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3″ Water Meter

3″ water meter is also DN80 water meter. Easy to read. Totalizing water volume. Intelligent large-caliber remote water meter includes wired remote transmission and wireless remote transmission. RS485 communication equipment, MODBUS, etc.

3" Water Meter

Features of 3″ Water Meter

  • Non-magnetic measurement. There is no problem of strong magnetic field attack;
  • GSM mode wireless meter reading. Convenient on-site construction and long transmission distance;
  • Remote measurement, segmented calibration. High measurement accuracy, with low voltage alarm function;
  • Freeze consumption records regularly and upload historical data. 96 records can be uploaded every day;
  • Ultra-low power consumption (static power consumption less than 10pA) design. High-definition LCD display;
  • The pipe section is a straight-through integrated structure manufactured by forging technology. It is strong and wear-resistant;
  • The measuring mechanism has no moving parts and will never wear out. The measuring accuracy is not affected by the service cycle;
  • Epoxy resin potting. Can work in water. Easy to install. Horizontal and vertical installation;

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3″ water meter flow rate

Caliber(mm)InchMeasurement grade Q3/Q1  
Overload flow Q4
Common flow Q3
Boundary flow Q2
Minimum flow Q1
Minimum reading
Maximum reading
125– 502001605.123.20.001999999

3″ water meter dimensions

3" water meter dimensions

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3″ Water Meter Pressure Loss

The specifications of 3″ Water Meter are as follows:

Executive standardCJ/T224-2006
Measurement accuracy levelClass B
Temperature classT30, T50, T70, T90
Pressure LevelMAP10
Pressure loss level△P63
Maximum allowable errora) Low area (Q1≤Q<Q2) The maximum allowable error is ±5%
a) When the water temperature is ≤30℃, the high zone (Q₂Q<Q) is the largest
Allowable error is ±2% Q1 Q2
When the water temperature is ≥30℃, the high zone (Q₂QQ) is the largest
Allowable error is ±3% Q2 Q4
Electronic technical indicatorsBus power supply: external supply DC6.5V~18V
Working current: -5uA
Communication interface: RS-485 interface; MBUS interface
External power supply: 5~10V
technical standardThe technical parameters of this product conform to national standards
(ISO464-1~3:2005IDT) regulations
The electronic device complies with Electronic Remote Water Meter”

The pressure loss level of the water meter is △p63, which represents the maximum pressure loss of 0.063MPa

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3″ water meter with pulse output

The pulse output water meter is a water meter with a very unique design.

It has the characteristics of passive signaling. A square wave signal can be output without a power supply. The distance reached one kilometer. And the transmitted signal is very accurate.

The water meter has a self-retaining function. Avoid more possibility of false signal. It can ensure that the signal has no errors.

Prevent all kinds of water theft from happening.

The service life is also very long, and the service life of the remote transmission part can be as long as ten years.

The water meter supplied by Sino-Inst can be configured with pulse output. When you place an order, please confirm with our sales engineer.

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Water meter types

In addition to the water meter described at the top of this article. We also have many types of water meters. Such as turbine water meter. Ultrasonic water meter. Electromagnetic water meter, etc.

In addition to the water meter described at the top of this article. We also have many types of water meters. Such as turbine water meter. Ultrasonic water meter. Electromagnetic water meter, etc.

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The types of water meters can be divided by the principle of measurement, the common types are:   

a) Mechanical water meter:
Measuring sensors, calculators and indicating devices are all water meters with mechanical principles and structures. There are mainly speed water meters and volumetric water meters.  

b) Mechanical water meter with electronic device:
The mechanical water meter with complete structure is retained, and the water meter with an electronic device is installed on this basis, mainly including IC card water meter and remote water meter.
The measuring sensor of the mechanical sensor electronic water meter is composed of a sensor based on the principle of mechanical motion and a sensor element that can convert the mechanical motion into an electrical signal and input into the calculator. Both the calculator and the indicating device are electronic components, such as a vortex (impeller) wheel electronic water meter.  

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c) Electronic water meter:
Electronic water meters are divided into mechanical sensor electronic water meters and electronic sensor electronic water meters.
The measuring sensor of the electronic water meter is based on the principle of electronic or electromagnetic induction. Both the calculator and the indicating device are electronic components.
Such as ultrasonic water meter, jet water meter, Coriolis water meter, and electromagnetic water meter.

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More Water Flow Meters


The water meter is an instrument that measures the flow of water. Mostly it is the cumulative flow measurement of water.

What is the working principle of the water meter?
It’s actually very simple. Because the housing of the water meter is fixed. Its internal volume is fixed. And the water is flowing. It pushes an impeller to rotate. Whenever the impeller rotates, there is a constant volume of water flowing through.
Therefore, as long as the number of revolutions of the impeller is accumulated and multiplied by this constant volume, the total amount of water flowing through can be obtained.

  1. The diameter of the water meter should be determined according to the diameter of the installation pipeline. The installation position should avoid exposure, flooding, freezing and pollution, and it is convenient to disassemble and swipe.
  2. The water meter should be installed horizontally (display face upward).
  3. The sand, gravel, hemp and other sundries in the pipeline should be removed before new installation to avoid malfunction of the water meter.
  4. The direction of the arrow shown on the water meter should be consistent with the direction of water flow in the pipeline.
  5. If the water meter is installed at the water inlet of the boiler, it is necessary to prevent the return of hot water and steam from the boiler from damaging the internal parts of the water meter. It is best to install a check valve at the water outlet of the water meter.

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The prices of water meters vary. The price of the water meter is mainly determined by the material, caliber, and function. For example, residential water meters. 3/4 inch, without special function, reference price USD95.00/pc.

For the specific water meter price, please contact our sales engineer for confirmation.

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Sino-Inst offers over 30 water meter products. About 50% of these are ulrtasonic flow meters. 40% are mechanical water meters.

A wide variety of water meter options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

Sino-Inst is a globally recognized supplier and manufacturer of water meter, located in China.

The top supplying country is China (Mainland), which supply 100% of the water meter respectively.

Sino-Inst sells through a mature distribution network that reaches all 50 states and 30 countries worldwide. Water meter products are most popular in Domestic Market, Southeast Asia, and Mid East.

You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, with ISO9001, ISO14001 certification.