Steam pressure transmitters are widely used in the measurement and control of various high-temperature steam piping systems. The monitoring of steam pipes is very important. To measure the pressure of steam pipes, have you encountered the following problems:

  • Don’t know which pressure transmitter to choose?
  • Is it good to use a high-temperature pressure transmitter to measure the pressure of the steam pipe?
  • The core of the pressure transmitter removed at the steam site. The diaphragm has been dented by the impact. Is it scrapped directly?
  • How to choose the type and what should be paid attention to when measuring the steam pipeline?
Steam Pressure Transmitter

Steam pressure transmitter performance

  • The tested medium is widely used. It can test steam, oil, water, and pastes compatible with 316 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel. It has a certain anti-corrosion ability.
  • High accuracy, high stability, use imported original sensors. Good linearity. High temperature resistance and high stability.
  • Small size, light weight, easy to install, debug and use
  • Stainless steel fully enclosed shell, good waterproof.
  • The pressure transmitter directly senses the pressure of the measured liquid level and is not affected by the bubbling and deposition of the medium.
  • The overall performance in the industrial field is ±0.15%, so that the loop performance is optimized
  • Five-year stability ±0.15%, which can greatly reduce the cost of calibration and maintenance
  • Faster dynamic response reduces process variability
  • The introduction of technology can realize a comprehensive measurement plan
  • Local/external: zero/range adjustable

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Steam pressure transmitter installation

  1. When wiring, pass the cable through the waterproof connector (accessory) or flexible tube and tighten the sealing nut to prevent rainwater from leaking into the transmitter housing through the cable.
  2. Prevent the pressure transmitter from contacting corrosive or overheated media;
  3. When measuring the liquid pressure, the installation position of the transmitter should avoid the impact of the liquid (water hammer phenomenon) to avoid damage to the sensor overpressure;
  4. When measuring the liquid pressure, the pressure port should be opened on the side of the processing pipeline to avoid precipitation and slag;
  5. When measuring gas pressure, the pressure tap should be opened at the top of the process pipeline. The transmitter should also be installed on the upper part of the processing pipeline. So that the accumulated liquid can be easily injected into the processing pipeline;
  6. Prevent dross from depositing in the duct;
  7. When measuring steam or other high-temperature media, a buffer tube (coil) and other condensers should be connected. The working temperature of the pressure transmitter should not exceed the limit;
  8. When freezing occurs in winter, the transmitter installed outdoors must take anti-freezing measures. Avoid volume expansion of the liquid in the pressure inlet due to icing, leading to damage to the sensor;
  9. The pressure guiding tube should be installed in a place with small temperature fluctuations;

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What should be paid attention to when measuring the pressure on the steam pipeline?

Pressure transmitters are used for steam metering and pipeline monitoring.

The temperature in the steam pipeline is generally relatively high. The low is more than one hundred degrees Celsius, and the high is two to three hundred degrees Celsius.

The start and stop of the valve will also cause the pressure in the pipeline to fluctuate.

Today we are going to talk to you about what to pay attention to when measuring the pressure of steam pipes?

When measuring the pressure of the steam pipeline, a high-temperature pressure transmitter should be selected due to the high-temperature environment.

In fact, in steam conditions, it only needs to pass through the surface bend (condensation tube). After passing through the elbow, the steam will condense into water at the elbow. Insulate the temperature, so as to achieve a good cooling effect.

The pressure transmitter after passing through the elbow on the pipeline with insulation layer is basically at room temperature. If it is not insulated, the high temperature will rise, causing the temperature of all objects above the pipeline to rise.

Advantages: The use of bends can optimize the cost, and is compatible with the product.

The material selection of a good bend is high. It is thicker and more durable than the general watch bend on the market. Good pressure resistance. The price will be slightly more expensive.

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The above-mentioned pressure transmitter diaphragm damage is due to the phenomenon of water hammer.

The valve suddenly opens or closes, causing the pressure in the steam pipe to fluctuate suddenly.

Especially when the valve is opened, huge pressure fluctuations will cause the pipeline to vibrate violently. Even shocking.

The pressure transmitter will also withstand huge pressure in the pipeline. In severe cases, the core may be dented or even burst.

The prevention method is to install safety valves and accumulators, and open and close the valves slowly. Install a trap at the high point of the air discharge valve at the low point.

Some pressure transmitters will be protected by dampers and baffles.

The damper is a copper piece with a 4mm outer wire and a T-shaped thin through-tube structure inside. It can prevent the medium from directly impacting the diaphragm.

The baffle is placed on the front end of the core before assembling the core. Metal plate with holes. It also prevents the medium from directly impacting the diaphragm.

In the hydraulic machinery industry, there are a lot of equipment for pressure transmitters, which are often used for pressure control.

But hydraulic machinery is very prone to pressure shock when it is working. The shock pressure will far exceed the normal pressure, causing damage to the pressure transmitter.

In this case, some pressure transmitters have internal wires and dampers in the standard pressure port. Can effectively alleviate the impact.

The hydraulic and mechanical pressures are all above 10MPa. Generally, the transmitter above 10MPa should be equipped with a damper as standard. If the pressure shock is severe, a baffle can be added to alleviate the shock.

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