SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitters

SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter

Looking for a smart differential pressure transmitter for a unique application?

Here we go!

SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter with:

Output signal 4-20mA output+HART communication; Push Button Configuration;

SMT3151DP smart differential pressure/high static pressure differential pressure transmitter,
is a pressure signal,
measured at the reference end of the low-pressure side,
and has two ports connected to the process pipe.

SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter,
is suitable for measuring pressures from -100mbar to 70bar,
with greatest working pressures up to 420bar.

SMT3151DP Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter from H&H Instrument is a rugged,
low range / high line process differential pressure transmitter,
that provides precise measurement in a 4-20 mA output with optional HART communication.
Internal push button adjustments for rangeability and configuration are available,
as well as integrated LCD display.

Application of SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter

SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter,
the series of SMT3151 products are suitable for applications like:
flow measurement, level monitoring,
steam measurement, filter or pump differential pressure,
critical process monitoring.

SMT3151DP series smart differential pressure transmitter,
is a good dp transmitter for measuring boiler water level,
liquid level and flow differential pressure.

Common differential pressure transmitter is the most commonly used test instrument,
in industrial process control.
It is widely used in various automatic control systems,
such as aerospace, military, petrochemical, chemical,
oil Wells, electric power, ships, building materials,
pipelines and many other industries.
Generally used in liquid, gas or steam differential pressure,
flow measurement, medium temperature is not too high,
corrosion is not strong, viscosity is not high,
not easy to crystallize and other environments.
If the working static pressure exceeds 13MPa,
a high static differential pressure transformer should be selected.

Attention to type selection of SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter:

Before selecting the type, the user shall make clear the temperature,
corrosion, measuring range, use,
whether the medium under test is explosion-proof,
whether the oil shall be forbidden,
whether the medium is easy to crystallize or thicken,
whether the diaphragm flange connection is needed, etc.

Parameters of SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter

Use object: liquid, gas or steam

Measuring range of SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter:

Code Scale range


















Output signal of SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter:

4-20mA dc. Output, superimposed HART protocol digital signal (two-wire system)

Power source: external power supply 24V dc. Power supply range 12V ~ 45V

Installation in dangerous places:

Flameproof ExdIIBT5Gb;(explosion-proof certificate no. :CE16.1163)

Intrinsically safe ExiaIICT4/T5/T6Ga;(explosion-proof certificate no. : CE15.2354X) ;

Temperature range of SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter:

Electronic circuit board work in: – 40 ~ 85 ℃;

Sensitive components work in: – 40 ~ 85 ℃;

Storage temperature: – 40 ~ 85 ℃;

With digital display: – 25 ~ 75 ℃ (run);

– 40 ~ 85 ℃ (no damage);

Relative humidity: 0 ~ 95%

Over pressure limit: DP type, plus 0 (absolute pressure) ~ 13MPa (or 1.5 times the upper limit of the range) pressure transmitter is not damaged. High static pressure type with a static pressure or one-way pressure of up to 31 MPa.

Volume change: less than 0.16cm3

Damping of SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter:The time constant is adjustable from 0.2 to 32.0s.

Startup time of SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter: 3s, no preheating required.

Accuracy of SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter: ± 0.1%, ±0.2%

Stability: ±0.25%/6 months of maximum range

Temperature: including zero and range for maximum temperature error of ±0.2%/20℃

Smart pressure transmitter working principle

The working principle of the Smart pressure transmitter (gauge pressure)/absolute pressure transmitter,
is that: when the pressure passes through the isolated diaphragm and the pressure conducting medium,
it will indirectly act on the surface of the metal,
which measuring diaphragm (elastic measuring element) of different thickness,
so that the diaphragm will be slightly deformed and the maximum shape variable will not exceed 0.1mm.
A high-precision circuit that measures the deformation of the diaphragm,
converts this tiny deformation into a voltage signal proportional to the pressure.
After linearization and temperature compensation processing,
the voltage signal is converted into the industry-standard 4-20ma current signal,
or 1-5v voltage signal using a dedicated chip.

The high sensitivity of metal capacitive pressure sensor,
and the high precision integrated circuit,
that used in the measurement diaphragm detection circuit contain linear circuit,
and temperature compensation circuit,
so the whole transmitter can achieve high precision and high stability.

The metal capacitive pressure sensor has extremely high overload resistance,
and excellent performance in micro-pressure measurement. It is also a must choice product in various complex industrial environments.

SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter,
which makes use of advanced microprocessor technology with digital communications.

The SMT3151DP smart pressure transmitter,
is capable of differential, gage, or absolute pressure measurement. It uses advanced capacitive sensor technology (piezoresistive sensors for absolute pressure models),
and features self-diagnostics, field parameter adjustment,
auto-zeroing and a variety of popularly used communication protocols at industry leading prices.

Three application measurement methods for SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter:

(1) The differential pressure transmitter is combined with the throttling device,
to convert the flow rate according to the differential pressure value,
generated before and after the throttling device.

(2) Measuring the height of the liquid by the pressure difference,
generated by the gravity of the liquid itself.

(3) Directly measure the pressure difference between different pipes,
and closed pressure vessels to convert the liquid level height.

The SMT3151DP smart series differential pressure transmitters are modular in design,
and consist of a sensor module with an integrated electronic adapter unit,
and an amplifier module with a local button unit.
The sensor module includes a differential pressure sensor,
and a temperature sensor for simultaneous measurement of differential pressure.
The instrument temperature,
so the SMT3151DP smart series differential pressure transmitter,
has excellent static pressure characteristics and temperature characteristics.

SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitter features:

• Has a strong self-diagnosis capability Range coverage is 0-0.1KPa~40.0MPa

• Accuracy of 0.075, range ratio 100:1 Zero and span adjustment do not affect each other.

• Both remote and local range,
zero adjustment with strong data protection and recovery mechanism.

• Good stability, high precision, adjustable damping, strong resistance to one-way overload.

• No mechanical transmission parts, low maintenance workload, strong anti-vibration.

• All common parts, replacing the sensor does not affect the transmitter characteristics,
maintenance is more convenient.

• Diaphragm material that is in contact with the medium is optional. Explosion-proof housing structure.

• Two-wire system, HART-compliant,
digital communication with HART275 and 375 handheld communicators without interrupting analog output

Explosion proof pressure transmitter

Explosion-proof pressure transmitters are available in a wide range of specifications,
easy to install and use, safe and explosion-proof.
They can be widely used in petrochemical, e
lectric power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food processing and other industries. Products comply with the “IEC” standard, and explosion-proof pressure transmitters are internationally renowned.
The company’s high-precision, high-stability pressure sensor components,
through high-reliability amplifier circuit and precise temperature compensation,
convert the absolute or gauge pressure of the measured medium into 4~20mA, 0~5VDC, 0~10VDC and 1~5VDC.
Such as standard electrical signals.
High quality sensors, hermetically sealed soldering technology,
and a complete assembly process ensure excellent quality and performance.
The product is available in a variety of interface styles,
and a variety of lead styles to best meet customer needs,
and is suitable for use with a variety of measurement and control equipment.

Explosion-proof pressure transmitter working principle

The explosion-proof pressure transmitter consists of an integrated intelligent sensor and peripheral circuits.
The sensor part is composed of a pressure sensor,
a signal modulation circuit, a dedicated digital processing chip,
a temperature sensor and a data memory,
and the peripheral electronic circuit part is composed of an LCD display,
function keys and an EMC circuit.
The pressure signal is converted into an electrical signal by the pressure sensor,
and the electrical signal is modulated,
and sent to a dedicated digital processing chip for data processing,
and then converted into a 4~20 mA output signal corresponding to the pressure signal,
and the HART digital signal is superimposed on the current signal for communication.

Explosion-proof pressure transmitter product features

Small size, high stability, high sensitivity

Fully sealed welded structure

A variety of range selection, user debugging is convenient

Lightning protection, anti-radio frequency interference

Option with zero/full scale adjustable

Optional small integrated LCD display

Explosion-proof pressure transmitters are widely used in the following industries:

Industrial site process pressure detection

Laboratory pressure calibration system

Navigation and shipbuilding

Aviation and aircraft manufacturing

Air separation equipment and thermal power unit

Energy management system

Hydraulic and pneumatic measurement and control system

SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitters supplier
SMT3151DP smart differential pressure transmitters supplier

H&H Instrument is a leader manufacture in the field of measurement and control in China.
One big reason for the continued growth of H&H Instrument,
is our willingness to listen to our customers’ specific needs,
and develop solutions to meet those needs for the Oil and Gas,
Power Generation and Nuclear industries. In fact many of the products we deliver are specially engineered to order.

H&H manufactures a wide variety of mechanical and electronic devices,
to measure pressure, level, temperature and flow,
and we’re working constantly to improve our product platform. H&H Instrument specializes in supplying electromagnetic flowmeter,
vortex flowmeter, gas turbine flowmeter,
spiral vortex flowmeter, orifice flowmeter,
liquid turbine flowmeter, natural gas flowmeter,
steam flowmeter, thermal gas flowmeter,
elliptical gear flowmeter, magnetic flap level gauge,
ultrasonic level gauge, diaphragm pressure gauge,
digital pressure gauge, diaphragm pressure gauge,
stainless steel Series of flowmeters,
such as:pressure gauges, bimetal thermometers, thermocouples, pressure calibrators, bench pressures, etc.
It is widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, machinery, metallurgy, cement, glass,
cooking and other industries in various countries.
More products continue to be developed that integrate features,
such as:wireless and HART technologies.

All our products are engineered and manufactured,
at H&H Instrument world headquarters located inXi’an,China.
Many standard products must be re-designed,
to fit the individual needs of our customers.
With H&H offices and Representatives situated around the globe,
you get the product you need with off-the-shelf speed.

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