Solid level measurement is a challenge for everyone. Because the bulk solids detected in the silo or storage tank are irregular physical forms.

SIRD-903 26 GHz Radar level Sensor -Dust solid level measurement

Solid level measurement is a very difficult task. But knowing the amount of bulk solids in a silo, storage tank or other container is an important variable in any process. Manufacturers can maximize efficiency, prevent overflow, exhaustion, or track volume or quality. The use and selection of the Solid level measurement instrument is more complicated. Because the tested medium is an irregular physical form. SIRD-903 26 GHz Radar level Sensor is suitable for Dust solid level measurement. It is used in solid materials, strong dust, easy to crystallize, and condensation. Such as calcium carbonate powder level measurement.

Sino-Inst offers a variety of Radar level Sensor for Dust solid level measurement. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Features of SIRD-903 26 GHz Radar level Sensor for solid level measurement

  • Non-contact measurement. No wear, no pollution
  • Small antenna size, easy to install
  • The wavelength is shorter. It has better reflection on the inclined solid surface
  • The measurement blind zone is smaller. Good results can also be obtained for small tank measurement
  • The beam angle is small and the energy is concentrated. While enhancing the echo ability, it also helps avoid interference
  • Almost unaffected by water vapor in the atmosphere, temperature and pressure changes
  • The instrument can also accurately read the true level echo in severe dust environment
  • High signal-to-noise ratio. Better performance can be obtained even under fluctuating conditions
  • 26GHz frequency. It is the best choice for measuring solid and low dielectric constant media

Specifications of SIRD-903 26 GHz Radar level Sensor

Application:Solid materials, strong dust, easy to crystallize, and condensation
Measuring Range:70 meters
Process Connection:Universal flange
Process  Temperature:-40~130℃(standard type) / -40~250℃(high temperature type)
Process Pressure:-0.1~4.0 MPa (flat flange) -0.1~0.3 MPa (universal flange)
Protection Grade:IP67
Frequency Range:26GHz
Supply:Two-wire system (DC24V) / Four-wire system (DC24V/AC220V)
Signal Output:Exia ⅡC T6 Ga / Exd IIC T6 Gb
Outer Covering:Aluminum Single Chamber / Aluminum Dual Chamber / Plastic / Stainless Steel Single Chamber
Explosion-proof Grade:4…20mA/HART (two-wire/four-wire) / RS485 Mod bus
Antenna MaterialStainless steel

The choice of strong dust solid level measuring instrument-26GHz radar level meter

The use and selection of solid level meters are more complicated. Because the detected medium is an irregular physical form.

The calcium carbonate used in a factory is a strong dust solid. If the material level meter is selected according to the conventional method, the guided wave radar level meter measurement is not ideal (adhesion and adsorption problems will occur).

Measure with ultrasonic level meter. The sonar wave travels in a straight line and will reflect when it hits an obstacle. It’s okay for relatively stable liquids. If it is uneven stacking and concave corner blanking, it will not work.

Other optional instruments are radar instruments (contact and non-contact) and capacitive radio frequency admittance instruments (contact).

Calcium carbonate is a powdery ash-like solid and sometimes contains lumps in the middle. The abrasion and tension of the electrode and the guided wave cable of the contact instrument are great.

When installing admittance capacitive meters, insulation is very important. In the actual cutting process of calcium carbonate ash storage, the dust will be very large. It will stick the radar’s guided wave cable and the electrodes of the admittance capacitance meter, so that the radar will transmit false signals. The capacitance of the radio frequency admittance capacitor will change suddenly or not. Therefore, the contact instrument is not suitable for the detection of strong dust solid materials.

The dielectric constant of calcium carbonate powder ε=7, which has certain requirements for the selection of radar level instruments. Through the actual analysis on the spot, the use effect of the radar level meter with related strong dust was investigated. Finally choose to use 26GHz high frequency radar level meter to measure calcium carbonate powder.

The microwave antenna launch angle of the 26GHz radar level gauge is 8°. Can effectively detect irregular surface. At the same time, it can avoid obstacles that affect the measurement effect. The microwave coverage area is small, the energy is concentrated, and it can effectively penetrate the dust. The installation should avoid the inlet and outlet, pay attention to sealing. If the flange installation and sealing are not good, the dust during loading and unloading will spread from around the instrument. Over time, the antenna port will be blocked.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Solid Level Measurement

The ultrasonic pulse emitted by the ultrasonic transducer is transmitted to the surface of the object to be measured through the propagation of coal qualification. After reflection, it returns to the receiving transducer through the sound transmission medium.

Measure the time that the ultrasonic pulse propagates in the sound transmission medium from the transmission to the reception. Then according to the speed of sound in the sound transmission medium, the distance from the transducer to the object surface can be calculated. To determine the level.

Capacitive Level Sensor For Solid Level Measurement

The capacitive level meter consists of a capacitive level sensor and a circuit for detecting capacitance. Its basic working principle is that the capacitive level sensor converts the level into a change in capacitance. Then use the method of measuring capacitance to find the level value.


What are the different types of level measurement?

Types of Level Transmitters:
Level measurement transmitters are of seven types. Each type of transmitter works in a different way, and makes it useful for different types of processes.
Capacitance Level Transmitters
Hydrostatic Level Transmitters
Magnetic Level Transmitters
Radar Fill Level Transmitters
MUltrasonic Level Transmitter
Guided Microwave Level Transmitters
Hydrostatic level transmitters

How do you measure silo levels?

Silo Level Sensor is specially used for level measurement of solid material silos (including fine ore silos). Perfect Solutions for Silo Level Monitoring and Control.
SI-FMF21 FMCW Radar Silo Level Sensor adopts 120GHz FM continuous wave technology, 10GHz sweep bandwidth, and has electromagnetic characteristics in the terahertz band. It has the ability to penetrate materials with small dielectric constant. In a strong adhesion and strong dust environment, the measurement is stable without interference and does not require any purge device. The measuring distance can reach 150 meters. Perfect solutions in continuous level measurement and remote inventory management systems.Like the storage of powders & bulk solids in bins, silos, vessels, etc.

How are water levels measured?

The Water level sensor mainly has contact type and non-contact type. Different water level sensors have different working principles.
1. The first type is contact. Including single flange static pressure / double flange differential pressure liquid level transmitter, float type liquid level transmitter, magnetic liquid level transmitter, input type liquid level transmitter, electric inner float level transmission Devices, electric float level transmitters, capacitive level transmitters, magnetostrictive level transmitters, service level transmitters, etc.
2. The second type is non-contact. Divided into ultrasonic liquid level transmitter, radar liquid level transmitter, etc.

Sino-Inst offers over 10 Radar level Sensor for Dust solid level measurement. About 50% of these are Radar level meters, 40% is the tank level sensor.

A wide variety of Radar level Sensor for Dust solid level measurement options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

Sino-Inst is a globally recognized supplier and manufacturer of radar level measurement instrumentation, located in China.

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