Ultrasonic water meter, dual-channel. The principle of ultrasonic time difference is used to measure the flow of liquid in the pipe. It can be battery powered and wireless.

Dual Channel Ultrasonic Water Meter

Double beam ultrasonic sensors (Model:T3-1) for high accuracy and reliable operation. IP68 protection, ensure long-term operation though water in the inside meter. Built-in Lithium battery for 6 years life expectancy. Dual Channel Ultrasonic Water Meter is a fully electronic industrial water meter. It can completely replace other types of water meters.

Ultrasonic water meter Reference price: USD 270.00/pc

Sino-Inst offers a variety of  Ultrasonic flow meters for flow measurement. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Features of Ultrasonic Water Meter

  • Initiating flow lower to millimeter grade 
  • Multi line 9 digital LCD dispaly accumulative flow and 4 digital for instantaneous flow
  • High reliability design,no moving part 
  • Two channel isolated pulse output,pulse equivalent and output pulse can be arbitrary customed
  • Two-wired system 4-20mA output optional 
  • Built-in Lithium battery for 6 years life expectancy
  • It can automatic power saving under empty pipe or the liquid static for a long time
  • Resin vacuum sealed IP68 for long life and high expectancy 
  • Chronological cumulative record 
  • Standard RS485 interface
  • Infrared communication interface,support CJ-188 communication 
  • Support MODBUS,M-BUS communication protocol 
  • TTL levels pulse output and USART interface,convenient to connect the low power consumption equipment 
  • With the two channel PT1000 temperature transducer, which can realize the heat measurement

Specifications of Ultrasonic Water Meter

Measurement LiquidWater,Sewage,Seawater(Other liquid need to customized),liquid should be full of the pipeline
Medium Temperature0.1-30℃
Working EnvironmentTemperature:-10~45℃;Humidity≤100%(RH)
Working Pressure1.6MPa(2.5MPa optional)
The sensitivity of upstreamU3
The sensitivity of downstreamD0
Climatic and mechanicalC class
Electromagnetic compatibility classE2 class
Communication InterfaceRS485/USART/Infrared
Output SignalTwo way OCT pulse output/TTL pulse output/One way4-20mA output
Power SupplyBuilt-in Lithium battery(3.6,19AhV)/DC8-36V power supply
Protection ClassIP68,can work 2 meters under water
Digital DisplayMulti line 9 digital accumulative flow,4 digital display for instantaneous flow,varies of state prompt and units
Data StorageEEPROM/FLASH,automatically record the accumulative flow of last 512 days
Measurement CycleMeasuring:1 times/second;Verification:4 times/second
Power Consumption<2.7AH/Year,6 years battery life

Optional Transducer:

DN15-dn40 ultrasonic water meter DN15~DN40Single channel, the copper material, forging technology
DN50-DN150 Ultrasonic water meter  DN50~DN150Dual channel, nodular cast iron (304 stainless steel optional),
integrated casting technology
DN200~DN300 ultrasonic water meterDN200~DN300Dual channel

Flow range:

Norminal Diameter
Range than
DN15 200 0.003 0.0125 0.020 2.500 3.125
DN20 200 0.0035 0.016 0.026 3.200 4.000
DN25 200 0.007 0.020 0.032 4.000 5.000
DN32 200 0.010 0.032 0.050 6.300 7.875
DN40 200 0.015 0.100 0.160 20.000 25.000
DN50 100 0.030 0.400 0.640 40.000 50.000
DN65 100 0.059 0.630 1.008 63.000 78.750
DN80 100 0.064 1.000 1.600 100.000 125.000
DN100 100 0.094 1.600 2.560 160.000 200.000
DN125 100 0.120 2.000 3.200 200.000 250.000
DN150 100 0.270 2.500 4.000 250.000 312.500
DN200 100 0.315 4.000 6.400 400.000 500.000
DN250 100 0.508 4.000 6.400 400.000 500.000
DN300 100 0.770 6.300 10.080 630.000 787.500

Ultrasonic Water Meter Woring Principle

First of all, let’s start with the measurement principle of the ultrasonic water meter:

Ultrasonic water meters use the difference between the downstream and upstream propagation of sound waves in the water to obtain the flow velocity of the water through a measurement formula, thereby further obtaining the cumulative flow of water per unit time.

Then the component that emits sound waves and receives the return sound waves is called a transducer. An ultrasonic water meter with a pair of transducers is called a mono ultrasonic water meter.

In theory, the measurement accuracy of an ultrasonic water meter with more channels will be higher. Because the more sound channels, the wider the width of the water meter to measure the water flowing through the pipe section. The more the number of measurements, the more reliable the data obtained.

However, the subsequent change is also the substantial increase in cost. If it is not particularly necessary, it is recommended to use dual channels to meet the normal measurement requirements.

Generally speaking, two-channel ultrasonic water meters are only used for DN100 and above.

More Featured Ultrasonic Water Meter

Insertion Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter (Model: 2000K) is a card type digital water meter. Using ultrasonic time difference measurement technology. A new type of water meter designed for agricultural irrigation, garden management, and water pipe monitoring of water resources. The thickness of the water meter is only 50mm to save installation space.

Sino-Inst, Manufacuturer for Ultrasonic Water Meters. It can measure a single sound-conducting liquid medium of DN 25—150mm. It can measure even liquids such as water, sea water, oil, and slurry.

Sino-Inst’s Ultrasonic Water Meter, made in China, Having good Quality, With better price. Our flow measurement instruments are widely used in China, India, Pakistan, US, and other countries.

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Ultrasonic Water Meter|Smart dual channel battery powered IP68

Ultrasonic water meter, dual-channel. The principle of ultrasonic time difference is used to measure the flow of liquid in the pipe. It can be battery powered

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