Digital Beer Flow Meters

The beer Flow Meter is also called the brewery flow meter. Beer Flow Meters is Flow Meters for the Craft Beer Brewing Process management system. For beverages such as beer and liquor, it is important to accurately measure and control their flow.

Digital Beer Flow Meters for Brewery-Wine flow measurement can be contact or non-contact. Contact type is also called sanitary flowmeter. The non-contact type is mainly the external clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter. Next, we will analyze in detail.

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The Use of Beer Flow Meter in Beer Production Process

In the main technological process of beer production. For effective control in the production process. It is necessary to measure and control the intermediate raw materials – wort, sake in semi-finished products, raw juice wine in high-concentration dilution process, sterile carbonated water, final product filling and waste water generated during production.

Beer Production Process

Raw material allocation: During the preparation of raw materials for beer production. The main measurement parameters are weight and level.

Wort production: Wort is an important intermediate raw material for beer production. Its measurement involves the handover settlement between the front and rear processes (workshops), which is extremely important. Especially when the front and rear process workshops are separately accounted for. The measurement results are related to the completion of the respective production and economic indicators. Therefore, this measurement point is very important and sensitive, and accuracy is its primary indicator.

Wort has a certain viscosity, but there is no difficulty in the measurement of electromagnetic flowmeter. What needs to be considered is corrosion during the process. The flowmeter used at this measurement point can consider the electromagnetic flowmeter with PTFE lining (or PFA) and stainless steel electrode. It can prevent the corrosion of dilute hydrogen peroxide and alkaline water. Usually the diameter is between 50 and 100mm. The diameter of the flowmeter can be determined according to the flow rate and the matching process piping.

Fermentation: Sake that has been fermented and filtered. It will be transported to the next process through the pipeline – packaging. It also involves the custody transfer of the two departments. Accurate measurement of sake is also extremely important, otherwise unnecessary disputes will arise. The requirements for flow meters are similar to those for wort metering.

High concentration dilution: due to different production processes. Some beers are produced by blending high-strength ale. This requires strict control of the ratio of high-concentration original wine and sterile carbonated water. Guarantee the degree of beer after mixing.

Beer Flow Meter System

In each production line, two electromagnetic flowmeters are required for proportional flow control. Generally, the diameter of the flowmeter for measuring wine is 50-100mm. The flowmeter for measuring water is 20-50mm. Depends on production scale. In order to ensure that the instrument has a high measurement accuracy. It should be ensured that the fluid velocity is above 1m/s. Make the flow measurement in the best working range of the instrument. At the same time, the time constant of the flowmeter should also be set smaller, generally 1 to 3s. In order to improve the sensitivity of the control and ensure the accuracy of the proportioning.

Flow meters in the production process of the beer industry have their own special requirements. For example, it is necessary to avoid the reproduction of bacteria, to facilitate frequent cleaning and to withstand the disinfection of corrosive alkaline water and hydrogen peroxide under higher temperature conditions. Specific requirements are as follows:

  1. The sensor measurement circuit is simple. There are no obstructions and parts that tend to retain media.
  2. All the parts and materials in contact with the medium meet the requirements of food hygiene. Such as compliance with FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), EHEDG (European Health Equipment Design Organization) requirements.
  3. The parts in contact with the medium can withstand the temperature crash and corrosion when cleaning with steam, alkaline water and hydrogen peroxide.
  4. When used in filling process, it should have fast response performance and high measurement accuracy.
  5. Can adapt to low temperature (about 2 ℃) and humid working environment.

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Sanitary Flow Meters for Beer, Wine and Spirits

Magnetic flow meter for beer flow

Beer is a conductive medium and can be measured with an electromagnetic flowmeter.
When measuring beer, you only need to use stainless steel electrodes and PTFE lining.
Electromagnetic flowmeter is a measuring instrument with high measurement accuracy and good stability. It has been widely used in beer flow measurement.

Beer flow measurement, let’s take a look at how to select a beer electromagnetic flowmeter:

  1. Medium
  2. Temperature
  3. Pressure

When measuring beer flow, you can select according to the above three corresponding parameters. It can meet the measurement requirements on site.

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Turbine flow meter for beer flow

Sanitary turbine flow meter or Hygienic turbine flowmeter. Ensure Accurate Flow Measurement in Sanitary food-processing and bio-technology industries.

Turbine Sanitary flow meter

Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter reference price: DN100. USD 300-700/pc.

Sanitary turbine flow meters have stainless steel bodies and come standard with Tri-Clover fittings. Sanitary flow meter is suitable for measuring liquid without impurities. It can output pulse frequency signal. It is used to detect instantaneous flow and total integrated flow. Sanitary flow meter can be used in food, sport drink, liquor and other beverage industries, in preprocess applications.

Ultrasonic flow meter for beer flow

Ultrasonic flow meter for beer flow

There are three types of ultrasonic flowmeters. Like clamp type, plug-in type, pipe segment type can be used to measure the flow of beer.

Because beer is food, the clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter is non-contact with beer. The other two require contact with the beer. According to the ease of installation and use. The clamp-on type is better than the other two.

Tri-clamp flow meter

Common sanitary flow meters are sanitary magnetic flow meter and sanitary turbine flow meter. Composed of 304/316 stainless steel. Sanitary flowmeter with Tri-Clamp fittings is easier to install and disassemble. Suitable for food hygiene industry.

Sanitary Flow Meters for Sale

The sanitary flowmeter uses a new sanitary lining material and lining technology. At the same time, a stainless steel casing and a stainless steel clamp connection are used to facilitate the quick disassembly and cleaning of the sanitary flowmeter. It is not easy to be polluted, and can effectively prevent the accumulation of measuring fluid residue in the measuring tube. It is used in the production process of mineral water, soy sauce, jam, beer, fruit juice, rice wine, milk and other foods and in the fields of hygiene and chemical industry.

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Brewery Oxygen-Co2 Flow Meter

Oxygen and hydrogen are special gases, so you must choose a suitable flow meter. Several commonly used flow meters that can measure oxygen are precession vortex flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, DP flowmeters and thermal gas mass flowmeters. The selection of oxygen flow meter must provide specific parameters, such as pipe diameter, working pressure, temperature, flow range, functional requirements and so on.

Oxygen flow meters types

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, odorless gas at room temperature and pressure. We often recommend precession vortex flowmeters, v-cone flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, gas turbine flowmeters, etc. Under different working conditions, we will choose different flow meters for customers.

CO2 gas flow meters

Beverage Flow Meter

The beverage industry includes beer, fruit juice, etc., and electromagnetic flowmeters could not be better. Generally, the medium is conductive, and it is very good to add ions appropriately. And there is no loss. There is no differential pressure loss or something.

Originally, there are still many ways to protect the electrodes of the electromagnetic flowmeter. We should pay more attention to it in the process of use. Don’t cause the electromagnetic flowmeter to fail to operate normally in the future due to a little negligence.

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1. If you originally used an ultrasonic external clamp flow meter. Then change is very simple. Just need to remove the outer clamp sensor. Then install a new external clamp sensor.
2. If you originally used a sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter or a sanitary turbine flowmeter. Then it is recommended that you add a bypass pipe for the initial installation.

How to change a draft beer flow meter ?

In this way, when the beer flow meter needs to be replaced, the bypass pipe can be opened. Close the main pipe. Replace the beer flow meter in this way. Will not affect production efficiency.

The purpose of the flowmeter is to measure the flow of fluid in a pipe or open channel.

Flow meters are the eyes of industrial production.

Flow meters can be used to measure liquids, gases (vapor) and solids (impulse flow meters). To meet the needs of process control and metered delivery.

In fact, different flow meters should be installed in different locations.

Regarding flow meter installation for gas or liquid, the flow meter should always be placed in a position where it is filled with the fluid, even if there is no flow. 、

Yokogawa’s 5 Flow meter installation tips to maximize efficiency. Might be able to give you better advice.

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish what medium is the flowmeter of the right type.

  1. With viscous liquid: use oval gear flowmeter, like lubricating oil, high viscosity oil, syrup, peanut oil, gasoline, diesel, toothpaste, yogurt, edible oil, hydraulic oil
  2. For liquids with higher viscosity, use dual rotor flowmeters

The ones with higher viscosity are rubber, paraffin, paint, petroleum with high viscosity, thickener, bitumen, thickener, etc.

  1. With conductive liquid: electromagnetic flowmeter

Sewage, tap water, aluminum chloride solution, sodium chloride solution, silver nitrate, ferric chloride solution and other conductive liquids

  1. Non-conductive liquid, use liquid turbine flowmeter

The filtered liquid cannot have impurities and must be equipped with filters, purified water, mineral water, ethanol, and other liquids.

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