SMT3151LT Pressure Level Transmitter

Pressure level transmitters are good instruments for level measurement.

The liquid level (pressure/differential pressure) transmitter,

is a pressure signal,

measured at the reference side of atmospheric pressure (a low-pressure side),

with one or two ports for flange (or other connection) and process pipe connection.

So, we can say that the SMT3151LT pressure level transmitter,

also is one kind of diaphragm type level transmitter.

A pressure level transmitter is an on-site transmitter,

that is mounted directly on a pipe or vessel.

Since the isolating diaphragm is directly in contact with the liquid medium,

it is not necessary to take out the pressure guiding tube on the positive pressure side,

so that the liquid level, pressure, and density of the medium,

such as high temperature, high viscosity, easy crystallization,

easy precipitation and strong corrosion can be measured,

and then It is converted to 4~20mA.DC signal output

Features of SMT3151LT Pressure level transmitter

pressure level transmitter
  • 0-2.1Mpa
  • -40~204℃
  • Flange-mounted
  • 4-20mA, HART
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Explosion-proof

Working Principle of pressure level transmitters:

On the basis of common pressure/differential pressure transmitter,

one or two isolation membrane boxes are added to measure the liquid receiving part.

Mainly used for measuring high temperature,

easy to solidify or crystallize,

containing solid suspended matter, too viscous,

corrosive or other needs to maintain sanitary conditions, non-polluting media.

The basic measurement element,

is the same as the technical performance,

and technical index of the 3151 pressure/differential pressure transmitter.

After adding the remote transmission device,

there will be a small decrease in measurement accuracy,

slow reaction speed,

and the installation position should be attended to,

when the pressure is relatively small,

so as to ensure that the measured pressure is within the measurement range,

of the basic measurement element.

In other words, a column of water of a specific height,

will always exert the same amount of pressure on a transducer.

And because weight is a force, and pressure is force applied over an area,

in this case, the area of the transducer,

we can take the pressure reading from the transducer and translate it into a level.

DP Level Technology
DP Level Technology

Pressure level transmitter manufacturer

Sino-Instrument, we are the pressure level transmitter manufacturer in China.

We supply SMT3151LT pressure level transmitters.

We offer flamges:

  • DN50 (2″)
  • DN80 (3″)
  • DN100 (4″)
  • DN40
  • Flush flange
  • Insert barrel flange

And for the material of diaphragm, we offer :

316 Stainless steel
Hastelloy C
Special requirements

If you need to know more about the SMT3151LT pressure level transmitters,

you can refer to the :

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