Wireless Level Sensor - LoRa

The Wireless Level Sensor upgrades the LoRa wireless transmission function based on the Hydrostatic Level transmitter. Measure water or oil level. This product adopts the LORA debugging method, which can greatly increase the communication distance. It can be widely used in the field of short-distance Internet of Things wireless communication in various occasions.

Features of Wireless Level Sensor

  • Low power consumption, more than 3 years battery life;
  • -141dBm sensitivity;
  • Long launch distance, up to 10km;
  • Private protocol networking, high security.
  • RS485, Modbus output, compatible with traditional equipment

Specifications of Wireless Level Sensor

Mediumoil, water
TypeAbsolute or gauge pressure
Precision0.5%FS, up to 0.2%
Power supply12~36VDC or battery
Storage temperature-40~85℃
Zero drift≤±0.05%FS℃
Full voltage drift≤±0.05%FS℃
Temperature compensation0~70℃
Destruction pressure500%FS
Response time≤2ms
Load(Current output)250~1425Ω(Voltage output)≥2KΩ
Long-term stability0.1%FS/Year

Specifications of Wireless parameters




Operating Voltage



Operating temperature



working frequency


434MHz is recommended, which can be configured in the program

Power consumption

launch status


Maximum transmit power

receive status



sleep state



19 ± 1dBm

User programmable




Under LoRa modulation, performance advantages over traditional modulation can be obtained

Communication rate

FSK modulation mode: 1.2~300kbps
00K modulation mode: 1.2~32.768kbps
LoRa modulation mode: 0.2~37.5kbps

User programmable customization, it is recommended to use LoRa modulation method at low rate (<5kbps)

Connect and Install of Wireless Level Sensor – LoRa

Connect and Install of Wireless Level Sensor – LoRa
Connect and Install of Wireless Level Sensor – LoRa

LoRa Wireless

LORa is one of the LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Nerwork) communication technologies. It is an ultra-long-distance wireless transmission scheme based on spread spectrum technology adopted and promoted by Semtech in the United States.

LORa combines digital spread spectrum, digital signal processing and forward error correction coding technology. It has unprecedented performance. Designers can achieve both long distance and low power consumption. Maximize longer distance and lower power consumption The data communication has completely changed the situation in the field of embedded wireless communication.

Wireless Tank Level Sensor

The liquid level transmitter is upgraded by wireless remote transmission. This is an inevitable trend.

The battery-powered Wireless Level Sensor integrates the functions of liquid level acquisition, wireless reporting, and local digital display.

The wireless liquid level transmitter is easy to construct and ready to use. It is mainly suitable for places where power cannot be supplied on site and remote data transmission is required. It can be widely used in liquid level monitoring in urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, hydrology and water resources, fire protection, industry and other fields.

From a technical point of view, the Wireless Level Sensors we can currently provide mainly include:

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wireless ultrasonic level transmitter

The wireless remote ultrasonic level gauge can adopt two-wire, three-wire or four-wire technology. The power supply circuit and the signal output circuit are independent.

When using DC 24v power supply, a 3-core cable can be used, and the negative end of the power supply and the negative end of the signal output share a core wire.

When using AC 220v power supply, or when using DC 24v power supply. When the power supply circuit and the signal output circuit are required to be completely isolated, a 4-core cable should be used. DC or AC power supply, with 4~20mADC, high and low switch output.

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The wireless radar level gauge has the advantages of no blind area, non-contact measurement, and is not affected by the physical characteristics of the measured medium. In recent years, it has been widely used in the field of petroleum and petrochemical.

Radar wireless liquid level sensor

Smart wireless technology eliminates the need for long-distance wiring in trenches and bridges. Save material, reduce labor costs, and reduce engineering and project execution time.

Smart wireless technology also makes automated user management easier, faster, and less expensive.

Integrating tank level gauges with smart wireless technology can reduce system installation costs by up to 50% by wirelessly connecting storage tank farms and control rooms. And can also reduce implementation time by up to 60%. The budget required to retrofit the automation of the storage tank farm is greatly reduced.

Wireless radar level gauge through Wireless Hart signal to wireless 1420 gateway;
1420 wireless gateway and the seamless integration of the host system;
The host system can be DCS, PLC, HMI.
The communication method between them can be Ethernet, Modbus, OPC.

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chemical tank level sensor

SIRD-702 GWR Corrosive Liquid Chemical Level Sensor

Liquid chemical level sensor is suitable for chemical storage tanks or chemical processing. Especially for highly corrosive liquids.

In chemical storage tanks or chemical processes, there is a risk of corrosive liquids and explosions. Therefore, the requirements for the liquid level indicator are extremely high. SIRD-702 liquid chemical level sensor is a corrosion-resistant guided wave radar level sensor. The maximum range of anti-corrosion guided wave radar level meter can reach 20 meters. It is used to measure the liquid of strong acid and strong alkali. Such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, strong alkali and sodium hydroxide. SIRD-702 liquid chemical level sensor adopts all PTFE sealed cable or rod antenna.

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Water Level Monitoring System

The Water Level Monitoring System is mainly composed of a telemetry station (Wireless Level Sensor, or wired level transmitter, etc.) and a platform management center.

The telemetry station mainly monitors real-time water level, rainfall, on-site images and other data information in various regions, and uploads it to the platform management center.

The platform management center receives and processes the data sent by the telemetry station through the monitoring and early warning platform, and warns decision makers of decision-making information according to their needs.

At the same time, the system can quickly release relevant early warning information through WEB, mobile terminal, SMS and other means. The Wireless Level Sensor system is a typical IoT system.


The wireless remote control water level controller is mainly an intelligent instrument designed for long-distance water tower and mountain top pool water level monitoring. It can not only monitor the change of water level, but also automatically control the start and stop of the water pump.

There are generally three parts, namely the water depth sensor, the transmitter and the receiver.

The transmitter is installed in the water tower. The receiver is installed in the control center. When the sensor is put into water, its output voltage is proportional to the water depth. The higher the water level, the higher the output voltage.

under the control of sequential circuits. Its water depth signal is transmitted to the receiver of the control center through the transmitting antenna. The receiver displays the water level data under the control of the program. And according to the set water level upper and lower limit value and water level alarm value, control the opening of the water pump, and send out the over-limit alarm signal in time.

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The water tank level monitoring system is widely used in various landmark buildings to complete the automatic water level display and alarm system of the fire water tank. All that is put into the liquid is a liquid level pressure sensor probe. The circuit part is in the junction box on the other end. It is convenient for users to adjust.

water level in a cistern

There are two types of installation methods: M20 x 1.5 thread installation and DN50PN0.6MPa (GB9119-88) standard flange installation. The display instrument is placed in the control room to display the water level of the pool in real time.

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Wireless Level Sensor for Water and Oil - LoRa

The Wireless Level Sensor upgrades the LoRa wireless transmission function based on the Hydrostatic Level transmitter. Measure water or oil level. This product adopts the LORA debugging method, which can greatly increase the communication distance. It can be widely used in the field of short-distance Internet of Things wireless communication in various occasions.

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