digital air flow meter

A digital air flow meter refers to a flow meter that can accurately measure air or compressed air inline. Industrial Digital air flow meters can be divided into mass flow meters or volume flow meters.

What Is Digital Air Flow Meters?

The digital air flow meter is also a digital gas flow meter. The digital air flow meter can measure and display parameters such as mass flow, volume flow, gas temperature, atmospheric pressure and gas pressure of air or other gases. Such as argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.

A digital air flow meter is different from a mechanical gas flow meter. The first is because of the local digital display. For example, a vortex flowmeter, or a handheld gas mass flowmeter. The parameters of the gas pipeline can be displayed locally. The second is because of the signal output. Mechanical gas flow meters cannot support signal output. But digital air flow meter generally supports signal output. Convenient for monitoring system or control system management. Such as 4-20mA, RS485 and so on.

CFM is a common imperial flow unit, cubic feet per minute.
For a certain volume of air flow passing in a unit time, m3/h air volume unit is generally used in China. Other countries also use the British air volume unit cfm (cubic foot per minute). That is ft3/min cubic feet/minute,
1CFM=28.316846592 L/MIN=0.028316847 m3/min

CFM traffic is divided into SCFM and ACFM.

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LPM is liter/minute.

Liter/minute to Cubic Meter/hour Conversion Table

Liter/minute [L/min]Cubic Meter/hour [m^3/h]
0.01 L/min0.0006 m^3/h
0.1 L/min0.006 m^3/h
1 L/min0.06 m^3/h
2 L/min0.12 m^3/h
3 L/min0.18 m^3/h
5 L/min0.3 m^3/h
10 L/min0.6 m^3/h
20 L/min1.2 m^3/h
50 L/min3 m^3/h
100 L/min6 m^3/h
1000 L/min60 m^3/h

How to Convert Liter/minute to Cubic Meter/hour?

1 L/min = 0.06 m^3/h
1 m^3/h = 16.6666666667 L/min

Example: convert 15 L/min to m^3/h:
15 L/min = 15 × 0.06 m^3/h = 0.9 m^3/h

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CFM is a common imperial flow unit, cubic feet per minute.
For a certain volume of air flow passing in a unit time, m3/h air volume unit is generally used in China. Other countries also use the British air volume unit cfm (cubic foot per minute). That is ft3/min cubic feet/minute,
1CFM=28.316846592 L/MIN=0.028316847 m3/min

CFM traffic is divided into SCFM and ACFM.

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First, We recommend a small digital airflow meter for you. Also called a portable gas mass flow meter. MF5700 series.

MF5700 series portable gas mass flow meter is a digital air flow meter developed based on MEMS flow sensor chip.

It is a measuring instrument with a wide application range. Low power consumption, portable, with the display. And capable of realizing networked.

Gas medium: air; nitrogen; oxygen; chlorine; carbon dioxide; contact the manufacturer for other gases.

Suitable for the monitoring and measurement of clinical oxygen supply in hospitals and various industrial applications.

Digital Air Mass Flow Meter

This flowmeter is also called a handheld digital air flow meter. Suitable for small gas flow monitoring.

  • MEMS flow measurement technology application
  • Battery-powered, portable design
  • RS485 communication mode can realize centralized network management
  • Real-time monitoring of instantaneous flow and calculation of cumulative flow
  • Password management, over-limit alarm
  • Small size, easy to install
  • Low cost and maintenance-free
Digital Air Mass Flow Meter

Converter Tool: Volumetric Flow Rate & Pipe Diameter to Flow Speed Calculator

Performance parameter MF5706 MF5712 Unit
Range 0~10,25 0~200 L/min
Precision +(2+0.5FS) +(2.5+0.5FS) %
Repeatability 0.5 %
Response time ≤2 sec
Power supply 4 AA batteries or external adapter power supply
Power consumption ≤10 mW
Output  FS485 (Optional)
Display LCD
Display unit Instantaneous flow SLPM (L/min), cumulative flow NCM (M3)
display resolution 0.01 0.1 L/min
keyboard Three button
Function description Password setting.
Set the total amount and clear it.
Alarm function
Work pressure ≤0.8 mpa
Operating temperature -10~+55
Pressure loss ≤600 ≤2000 pa
Working time period (battery) >60 days
Standard calibration gas Nitrogen
Lead wire Dedicated minUSB connection communication cable (optional)
Caliber 6mm 12mm
Mechanical interface NPT-1/4 NPT-1/2
Weight About 300 g

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ModelCliberMechanical interfaceFLow Range: SLPMFLow Range: NCMH

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Digital compressed air flow meter

A compressed air flow meter is an upgraded and improved gas vortex flow meter. The Karman vortex airflow sensor is researched and produced according to the Karman vortex principle.

Vortex compressed air flow meter reference price: USD 300-1500/pc.

Read more about Rotameter flow meter-Variable Area Flow Meters. Suitable for liquid and gas volumetric flow measurement and control.

Air Flow Meter Types

Sino-Inst provides industrial air flow meters. The main types of air flow meters are:

  1. Thermal mass flow meter
  2. Vortex flowmeter
  3. Precession vortex flowmeter
  4. Annubar flowmeter
  5. Metal Rotameter
  6. Gas turbine flowmeter
  7. Micro gas mass flow meter

All of the above gas flow meters can be used to measure air flow. And the measurement of common industrial gas flow. Such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, etc. Based on different measurement parameters such as pressure, temperature, pipe size, flow range, etc. We will choose the right flowmeter for you.

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More Featured Digital air flow meters

Digital Flow Meters

Digital Flow Meters

Digital flow meters measure and display the flow rate of industrial liquid and gas. Like water, oil, natural gas, oxygen, diesel fuel, and more. And all pipe sizes are available, for 1/2″, 2inch, to 8 inches.

Different digital flow sensors include turbine, thermal mass, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, orifice plate, venturi. The different designs of the flowmeters have a variety of applications. With 4-20ma, RS485, or other output.

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Digital Water Flow Meters

What is a digital water flow meter?

A Digital Water flow meter is a flow meter that can display the water flow rate, and have the output for the flow rate. Like 4-20mA output, HART, RS 485, and so on. Digital Water Flow Meter is also called Electronic Water Flow Meter. Digital Water Flow Meter is widely used in industrial water and household water measurement. Most of the Sino-Inst flow meters are digital water flow meters. Like the electromagnetic flowmeter, Portable ultrasonic flow meter, Turbine flow meter…..


Digital flow meters are high-tech devices. Also called smart flow meters. They’re used for gauging and displaying qualities like mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, gas temperature, atmospheric pressure, and gas pressure.

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The air flow meter is used to monitor the air flow and display the flow parameters, or output the parameters first.

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To measure air flow mechanically, an anemometer can be used.
To intelligently measure air flow, you can use the various Digital Air Flow Meters we mentioned above.

A flow meter (or flow sensor) is an instrument used to measure linear, nonlinear,mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas.When choosing flow meters,one should consider such intangible factors as familiarity of plant personnel,their experience with calibration and maintenance, spare parts availability,and mean time between failure history, etc., at the particular plant site.

It is also recommended that the cost of the installation be computed,only after taking these stepsThe different sensors include dial, in-line, ultrasonic, orifice plate,totalizing meters, variable area, venturi, or with switch output.The different designs of the flow meters have a variety of applications.

Flow Metering Principles

  • Differential Pressure Flowmeters
  • Velocity Flowmeters
  • Positive Displacement Flowmeters
  • Mass Flowmeters
  • For Open Channel Flowmeters – weirs, flumes, submerged orifices, current meters, acoustic flow meters and more

For different working principle, We offer different types of flow meters, like:

  • Differential Pressure Flow Meters
  • Orifice Plate
  • Venturi Tube
  • Flow Nozzles
  • The Sonic Nozzle – Critical (Choked) Flow Nozzle
  • Calorimetric Flowmeter
  • Ultrasonic Doppler Flowmeter
  • Positive Displacement Flowmeter
  • Variable Area Flowmeter or Rotameter
  • Velocity Flowmeters
  • Pitot Tubes
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  • Turbine Flowmeter
  • Vortex Flow Meter
  • Thermal Flowmeter
  • Coriolis Flowmeter
  • Mass Flowmeters
  • Open Channel Flowmeters

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Sino-Instrument offers over 50 Digital air flow meters for air/compressed air flow measurement.

About 50% of these are vortex flow meters, 40% are the thermal mass flow sensor, and 20% are turbine and DP flow meters.

A wide variety of Digital air flow meters options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples. Read more about: Importance Of Air Flow Measurement

Sino-Instrument is a globally recognized supplier and manufacturer of flow measurement instrumentation, located in China.