The Water Tank Level Sensor is an important part of the water tank level control system. Using a level sensor for the water tank, solenoid valve, control box, liquid level switch and other accessories can effectively form a Water Tank Level control system. Monitor the materials stored in the water tank. Master important data such as its liquid level, reserves, and quality. A reasonable liquid level can ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the storage tank.

Water Tank Level Sensors for Level Control

According to the principle of tank level measurement:

There are direct liquid level measuring instruments. Differential pressure type liquid level measuring instrument. Buoyancy type liquid level measuring instrument. Electric liquid level measuring instrument. Ultrasonic liquid level measuring instrument. Radar liquid level measuring instrument. Radioactive level measuring instruments, etc. Read more about: Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensors for Tank Level Monitoring

According to the measured medium characteristics:

Commonly used level gauges are heavy-hammer float level gauges. Magnetic flap level gauge. Radar level gauge. Ultrasonic level gauge. Differential pressure level gauge, etc.

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The function of the liquid level sensor is to detect the liquid level. The liquid level sensor is widely used in electrical appliances and industrial equipment that require water level control. The liquid level sensor can realize the function of water shortage protection.

Principle of water level sensor:
The water level sensor has a sensor. Transform the sensed water level signal into a current signal.

There are many types of water level sensors, so their specific measurement principles are different.
If you need to learn more. You can refer to:
Differential pressure type liquid level measuring instrument;
Float level measuring instrument;
Electric liquid level measuring instrument;
Ultrasonic liquid level measuring instrument;
Radar liquid level measuring instruments, etc.

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According to the situation of the tank, different types of water level sensors can be selected to monitor the water level of the water tank. Such as static pressure type liquid level sensor. It can be digitally displayed locally and the liquid level value can be displayed. It can also be output by a 4-20mA signal. Connect the signal to the secondary display instrument to monitor the level of the water tank.

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Common water level sensors can be used for water level control. There are also sensors that can output switching signals, such as float level switches, and can also be used for water level control.

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The liquid level switch, as the name implies, is a switch used to control the liquid level. In terms of form, it is mainly divided into contact type and non-contact type.

Non-contact type such as capacitive liquid level switch.

Contact type such as: float type liquid level switch, electrode type liquid level switch, electronic liquid level switch.

The capacitive liquid level switch can also be realized by a contact method.

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Water tank level sensor system

Water tank level controller system:

When the water level of the water tank drops to the set lower limit water level value, the liquid level controller sends a command to instruct the pump valve to open the water supply.

When the water level reaches the set upper limit water level value, the controller will issue an instruction to instruct the pump valve to close and stop the water supply.

In the same way, if necessary, the liquid level controller can also instruct the water pump or electric valve to perform the opposite operation.

The main advantages of the water tank level controller:

  1. The water tank liquid level controller is composed of an instrument control box, a liquid level transmitter (immersed transmission probe), and an actuator (such as water pumps, electric valves, solenoid valves, etc.).
  2. The controller instrument adopts a new generation of module circuit, which has stable and reliable performance and no failure.
  3. The liquid level indicator adopts a digital instrument display, which can continuously measure and display the high-precision water (liquid) level value in a timely manner. (0.01m)
  4. The water level of the upper and lower limit start-stop pump valves that need to be controlled by the water tank and pool can be arbitrarily set.
  5. The input type liquid level transmitter has a small volume and high accuracy. It is suitable for measuring any medium that is non-corrosive to 316 stainless steel. It is not limited by the measurement distance.

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Featured Water Tank Level Sensors

SI-U02 Multi-Point Liquid Level Float Switch
SI-U01 Float Level Sensor
SI-U03 Float Switch Water Level Controller

PLC liquid level display alarm

Programmable Logic Controller, PLC for short. A digital electronic device with a microprocessor. A digital logic controller used for automatic control. Control instructions can be loaded into the memory for storage and operation at any time.

PLC liquid level display alarm

The programmable controller is modularized by internal CPU, instruction and data memory, input and output unit, power supply module, digital-analog, and other units.

PLC can receive (input) and send (output) many types of electrical or electronic signals. And use them to control or supervise almost all types of mechanical and electrical systems.

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Program through the PLC system to realize the automatic level control system. It is composed of hardware and software. The hardware mainly includes PLC touch screens and related modules such as CPU, storage, output and input, power supply. On-site measurement includes various types of adaptation to different sites Conditional sensors, switches, etc. Also include sound and light warning lights, control buttons, and other related equipment.

By configuring the PLC liquid level display alarm device, it can realize the display of industrial site liquid level measurement, high and low liquid level alarms. As well as the opening and closing of pumps, valves, and other equipment. Unattended automatic workflow can be realized. Greatly improve production The efficiency, saving human cost. This brings about an increase in corporate benefits. It lays the foundation for the company to take the lead in severe competition in the future.

Therefore, in the current situation, whether it is a newly established project or a modified project, it is recommended that PLC equipment is the first choice when conditions permit.

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Wireless water tank level sensor

Wireless GPRS liquid level alarm device, can be configured with eight channel alarm device, liquid level display alarm device, LED display. It can support liquid level meter switch, float level switch, pressure transmitter, thermocouple, thermal resistance, voltage, Current and transmitter input. Suitable for monitoring of industrial process quantities such as temperature, pressure, flow, and liquid level.

Wireless water tank level sensor
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Construction-free installation: It can replace the connecting cable, and the transmission distance is long, eliminating the trouble of cable construction.

Support 8-channel alarm function, power supply 220VAC or 24VDC switching power supply. For explosion-proof occasions, explosion-proof sensors and explosion-proof instrument boxes can be used.

On-site measurement end. Configuration:

  1.  Level gauge (can be equipped with level gauge, pressure gauge, temperature gauge)
  2.  Signal acquisition instrument meter box (common type and explosion-proof type are optional)
  3.  The switch quantity acquisition module is included in the instrument box
  4.  DTU module in the instrument box

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