Digital gas flow meters for Sale

Digital gas flow meters are flow meters used to monitor and control the gas flow rate or mass. Digital gas flow meters are designed to measure different types of gases. Like Air, N2, O2, CO2, and more.

Digital gas flow meters can measure the flow of a wide variety of gases. According to measurement principles, there can be positive displacement gas flow meters, velocity gas flow meters, and mass gas flow meters. How to choose the right Digital gas flow meters? We will discuss in detail next.

Sino-Inst offers a variety of Digital gas flow meters for flow measurement. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Featured Digital gas flow meters for Sale

Are you looking for a flow meter for measuring gas volume or mass flow? For Air-O2-N2-CO2 etc.

Every day, in the production process, the production or consumption of various gases may need to be metered. Accurate gas measurement is important work.

Sino-Inst offers volumetric or mass flow meters available for various gases.
If you don’t know how to choose the right Digital Gas Flow Meters. Please contact our sales engineer and we will provide you with a quotation based on your measurement needs.

First, you can start with your measurement needs. Do you need to get the volume flow or mass flow of the gas being measured?

Velocity gas flow meters generally consist of a flow sensor and a display.

For occasions where temperature and pressure change, a pressure gauge (sensor or transmitter), a thermometer (sensor or transmitter), a flow totalizer (temperature and pressure compensation) or a flow computer (temperature, pressure and compression factor compensation) are required.

For occasions with higher accuracy requirements (such as trade natural gas), an online chromatograph is also configured to continuously analyze the components or physical properties of the mixed gas to calculate the compression factor, density, calorific value, etc.

The main industrial applications are:

① Turbine flowmeter:
When the fluid flows through the turbine flow sensor, the turbine is forced to rotate under the action of the fluid thrust. Its rotational speed is proportional to the average flow velocity of the pipeline. The rotation of the turbine periodically changes the reluctance value of the magnetoelectric converter. The magnetic flux in the detection coil follows Periodic changes occur, generating periodic electrical pulse signals. In a certain flow (Reynolds number) range, the electrical pulse signal is proportional to the volume flow of the fluid flowing through the turbine flow sensor.

②Vortex flowmeter:
A bluff vortex generator is placed in the fluid. The fluid is alternately separated on both sides of the vortex generator to release two regular rows of alternating vortex streets. In a certain flow (Reynolds number) range, the separation frequency of the vortex is proportional to the volume flow of the fluid flowing through the vortex flow sensor.

③ Precession turbine flowmeter:
When the fluid passes through the spinner composed of helical guide vanes, the fluid is forced to rotate strongly around the centerline to form a vortex turbine. The center of the vortex precesses along a conical spiral when passing through the enlarged tube. In a certain flow rate (Reynolds number) range, the precession frequency of the vortex flow is proportional to the volume flow of the fluid flowing through the precession vortex flow sensor.

④Time difference ultrasonic gas flowmeter:
When ultrasonic waves pass through a flowing fluid, within the same propagation distance, their propagation velocities are different in the forward flow direction and the countercurrent direction. In a wide range of flow (Reynolds number), the time difference is proportional to the volumetric flow (average velocity) of the fluid being measured in the pipe.

The gas volumetric flowmeter is a mechanical instrument. It is generally composed of a measuring body and a totalizer. For occasions where temperature and pressure change, a pressure gauge (sensor or transmitter), a thermometer (sensor or transmitter), a flow rate Totalizer (temperature and pressure compensation) or flow computer (temperature and pressure and compression factor compensation).

Inside the positive displacement flowmeter, there is a fixed large space and a set of rotating bodies that divide the space into several small spaces of known volume. Such as waist wheel, membrane, drum, scraper, oval gear, piston , screw, etc.

The rotating body rotates continuously under the action of the fluid pressure difference, and continuously discharges the fluid from a small space of known volume.

According to the number of rotations of the rotating body in a certain period of time, the volume of fluid flowing through can be obtained.

In the standard state, the volume flow calculation formula of the positive displacement flowmeter is the same as that of the velocity flowmeter.

Differential pressure flowmeter is based on Bernoulli equation and fluid continuity equation. According to the throttling principle. When the fluid flows through the throttling part (such as standard orifice, standard nozzle, long diameter nozzle, classic venturi nozzle, venturi Sharp nozzle, etc.), a pressure difference is generated before and after it. This differential pressure value is proportional to the square of the flow.

Among the gas flowmeters, the standard orifice plate throttling device differential pressure flowmeter is the most widely used because of its simple structure, low manufacturing cost, most complete research and standardization.

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Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Thermal Mass Flow Meter can directly measure the mass flow of various gases. Unaffected by changes in viscosity, density, temperature, or pressure.

Thermal Mass Flow Meter is a true mass flow meter. No temperature and pressure compensation is required. Thermal gas mass flow meters are designed based on the principle of thermal diffusion. Including natural gas, coal gas, liquefied gas, flare gas, argon, carbon dioxide and other mixed gas flow measurement.

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Digital Gas Flow Meters

Digital Nitrogen Gas Flow Meter

Nitrogen is required in many processes of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry; predominantly as protective gas, to prevent the occurrence of explosive atmospheres。

Such as when handling dusty products or solvents.

If your work requires you to use nitrogen, having a flow meter installed on your tank is a great way to save some money.

These indicators let you know whether gas is moving through the line, often via the use of a levitating ball, a pressure gauge, or other visual cue.

These options are simple to use and reliable, making them must-haves for welders, HVAC technicians, and more.

Please follow the purchasing guide below. You will find your most suitable Nitrogen flow meter!

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Compressed Air Flow Meter

Compressed Air Flow Meter is the digital flow meter work for the air compressor. Air consumption is an important info for industrial inline gas flow pipe. According to the measurement conditions, compressed air flow meter could be different types. Thermal mass flow meters, Ultrasonic flow meters, Vortex flow meters, Turbine flow meters. And the differential pressure flow meters (Orifice plate ) are also suitable for compressed air. With the Pressure and Temperature compensation. Sino-Inst’s compressed air flow meters are more affordable and complete.


Oxygen Flow Meters

Oxygen Flow Meters are digital flow meters that can measure industrial oxygen. It is very important to choose a suitable flow meter to measure and monitor the oxygen flow.

Industrial Oxygen Flow Meters

Oxygen and hydrogen are special gases, so you must choose a suitable flow meter. Several commonly used flow meters that can measure oxygen are precession vortex flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, DP flowmeters, and thermal gas mass flowmeters. The selection of oxygen flow meter must provide specific parameters, such as pipe diameter, working pressure, temperature, flow range, functional requirements, and so on.

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CO2 flow meters

CO2 flow meters are instruments that can measure the flow of gaseous or liquid carbon dioxide. CO2 is a common industrial gas, and effective measurement is very important.

Industrial CO2 flow meters Solutions

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, odorless, or colorless odorless gas at room temperature and pressure. We often recommend precession vortex flowmeters, v-cone flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, gas turbine flowmeters, etc. Under different working conditions, we will choose different flow meters for customers.

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Biogas Flow Meters

Biogas Flow Meters are instruments that can measure the flow of biogas. Could be a vortex flow meter, thermal mass flow meter, etc. Commonly used in biogas stations, biogas production fermentation tanks, etc.

Biogas Flow Meters Selection Guide

Biogas Flow Meters measure the flow of biogas in the production and use process.
At present, several biogas flow measurement technologies have been widely used in the biogas field, including turbine flow meters, vortex flow meters, orifice flow meters, ultrasonic gas flow meters, etc.

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Digital LPG flow meters

LPG flow meter is used for flow measurement of liquefied petroleum gas. The flow measurement of LPG is very important in industrial production, transportation and trade settlement.

LPG flow meters

LPG gas (Liquefied petroleum gas) is a kind of hydrocarbon with propane and butane as its main components. LPG is used for heating, motor fuel, industrial applications, and agriculture. LPG can be in a gas or liquefied state. Different types of industrial LPG flow meters with accurate and reliable performance. Such as thermal dispersion flow meter, Coriolis flow meter, gas turbine flow meter, vortex flow meters.

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Propane flow meter

A propane flow meter refers to a flow meter that can measure the volume or mass flow of propane gas. Also often called LPG gas flow meter.

Propane is also generally referred to as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). So what is the difference and connection between propane and LPG? Next, let’s take a look together.

Natural Gas Flow Meter

Natural gas flow meter is mainly used for inline measurement of natural gas flow. Natural gas flow meter is mainly used for industrial production and trade settlement.

Natural Gas Flow Meter Selection Guide

At present, the flowmeter products used for natural gas flow measurement roughly include: gas waste wheel flowmeter, gas turbine flowmeter, precession vortex flowmeter, thermal mass flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, and orifice flowmeter Wait. Let’s make a simple comparison on the use of these flow meters.

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Steam Flow Meters

Steam flow measurement has always been a problem. Today we solve a problem of temperature and pressure compensation. So Do you need temperature and pressure compensation for Steam Flow Measurement?

Steam Flow Measurement

There are two types of steam, saturated steam and superheated steam.
The temperature and pressure compensation is superheated steam. For the real saturated steam, only temperature or pressure compensation is required. Check the density table according to the temperature and pressure during measurement to obtain the required mass flow.

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Flow Metering Principles

  • Differential Pressure Flowmeters
  • Velocity Flowmeters
  • Positive Displacement Flowmeters
  • Mass Flowmeters
  • For Open Channel Flowmeters – weirs, flumes, submerged orifices, current meters, acoustic flow meters and more

For different working principle, We offer different types of flow meters, like:

  • Differential Pressure Flow Meters
  • Orifice Plate
  • Venturi Tube
  • Flow Nozzles
  • The Sonic Nozzle – Critical (Choked) Flow Nozzle
  • Calorimetric Flowmeter
  • Ultrasonic Doppler Flowmeter
  • Positive Displacement Flowmeter
  • Variable Area Flowmeter or Rotameter
  • Velocity Flowmeters
  • Pitot Tubes
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  • Turbine Flowmeter
  • Vortex Flow Meter
  • Thermal Flowmeter
  • Coriolis Flowmeter
  • Mass Flowmeters
  • Open Channel Flowmeters

The gas velocity in the pipeline is the basis for calculating the gas flow. The way to measure the gas flow rate is direct measurement or conversion through pressure measurement.

Enterprises usually use Pitot tubes (or dynamic pressure velocimetry tubes) to measure the dynamic pressure of the fluid in the pipeline first, and then calculate the flow velocity and average flow velocity at this point (the average flow velocity should be used to find the gas flow).

Because the velocity measuring tube is used to measure the velocity of the pipeline, it is only the local velocity of a certain point on the pipeline section. The flow velocity at each point on the pipeline is not the same. It is necessary to measure the flow velocity at multiple points on this section. Find the average dynamic pressure to calculate the average flow velocity.

There are many types of gas flow meters. Such as common thermal mass flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, differential pressure flowmeters, etc. Different kinds of gas flow meters are based on different working principles.

The working principle of gas flowmeter, the common types are as follows:

  1. Thermal gas mass flowmeter: designed based on the principle of thermal diffusion, the instrument uses the constant temperature difference method to accurately measure the gas. The sensor section consists of two reference grade platinum resistance temperature sensors, suitable for the measurement of all gas flow meters (except acetylene)
  2. Precession vortex flowmeter: adopts the latest micro-processing technology. It has the advantages of strong function, wide flow range, operation and maintenance verification, convenient installation and use, etc. It is widely used in various gases such as petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, coal, etc. Measurement of liquids.
  3. Turbine flowmeter: a speed meter. It has high precision, good repeatability, simple structure, high pressure resistance, wide measurement range, small size, light weight, small pressure loss, long life, simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc. Advantages. It is used to measure the volume flow and accumulation of low viscosity, non-corrosive, clean liquids in closed pipelines. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, organic liquid, inorganic liquid, liquefied gas, city gas pipeline network, pharmaceutical, food, papermaking and other industries.
  4. Vortex flowmeter: The principle of Karman vortex is adopted. A triangular column-shaped vortex generator is set in the fluid, and regular vortices are alternately generated from both sides of the vortex generator. This vortex is called Karman vortex, and the vortex flowmeter is the current One of the main flow meter products in the world. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, heating and other departments. Detect and measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam.
  5. Differential pressure flowmeter: Differential pressure flowmeter is based on Bernoulli equation and fluid continuity equation. According to the throttling principle, when the fluid flows through the throttling part (such as standard orifice, standard nozzle, long Diameter nozzles, classic venturi nozzles, venturi nozzles, etc.). There is a pressure difference before and after it, and this differential pressure value is proportional to the square of the flow. Among the gas flowmeters, the standard orifice plate throttling device differential pressure flowmeter has a simple structure and low manufacturing cost. It has been standardized and has been widely used.

Mass flow meter directly measures the mass flow of the medium passing through the flow meter. It can also measure the density, temperature and viscosity of the medium

Mass flow meter is a flow measuring instrument that measures the mass flow in the pipeline. The volume of a fluid is a function of fluid temperature and pressure and is a dependent variable. The quality of a fluid is a quantity that does not change with time, space temperature, and pressure.

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