Liquid mass flow controller

Liquid mass flow controller can quickly and accurately measure the volume flow/mass flow of the process liquid quickly and accurately.

The liquid quality controller/flow meter is specifically designed for the measurement and control of small flow liquids. It is mainly used for low-viscosity, non-corrosive 304 materials. The internal PID closed-loop system is set to realize automatic flow adjustment.

Liquid mass flow controller Features

  • It can quickly and accurately measure the volume flow/mass flow of the process liquid;
  • Use a customized high-speed proportional control valve to accurately control the liquid volume flow/mass flow;
  • With a unique vent hole can easily exhaust air;
  • There are no movable components and thermal components inside. Passed anti-vibration test. Insensitive to installation direction;
  • Using patented internal compensation laminar flow pressure difference technology, the fluid still maintains laminar motion under a large flow range;
  • Integrated multi-function digital display. Allows users to control the set value and PID valve adjustment only through the operation of the screen buttons. Simultaneously open analog input and output and RS-485 digital communication;
  • Digital liquid flow meters/flow controllers are widely used in various industries, such as process manufacturing, food analysis, analytical testing and measurement, etc.

Liquid mass flow controller specifications

Operating temperature+10~+50℃
Working pressure3 MPa/10MPa
Requirements for installation method/direction>1L/min range, the valve must be installed vertically
Valve gradeValve closed
Protection levelIP40
Materialstainless steel
Monochrome LCD displaySimultaneous display of flow and settings
Digital output signalRS-485/PROFIBUS
Analog input signal0-5Vdc/4-20mA
Analog output signal0-5Vdc/4-20mA
Electrical signal interfaceDB15
Supply voltage24-30 Vdc
Supply current0.750Amp
Measuring rangeLow range: 10SCCM~30SLM
Medium range: 30SLM~300SLM
Large range: 500SLM~3000SLM
Accuracy (under standard conditions after zero adjustment)±1%F.S
Zero drift & full scale drift0.02%F.S/C/Atm
Working range/range adjustable ratio2%~100%F.S/50:1
Maximum measurable flow100%F.S (controllable)
Typical response time200 milliseconds (adjustable)
Start-up warm-up time<5 seconds

Liquid mass flow controller applications

Liquid mass flow meters/controllers are widely used in various industries. Such as process manufacturing, food analysis, analytical testing, and measurement, etc.

Multi-variable measurement and 50:1 range adjustable ratio. So that only one liquid flow meter & controller can replace the effect of multiple devices.

The accuracy of 1%, repeatability of 1%, and control response time of fewer than 200 milliseconds ensure the normal operation of the process gas.

Liquid mass flow controller applications

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Liquid mass flow controller Dimensions

What Is Liquid Mass Flow Controller?

Liquid flow controllers can be used to measure and control the flow rate of various types of liquids.

Liquid flow controllers are typically used in applications that require a constant flow rate and can compensate for changing pressure changes. Because of this feature, liquid flow controllers cost more than liquid flow meters that typically only measure flow. Read more about: The Pros and Cons of Micro Motion Flow Transmitters

Gas mass flow controller for micro gas flow measure &control

The gas mass flow controller is based on the principle of thermal mass flow measurement. With control valve. The Micro Gas Flow Controller (MFC) is used to precisely measure and control the mass flow of gas.

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Generally speaking, when only measuring or monitoring the flow, use a mass flow meter. When you need to control the flow, use a mass flow controller.

In some measurement occasions, both can be used. For example, when measuring the flow capacity of the capillary tube, when measuring the flow at constant pressure, use a mass flowmeter.
When measuring pressure with constant flow, a mass flow controller is required.

Note that when the mass flow controller is in the cleaning state, it can also be used as a mass flow meter, but the pressure drop is larger than that of an ordinary mass flow meter.

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Mass flow controller, namely Mass Flow Controller (abbreviated as MFC). Not only has the function of a mass flow meter. More importantly, it can automatically control the gas flow. That is, users can set the flow rate according to their needs. MFC automatically keeps the flow constant at the set value. Even if the system pressure fluctuates or the ambient temperature changes, it will not deviate from the set value.

Simply put, the mass flow controller is a steady flow device. It is a gas steady flow device that can be set manually or automatically controlled by connecting with a computer.

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Mass flow meter, namely Mass Flow Meter (abbreviated as MFM). It is an instrument for accurately measuring gas flow. The measured value is not inaccurate due to temperature or pressure fluctuations, and does not require temperature and pressure compensation.

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The mass flow controller is composed of a flow sensor, a diverter channel, a flow regulating valve and an amplifying controller.

The flow sensor uses the principle of capillary heat transfer thermometry to measure the mass flow of gas (without temperature and pressure compensation). The flow signal measured by the sensor heating bridge is sent to the amplifier to be amplified. The amplified flow detection voltage is compared with the set voltage. Then the difference signal is amplified to control the regulating valve. Closed loop control of the flow through the channel to make it equal The set flow is equal.

The flow divider determines the flow of the main channel. The flow indicator matched with the mass flow controller is equipped with a regulated power supply, a digital voltmeter, setting potentiometer, peripherals, internal conversion and three-position valve control switch, etc.

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Liquid mass flow controller for process liquid -Sino-Inst

Liquid mass flow controller can quickly and accurately measure the volume flow/mass flow of the process liquid quickly and accurately.

Product SKU: Liquid mass flow controller

Product Brand: Sino-Inst

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 900

Price Valid Until: 2099-09-09

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