Water Well Depth Measuring Devices have evolved significantly throughout history, from rudimentary weighted lines to sophisticated electronic tools like ultrasonic sensors, Hydrostatic Level Sensor.

The Hydrostatic Level Sensor has emerged as a groundbreaking device in this field, offering unparalleled precision, dependability, and adaptability.

As a result, it has quickly become the top choice for professionals and homeowners seeking the best in water well depth measurement technology.

Hydrostatic Level Sensor Top 1 Water Well Depth Measuring Devices

Featured Water Well Depth Measuring Devices

SI-151 Hydrostatic Level Sensor
Hydrostatic Level Sensor (Best Price), also called Hydrostatic level transmitter. Continuous level measurement in liquid applications with pressure sensors.
SI-PCM261 Submersible Pressure Transducer
Submersible pressure transducer with 4-20mA output,
is normal submersible pressure transmitter for level measurement.
SI-PCM260 Deep Well Water Level Sensor
Well water level sensor is to apply Hydrostatic Level Sensor to deep well. Well water level sensor submerged in deep well work together with submersible water pump. Range 300m ~ 1000m.
Wireless Level Sensor - LoRa
Wireless Level Sensor – LoRa The Wireless Level Sensor upgrades the LoRa wireless transmission function based on the Hydrostatic Level transmitter. Measure water or oil level. 

Upgraded Water Well Depth Measuring Devices


Using high-quality silicon piezoresistive sensors, integrated compact structure. Special deep-water sealing technology. Ultra-long deep well design (2000m) analog or digital signal output. High measurement accuracy (0.05%), stable and reliable performance.

Suitable for oil, natural gas, coal bed methane exploitation, geological exploration monitoring, mine water level measurement.

Measuring rangeMinimum 0~350m, maximum 0~2000m
Measurement accuracy(Comprehensive error includes linearity, hysteresis, repeatability) Analog type 0.2%FS; intelligent type 0.2%FS, 0.1%FS, 0.5%FS
Long-term stabilityBetter than 0.03% per annum
Allowable medium temperature-20℃~90℃
Allowable ambient temperature-40℃~85℃
Allowable storage temperature-40℃~85℃
Temperature effect0.2%, 0.1%, 0.075% accuracy grade -20℃~80℃, every 10K+0.1% for other temperature ranges, every 10K±0.2%
0.05% accuracy level per 10K±0.02%
Silicon piezoresistive sensorCorrugated diaphragm 316L (special requirements agreed upon)
Measuring sensor housingStainless steel 316L
Putting in the extension cablePlasticPE
Sensor counterweightStainless steel 304 (special requirements agreed upon)
Junction BoxABS plasticIP66/IP67
Process connection standardCarbon steel nickel plated
Operating Voltage(12.5~30V DC)
Signal outputAnalog type: two-wire system 4~20mA
Intelligent two-wire 4~20mA with HART communication protocol
Cable entry holeInternal thread M20×1.5 (PVC junction box)
Analog cableThree-core instrument cable intelligent cable: it is recommended to use double-shielded twisted-wire cable for wiring
Allowable ambient humidity100%HR

Deep Well Steel Ruler Water Level Meter

People used to use the steel ruler Water Level Meter most often.

Steel ruler Water Level Meter is used to measure the water level in wells, boreholes and water level pipes. It is especially suitable for the observation of groundwater level in hydropower projects or the manual inspection of the dam body infiltration line of earth-rock dams.

When we are measuring the depth of the well, we only need to loosen the set screw behind the winding reel. After letting the winding reel rotate freely, press the power button (the power indicator light is on. Put the probe into the water level tube. Hold the steel ruler cable and let the probe move down slowly.

Then, when the probe’s contacts touch the water surface, the receiving system’s probe emits a continuous beep. Now read and write the depth dimension of the depth of the steel ruler cable at the mouth of the pipe. is the distance from the groundwater level to the nozzle.

Finally, if you are measuring in a noisy environment, the beeps will not be heard. You can use the peak value indicator instead, just turn the selector switch on the panel of the instrument to the voltage block. The measurement method is the same as above, and the time measurement accuracy at this time is the same as that measured by the sound.

Deep Well Steel Ruler Water Level Meter

Steel Ruler Water Level Meter Specifications

  1. Adapt to the water quality range: 10μω~1000μω
  2. Output response speed: ≤1ms
  3. Detection depth range: depends on the length of the cable used, generally 30m, can be configured to 300m according to user requirements
  4. Probe detection error: ≤±0.5mm
  5. Applicable temperature of the instrument: -20℃~+60℃
  6. Measurement signal display: luminous tube, buzzer, meter indication

Hydrostatic Level Sensor for Depth Well Water Level

The Hydrostatic Level Sensor has transformed the way we measure water well depth, offering a highly accurate and reliable solution for various applications.

Hydrostatic Level Sensor harnesses the principles of hydrostatic pressure to provide precise depth readings.

Its versatility and adaptability have made the Hydrostatic Level Sensor the top choice for those seeking the best in water well depth measurement technology.

Working principle of Hydrostatic Level Sensor

The pressure sensor probe is placed in the liquid to be measured and subjected to a certain static pressure (P) of the medium. This pressure is proportional to the liquid level height (h, m) of the measured liquid.

P = ρgh (Pa)

ρ in the formula is the specific gravity of the medium (g/cm3).
g is the local gravity acceleration (m/s2).
For the measured medium and location ρ, g are constants.

The transmitter electronics transmit the liquid level pressure signal measured by the pressure sensor to the display instrument. The liquid level signal of the medium is displayed through circuit conversion.

how to check well water level

Checking well water levels has never been easier, thanks to the Hydrostatic Level Sensor.

This Water Well Depth Measuring Devices use hydrostatic pressure to measure water depth accurately and reliably.

To use it, simply lower the sensor into the well until it’s submerged in the water.

The pressure exerted by the water column is converted into an electrical signal, which is then translated into depth data.

This information can be easily read on a connected display or transmitted to a remote monitoring system, making the Hydrostatic Level Sensor a user-friendly and efficient solution for measuring well water levels.

Advantages of Hydrostatic Level Sensors for Water Well Depth Measuring

  • High accuracy: Delivers depth measurements with ±0.5% full-scale accuracy, ensuring precise water management.
  • Reliability: Functions consistently in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 185°F, providing accurate readings in challenging conditions.
  • Versatility: Compatible with diverse well types, including drilled, dug, and artesian wells, and adaptable to various fluid densities.
  • Easy installation: Follow straightforward instructions to set up the sensor and integrate it with remote monitoring systems if needed.
  • Low maintenance: Designed with durable materials like stainless steel, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.
  • Realize automatic management: Hydrostatic Level Sensors support signal output. Such as 4-20mA. The signal can be remotely connected to our monitoring system.

More Water Level Meters

Hydrostatic Level Sensors have revolutionized water well depth measurement with their unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and versatility. These innovative devices provide substantial benefits, including easy installation, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendly operation.

If you’re in need of Water Well Depth Measuring Devices, look no further than Sino-Inst, a professional supplier with extensive experience in the field.

Sino-Inst offers a wide range of high-quality devices tailored to meet your specific requirements. Don’t hesitate to reach out and explore the best options for your water well depth measurement needs. Experience the difference a Hydrostatic Level Sensor can make today!

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