Choosing the right diesel fuel level sensor can be crucial for your business. The diesel fuel level sensor is used on various diesel tanks to detect the diesel level and then display the liquid level. It can also be converted into 4-20mA or switch signal. Used to monitor and control other instruments. There are so many choices in the market, ultrasonic level sensor, radar level meter, etc. Which is the most suitable?

How to Choose the Right Diesel Fuel Level Sensor

Step 1. Get to know your tank

To choose a suitable Diesel Fuel Level Sensor, you must first understand the conditions of the tank.

How can we understand your tank? Simply put, a list can be compiled.

  1. Tank size (preferably with a sketch of the tank)
  2. The installation position of the tank. For example, it is a buried tank, an underground tank, or a vehicle-mounted tank.
  3. Tank material
  4. Density of Diesel Oil
  5. Temperature and pressure
  6. Installation position and installation dimensions of Diesel Fuel Level Sensor

With the above conditions, Sino-Inst, as the supplier of Diesel Fuel Level Sensor, can know the condition of the tank.

Diesel tank size

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Step 2. Diesel Fuel Level Sensor Types

Diesel fuel level sensors are devices used to measure the level of diesel fuel in a tank.

There are several types of diesel fuel level sensors, including:

Capacitive smart liquid level gauge is a liquid level (level) transmitter that can be used for liquid, oil, solid, interface and measurement.

Capacitance fuel level sensors have no moving parts, which greatly improves reliability. It is not affected by water vapor, dust or condensation, and has the advantages of stable and reliable long-term operation, high sensitivity, good linearity, high temperature resistance, and high pressure resistance.

Capacitance fuel level sensors are two-wire (loop powered) 4~20mADC measurement signals, easy to adjust, wireless transmission, 485 transmission, etc. It can be widely used in various fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, and pharmaceuticals.

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Float level sensor uses magnetic float as the measuring element. Through magnetic coupling, the internal resistance of the sensor changes linearly. The smart converter converts the resistance change into a 4-20mA standard current signal. It can display the percentage of liquid level, the current of 4 ~ 20mA and the value of liquid level.

Remote transmission control room can realize automatic detection, control and recording of liquid level. This instrument is suitable for petroleum, chemical, power, light industry and pharmaceutical industries, such as sewage treatment and medium level measurement in various atmospheric and pressure vessels, especially for underground tanks and tanks.

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Ultrasonic fuel level sensors are non-contact liquid level measuring instruments that are easy to install and maintain. Used to measure flammable and explosive liquids such as diesel oil and crude oil. Or for measuring the height of liquids in explosion-proof environments. It is widely used in explosion-proof environments such as oil exploration, oil refining, chemical industry, and medicine.

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Radar fuel Level Sensors is also a non-contact continuous measurement liquid level sensor.

Radar level transmitters use radar technology to perform non-contact continuous level measurement. The radar level indicator converts the level into an electrical signal.

The level signal output can then be utilized by other instrumentation to monitor or control. Liquids and solids are commonly measured with this measuring technique. Like: Fly ash silo.

Radar fuel Level Sensors

Radar level sensors are divided into: Pulsed radar technology and frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar level sensors.

Sino-Inst produces 120GHz FMCW radar level sensor, 26GHz radar level meter, 6GHz level meter.

Featured Radar Level Transmitters

Stainless Steel Level Sensor-Pressure Guided Submersible Level Transmitter (gas pressure type. ) . The sensor part and the signal processing circuit are inside the junction box. It is used for high temperature, corrosive liquid, sewage, diesel oil, etc.

The gas in the gas collecting cylinder is injected into the liquid Contact with the medium. The pressure is transmitted to the sensor through the air pipe. The direct contact between the sensor and the measured medium is avoided.

Pressure Guided Submersible Level Transmitter’s Diesel Tank Level Measurement.

Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters are used for continuous measurement of liquid level and interface. Magnetostrictive level measurement is currently the best liquid level measurement and control technology.

Sino-Inst’s Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters can provide two independent outputs: interface; overall level. It can be applied when the difference in specific gravity drops to 0.02. Magnetostrictive Level Sensors Commonly used for the measurement of the oil-water interface. And others include acid tanks, propane containers, desalter and sewage tanks. 

Step 3. Measurement Needs

OK. Next, we can sort out our needs, and then match the appropriate Diesel Fuel Level Sensor.

Low Cost

If you are looking to get the right Diesel Fuel Level Sensor at low cost. Then you can choose one from Float Level Sensors and Pressure Guided Submersible Level Transmitter.

Small tanks, such as 2 meters or 3 meters high. Float Level Sensors can be used.
Large tanks, such as 15 meters, 20 meters. You can use the Pressure Guided Submersible Level Transmitter.

High Accuracy

If you need the highest measurement accuracy. Then Radar Level Transmitters is a good choice. The 80GHz Radar Level Meter has an accuracy of up to ±1mm.

  • Maximum measuring range of 120m and a minimum blind zone of 8cm;
  • 3°antenna beam angle;
  • Suitable for small water tanks or small process accessories in narrow spaces.
  • Good signal focusing ability can be used for containers with many internal installations.
  • Measurement accuracy:±1mm

high temperature and high pressure

High temperature and pressure

If you want to measure under high temperature or high pressure conditions. For example, 200 degrees Celsius. Or 10MPa.

Then you can choose the appropriate one from Capacitive level sensor, Radar level meter, and Magnetostrictive level transmitter.

contact measurement

If you specified that contact measurement is optional. Then you can choose from Float Level Sensors, Pressure Guided Submersible Level Transmitter, Magnetostrictive Level transmitter, capacitive level sensor, etc.

non-contact measurement

If you specify non-contact measurement. Then you can choose the explosion-proof ultrasonic level meter. Or radar level meter.

Output switching value

If you need to measure the diesel oil level, then output the switch signal for the switch of the pump or other components.

Then you can choose the float level switch. Or configure secondary instruments for ordinary liquid level meters, Output switching value.

The tank cannot be opened

If the tank cannot be opened. Then you can choose an externally attached ultrasonic level sensor.

The sensor can be directly attached to the bottom of the tank. easy installation.

Large range

If the tank is larger. The height exceeds 15 meters. Then it is recommended to choose the radar level meter. Or Stainless Steel Level Sensor-Pressure Guided Submersible Level Transmitter.

oil-water interfac

If your tank is mixed with oil and water, it is the oil-water interface that needs to be monitored. Then you can choose: capacitive liquid level sensor or magnetostrictive liquid level transmitter.

Oil-water Interface Level Measurement Guide

Tank volume monitoring

Most of our liquid level sensors can output liquid level signals, such as 4-20mA signal, 0-10V signal, RS485 and so on.

However, the liquid level transmitter alone cannot calculate the liquid volume of tanks of different sizes. It’s too complicated. A separate recorder is required to calculate it.

Combined with Sino-Inst’s volume recorder. It can collect, display and convert the liquid level of various regular and irregular tanks in the industrial field into the corresponding tank volume. It is suitable for monitoring, controlling and collecting various process parameters.

Monitoring liquid volume solutions.

We simply enumerate our common measurement needs here, based on our experience.
If you have other measurement needs, you can contact our engineers for consultation.

Featured Diesel Fuel Level Sensors

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Choosing the right diesel fuel level sensor is critical for the smooth operation and maintenance of your diesel-powered machinery or vehicle.

By considering factors such as compatibility, accuracy, type of sensor, material, and brand, you can ensure that you select the most suitable diesel fuel level sensor for your specific needs.

If you don’t know which Diesel Fuel Level Sensor you should choose. Then you can contact our sales engineers.

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