In the food and beverage industry, automation equipment requires food grade. Ensure hygiene and safety. The food grade flow meter can easily sterilize the equipment without disassembly. Many of the flowmeters we provide use accessories such as triple clamps, clover, and 3A pipe fittings. These fittings are sanitary food-grade fittings for stainless steel clamp pipe joints.

Food grade flow meters

Flow measurement in the food industry

In the food and beverage processing industry, accurate measurement and control of raw materials are very demanding. Food grade flow meters Cut costs and increase productivity. Certain processes in the food industry require sanitary conditions. Food industry: dairy products, alcohol, beverages, syrup, chocolate, edible oil, etc.

Food grade oil flow meter

Food grade flow meters can measure edible oil.

There are many steps in the processing of edible oil that require a flow meter to measure the volume and weight of how much oil flows out of the pipeline. Companies that produce and process edible oils need to use flow meters for statistics on the crude oil that is initially refined and the essential oil that is finally refined.

First of all, for oil measurement, electromagnetic flowmeters cannot be selected.

You can choose turbine flowmeters, gear flowmeters, ultrasonic flowmeters, metal rotor flowmeters to measure oil. If you need high-precision measurement. You can also consider mass flow meters.

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Flowmeter used in the beverage industry

An electromagnetic flowmeter is used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid medium with conductivity greater than 5μs/cm. Electromagnetic flowmeters are usually used to measure the flow of large pipelines. It can be accurately measured in a large beverage production workshop. The minimum diameter of the current electromagnetic flowmeter is 0.1 inches, that is, 2.5 mm, and the maximum diameter can reach nearly 3 meters.

The beverage industry includes beer, fruit juice, etc., and electromagnetic flowmeters could not be better. Generally, the medium is conductive, and it is very good to add ions appropriately. And there is no loss. There is no differential pressure loss or something.

Originally, there are still many ways to protect the electrodes of the electromagnetic flowmeter. We should pay more attention to it in the process of use. Don’t cause the electromagnetic flowmeter to fail to operate normally in the future due to a little negligence.

Flow measurement in Breweries

What kind of flowmeter can be used to solve beer flow measurement? Beer is a conductive medium. Can use electromagnetic flowmeter to measure. When measuring beer, you only need to use stainless steel electrodes and tetrafluoroethylene lining. The electromagnetic flowmeter is a measuring instrument with high measurement accuracy and good stability. It has been widely used in beer flow measurement.

Beer flow measurement. Let’s take a look at how to select a beer electromagnetic flowmeter:

  1. Medium
  2. Temperature
  3. Pressure

When measuring beer flow, you can select according to the above three corresponding parameters to meet the on-site measurement requirements.

Of course, except for electromagnetic flowmeters. The sanitary turbine flowmeter can also be used to measure beer or liquor.

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Syrup flow measurement

Food grade flow meters can measure syrup.

High viscosity syrup flow measurement

If the viscosity of the measured syrup is relatively high. Then I recommend using a target flowmeter or an oval gear flowmeter.

The target flow meter is a speed meter. It calculates the flow rate of the medium according to the force of the medium pushing the target. Its intelligent liquid crystal meter head can clearly display the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of the medium. And output 4-20mA signal. The installation is simple and the maintenance is small. High temperature and high-pressure resistance. Suitable for large, medium, and small pipe diameters. The application range is very wide.

The oval gear flowmeter is a positive displacement flowmeter. It is a mechanical instrument. He calculates the medium flow rate based on the measurement of the rotation of the internal gear. The general configuration is a pointer display type, which only displays the cumulative flow and does not display the instantaneous flow. Therefore, the user needs to explain to the manufacturer when displaying the instantaneous flow rate. The manufacturer will be equipped with a smart meter.

In addition, the output signal is a pulse signal. The user needs a 4-20 mA signal, and the manufacturer also needs to explain it to the manufacturer. Oval gears are relatively bulky. Therefore, it is not suitable for the measurement of large-diameter pipes. Its largest caliber is also smart to 200mm.

Why Generally Choose 4-20ma Output?

In addition to the above two types of vortex, flowmeters are also possible.

Low viscosity syrup flow measurement

If the measured viscosity of the syrup is not very high, an electromagnetic flowmeter or a liquid turbine flowmeter has been used.

Electromagnetic flowmeters are mainly used for the measurement of medicines such as glucose syrup and food syrup. Because medicine and food have higher hygiene requirements. Strict disinfection is required, so clamp-type electromagnetic flowmeters are generally used.

The liquid turbine flowmeter measures low viscosity, and the effect of relatively pure syrup is very good. Responsive, high precision, beautiful and light appearance, installation and maintenance are also very simple. It is suitable for the measurement of small and medium pipelines. Both types of flow meters are smart meters. On-site LCD displays instantaneous flow and cumulative flow. Output 4-20mA signal. The scope of application is also very wide.

Here I simply recommend several flow meters based on the viscosity of the syrup. How to choose specifically. Users need to provide relevant parameters and requirements to make the most suitable and correct choice.

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Featured Food grade flow meters

Clamp Filling Oval Gear Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Food grade positive displacement flow meter

Positive displacement flow meters, also known as fixed displacement flow meters or PD flow meters, are the most accurate measuring instruments. The oval gear flowmeter is the most typical positive displacement flowmeter.

According to the measuring elements, the volumetric flow plan can be divided into elliptical gear flow meters, double rotor flow meters, disc flow meters, rotary piston flow meters, wet gas meters, and membrane gas meters, etc. The clamp connection oval gear flowmeter has the advantages of a lightweight and convenient connection. Especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, it has a wide range of uses.

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Gas Rotameter Tips

What is Gas Rotameter? Rotameter is also called float flowmeter. It is often called glass tube…

Solid Flow Meter

What Is a Solid Flow Meter? The solid flow meter is suitable for the measurement of…


The solid flow meter is suitable for the measurement of solid mass flow in a wide range of metal-enclosed pipelines from kg/h to t/h. The system is suitable for online monitoring of the flow of solids such as powder, dust, pellets, granules, etc., which are pneumatically conveyed or in free fall (1nm-20mm).

Solid flow meters are also called solid powder flow meters, intelligent electrostatic powder flow meters, solid dust flow meters, coal powder flow meters, mineral powder flow meters, lime flow meters, cement flow meters, flour flow meters, petroleum coke powder flow meters.

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The price of a flowmeter is determined by the type and parameters of the flowmeter.

Important factors when selecting flow metering devices are

  • accuracy
  • cost
  • legal constraints
  • flow rate range
  • head loss
  • operating requirements
  • maintenance
  • lifetime

These factors are more or less related to each other. For example – the cost of flow meters increases with accuracy and lifetime quality.

Water flow meters are flow meters that can display the flow rate of industrial water pipes.

A water flow meter measures the amount of water flowing through a pipe. We have several kinds to choose from, depending on the application, maintenance needs, and budget.

There are four common water flow meter types:

Turbine (also called mechanical), Vortex, Ultrasonic, and Magnetic. We will tell you everything you need to know about them and help you choose one for your application.

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Different manufacturers and different models have different accuracy levels.
The accuracy of general flow meters is divided into 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.
Mass flow meters can reach even higher accuracy levels.
Common flow meters can achieve 1 or 0.5.

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In general, the principle of selecting a flow meter is to first have a deep understanding of the structural principles and fluid characteristics of various flow meters. At the same time, the selection should be made according to the specific situation of the site and the surrounding environmental conditions. Economic factors must also be taken into consideration.

In general, you should choose from the following five aspects:

  • The performance requirements of the flowmeter;
  • Fluid characteristics
  • Installation requirements;
  • Environmental conditions
  • The price of the flow meter.

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