in China. Magnetic flow meters apply for wastewater flow rate Read More

Liquid Flow Meters Guide

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Cryogenic Flow Meters for Sale

Cryogenic Flow Meters for Highly Accurate and Reliable Cryogenic Fluids Flow Mesaurement. Featured Cryogenic Flow Meters Cryogenic Turbine Flow Meter Liquid nitrogen flow meter is a commonly used cryogenic flow meter. The low-temperature turbine flowmeter is a dedicated liquid nitrogen Read More

Hot Water Flow Meters

Industrial hot water flow meter is also called digital hot water meter. Hot water flow meter refers to flow meters that can measure the flow of high temperature water. Hot water flow meter types Hot water is the most widely Read More

Mechanical water flow meter

Mechanical water flow meter relies on the kinetic energy of the water flow to drive the metering mechanism to work. The water flowing through the water pipe impacts the water meter impeller and then drives the gear to rotate, without electricity.

Mechanical water flow meter is currently used less, mainly due to the following reasons:

There are many vulnerable parts, and the existence of the movable part impeller is easy to cause fouling of itself and the measuring cavity. Even blockage, especially when the water quality is poor. Therefore, the reliability and stability of the work are relatively low;

The movable part of the impeller shaft core is easy to wear after a long time or high flow rate operation. Especially when the water quality is corrosive. Therefore, the durability of work is low, and the service life is relatively short;

The presence of the impeller in the measurement chamber will produce a large pressure loss. Reduce the transmission capacity of the heating pipe network. In particular, it brings difficulties to the transformation of the old pipe network;

The accuracy of flow measurement is relatively low. There are also certain requirements for the flow rate of the fluid. Can not effectively measure when the flow rate is low;

Digital flow meter

Compared with Mechanical inline water flow meter, Digital flow meter makes it easier for users to obtain flow information.

Digital flow meter generally has a digital display. The traffic can be displayed locally. Including instantaneous flow and cumulative flow. It can even display information such as pressure and temperature.

Digital flow meter generally also supports remote data transmission. Digital flow meter outputs pulse, 4-20mA and other signals. Support HART, RS485 and other protocols. Even wireless remote transmission.

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Flow meter usually refers to industrial flow meters. Water meter usually refers to residential water meter.

Industrial VS residential digital water flow meter

1. From a functional point of view. Industrial digital water flow meter mainly measures instantaneous flow. It is a real-time state. It can understand the usage of each site. And can output pulses, 4~20mA, etc. Residential digital water flow meter is mainly a cumulative function, generally cannot see instantaneous flow .

2. From the cost point of view. The manufacturing cost of the Residential Digital Water Flow Meter is relatively low. The cost of an Industrial Digital Water Flow Meter is generally relatively high.

3. In terms of quality. Relatively speaking, the Residential digital water flow meter has poor accuracy. It cannot withstand high pressure and high temperature, and cannot output linear signals. It cannot participate in the automation control of modern industry. The industrial digital water flow meter can do the above.

4. From the point of view of usage. Residential digital water flow meter only measures water and is not used to measure gas. And some liquid media water meters cannot be used. Industrial digital water flow meter liquids (water, oil, turbid liquids, etc.) can be measured.

Of course, Residential digital water flow meters can realize various functions such as prepayment. Remote data transmission. Remote valve control. Step water pricing, etc. It is a must-use metering product for residential homes.

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