What is an irrigation flow meter?

The irrigation flow meter is a flow meter designed for agricultural irrigation water counting. Agriculture, horticulture, etc. require water for irrigation. And water is becoming more and more expensive. The installation of flow measurement devices allows for effective monitoring and management of agriculture water systems.
The old mechanical water meters and today’s ultrasonic flow meters and electromagnetic flowmeters are widely used.

What is an irrigation flow meter?

Agricultural irrigation water system

It consists of irrigation canal head project, water transmission and distribution project and field irrigation project.

①Irrigation canal head project has reservoirs, pumping stations, dammed diversion projects, damless diversion projects, wells and other forms. Used to draw irrigation water at the right time and in the right amount.

② water transmission, water distribution projects include channels and canal buildings. Its task is to safely transport and reasonably distribute the water introduced at the head of the canal to all parts of the irrigation area. According to its function and scale, the general fixed channel is divided into dry, branch, bucket, agricultural four levels. Depending on the size of the irrigation area and the terrain, the number of levels of channels can be increased or decreased appropriately. Drainage buildings include diversion buildings, water measuring buildings, restraint buildings, articulation buildings, cross buildings, flood drainage buildings, drainage buildings, etc.

③ Field irrigation project refers to the temporary furrows, water transmission monopoly ditches and field irrigation ditches below the agricultural canals, border fields, and temporary water distribution and water measurement buildings. Used to irrigate the farmland. To meet the needs of normal crop growth or soil improvement.

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Irrigation flow meters for sale

A magnetic Flow Meter is a flow meter that measures the flow of conductive fluids. Abbreviated as EMF, also called Electromagnetic flowmeters. It is a kind of Volumetric flow meter. A magnetic flow meter measures the velocity of conductive liquids moving through a pipe or conduit. In the wastewater treatment industry, a Magnetic Flow Meter is the best flow meter choice.

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The ultrasonic flow meter measures the liquid flow rate quickly and effectively. There are two types of ultrasonic flowmeter technology: Doppler frequency shift and transit time.

Transit time ultrasonic flow meter is most suitable for measuring the flow of cleaning liquid. Therefore, it is the most popular type of ultrasonic meter.

Doppler ultrasonic flow meter can measure the frequency difference of sound waves reflected from bubbles or particles in the airflow. It is suitable for aerated or dirty liquids.

Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter-Old Style
Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter-Old Style
Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter-New Style
Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter-New Style

Card-type water meter with fixed control function, according to the local climate conditions, crops or green plants growth habits, program control can set up to five timed water supply time per day, in order to achieve water-saving irrigation, scientific irrigation.

Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter

The open channel flowmeter uses an ultrasonic sensor with a Parshall groove to measure open channel flow. Ultrasonic open channel flow meter is composed of 3 parts: level sensor, water measuring sink, and flow totalizer.

Ultrasonic open channel flowmeters are used to measure the flow of fluids in non-full tubular open channels and natural flowing water surfaces. It is called open channel flow detection. The measuring flume that is not full is called an open channel. The open channel flowmeter measures the water level in the measuring weir trough and then calculates the flow rate according to the water level flow relationship of the corresponding measuring weir trough.

Radar flow meter is a fully automatic flow meter based on microwave technology. It adopts advanced K-band plane radar technology. Through non-contact way to measure the flow rate and water level of the water body. According to the built-in software algorithm, it calculates and outputs the real-time section flow and accumulated flow.

Radar flow meter

The radar flow meter can be used for non-contact flow measurement in rivers, irrigation channels, underground drainage networks, flood control, and early warning. The product features low power consumption, compact size, high reliability, and easy maintenance. The measurement process is not affected by temperature, sediment, river pollutants, floating objects on the water surface, and other factors.

How does a residential water meter work?

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Beginner’s Guide: Variable area flow meter

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Technical Guide – Thermal mass flow meter

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Mechanical Flow Meters

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3 inch (3″) Water Meter

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Industrial flow meters with analog output

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Magnetic flow meter calibration

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Digital gas flow meters for Sale

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Totalizer flow meters

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Biogas Flow Meters Selection Guide

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