A flow totalizer meter is sometimes referred to as a flow meter or flow totalizer. flow totalizer meter displays the flow rate from either an analog or pulse output flow sensor as well as the accumulated total and grand total volume over time. Flow meters are devices used to measure the flow rate or quantity of a gas or liquid in a pipe. The flow totalizer meter works on the basis of a flow sensor. It shows the data results that people want.

Flow Totalizer Meter vs Flow Meter

Sino-Inst offers a variety of Record and Analyze instruments for industrial control. Hope that through the introduction of this article, you can learn more about Flow Totalizer Meter vs Flow Meter. To help determine the right product for your project.

Totalizer is a meter that can display the measured cumulative value from a certain specified time to the reading time.

In the central processing unit. The accumulator is a type of register. Used to store intermediate results produced by calculations. If there is no register like the accumulator, then after each calculation (addition, multiplication, shift, etc.), the result must be written back to the memory. Maybe I have to read it back soon. However, the speed of access to the main memory is slower than the access from the arithmetic logic unit to the accumulator with a direct path.

In the arithmetic unit, the accumulator is a register dedicated to storing an operand and the result of an arithmetic or logical operation. It can perform operations such as addition, subtraction, reading, shifting, cyclic shifting, and complementation. It is the main part of the arithmetic unit.

In the central processing unit CPU, the accumulator (accumulator) is a kind of scratchpad. It is used to store intermediate results produced by calculations. If there is no register like an accumulator. Then after each calculation (addition, multiplication, shift, etc.), the result must be written back to the memory, and then read back. However, the speed of access to the main memory is slower than the access from the mathematical logic unit (ALU) to the accumulator with a direct path.

In assembly language programs, the accumulator-AX is a very important register. But when it is used to save temporary data in the program. Finally, it is transferred to other registers or memory units. To prevent the data in it from being modified during the execution of other instructions. In order to get incorrect results. Bring unnecessary trouble to the debugging of the program.

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The flowmeter is defined as an instrument that indicates the measured flow rate and/or the total amount of fluid in the selected time interval. Simply put, it is an instrument used to measure fluid flow in pipes or open channels.

Flow meters are divided into differential pressure flow meters, rotor flow meters, throttling flow meters, slit flow meters, volumetric flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, and so on. Classified by medium: liquid flow meter and gas flow meter.

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Simply put, a Totalizing Flow Meter is a running total of how much fluid (gas, liquid, steam) has passed by the sensor within a given time. For example, “in the last 60 seconds, there have been 30 gallons of water flowing by the sensor.”

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A pure totalizer is not a flow meter.

Usually, flow meters measure instantaneous flow. If you need to know the total amount of flow, you need to use a totalizer.

A complete flow detection system includes several parts such as sensing, transmission, calculation, integration, display, etc. Each part can be an independent instrument. It is also possible to integrate several functions into one watch.

Many flow totalizers on the market now integrate calculation, totalization, and display. It includes most of the functions of the flow system. Some manufacturers set the totalizer and other parts as flow meters and use the name of the complete set on the totalizer. If you buy the totalizer alone, you will see that the name is flowmeter.

So the flowmeter [maybe] includes a totalizer, but the totalizer is not a flowmeter.

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If you get here, you still can’t find a suitable product. Then let us take a more detailed look at the functions and applications of the Flow Totalizer Meter.

Flow Totalizer Working Principle

The flow totalizer is composed of four parts: measurement loop, digital panel meter, regulator, and power supply.

The stabilized power supply converts the 220V power supply into a stable DC voltage as the other part of the power supply.

The measurement loop processes the signal (voltage, current, etc.) sent by the flow transmitter into a voltage signal.

After A/D conversion, the signal is sent to a dedicated central processing unit for processing. Not only to the digital panel meter but also to the regulator. After comparing with the set value, it outputs a control or alarm signal according to the regulation rule.

The flow totalizer is a commonly used paperless recorder. What Is A Paperless Recorder?

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Flow Meter/ Totalizer for Water

The water flow meter is an instrument specially used to measure the flow of water in pipes. You can get many different types of water flow meters from your facility.

When used in certain applications, each flow meter has its own advantages. For many pipelines and similar systems, the water must be maintained at a specified flow rate to ensure the effective operation of the system.

Water flow meters supplied by Sino-Inst are flow meters that can display the flow rate and cumulative flow of industrial water pipes. Read more about: 5 Types of Flowmeters-Guide to Flowmeter Types .

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Gas Totalizer Flow Meter

Digital gas flow meters are flow meters used to monitor the gas flow rate or mass. Digital gas flow meters are designed to measure different types of gases. Like Air, N2, O2, CO2, and more.

The Digital gas flow meters supplied by Sino-Inst all come with Gas Totalizer, so they are also called Gas Totalizer Flow Meter. Such as gas ultrasonic flowmeter, gas turbine flowmeter, etc.

The intelligent gas flow converter is a new type converter with domestic level developed by our company. Adopt advanced ultra-low power consumption single-chip microcomputer technology. The whole machine has strong functions, low power consumption, and superior performance. The flowmeter integrates flow, temperature, and pressure detection functions. And can automatically compensate for temperature, pressure, and compressibility. It is an ideal instrument for gas measurement in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, and other industries.

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Flow totalizers are often used in conjunction with flow meters. According to the definition of flow totalizers matched with flow meters, it is like this: with various flow sensors or transmitters, temperature sensors or transmitters and pressure transmitters Coordinated use. It can measure and display, accumulate calculation, alarm control, transmission output, data acquisition and communication for various liquid, steam, natural gas, general gas and other flow parameters. It is a very important accessory instrument for flowmeters. It can be seen that the important role of the flow totalizer.

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At present, there are many different brands of flow totalizers used to measure the instantaneous flow of liquid or solid in the industrial field. Then it is transmitted to the PLC through a 4-20mA signal as a data standard for control or monitoring. PLC accumulates the cumulative flow within a certain period of time according to the instantaneous flow. It is of great significance for the data analysis and production calculation applications of a liquid or solid flow in the field of process industry control.

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Generally, flowmeters have system errors, fixed constants need to be compensated and corrected. There are many types of flowmeters, the principles of various measurement methods are different, the measured medium is different, and the compensation calculation is also different.

For example, the flow meters in the following measurement occasions require temperature or pressure compensation:

  1. When measuring gas, temperature and pressure compensation are required at the same time. The gas is generally settled at the standard condition volume flow rate. Because the volumetric flow rate of gas changes when temperature or pressure changes, the flow rate will change.
  2. When measuring superheated steam, the temperature and pressure need to be compensated at the same time. Steam is generally settled by mass flow rate. Because either temperature or pressure has changed. The density of the steam will change. The mass flow rate also changes accordingly.

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Sino-Inst offers over 50 Flow Totalizer Meter & Flow Meter for flow measurement. About 50% of these are differential pressure flow meters, 40% is the liquid flow sensor, and 20% are Ultrasonic Level Transmitter and mass flow meters.

A wide variety of Flow Totalizer Meters options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

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