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Wireless pressure transducer, is the pressure transmitter that can send remote singal, RS485, RS232. Transmission distance is 1000m.Wireless pressure transducer can be pressure sensor, and diffferential pressure transmitter.Figure out the need of hard wiring and provide remote process control and monitoring.

SI-1110 Wireless pressure transmitter,

is high accuracy and low consumption wireless pressure measuring device,

which is designed by our own company.

It is made of pressure sensor, signal processing circuit,

communication modules and power supply modules,

using high-capacity lithium battery-powered, RF radio transmission data.

It is simple to install, easy to operate,

without on-site wiring, easy to operate,

which saves hassle of wiring bridge frame manpower and construction cost,

especially suitable for not easy wiring and unable to power supply,

is the ideal upgrading products of traditional pressure transmitter.

Features of Wireless Pressure TransducerSI-1110

Wireless Pressure Transmitter  SI-1110
Wireless Pressure Transmitter SI-1110
  • wide measuring range, remote transmission distance
  • High accuracy
  • Battery-powered,low consumption
  • LCD display
  • Compact

Applications of wireless pressure transducer

  • Pipeling pressure monitoring
  • Machinery and oil industry
  • Paper making, pharmaceutical
  • Electric power, environmental protection and food industry
  • metallurgical and chemical industry
  • 6,Field or inconvenient power distribution

Specifications of Wireless pressure transducer

Dimension of wireless pressure transducer
Dimension of wireless pressure transducer
RangeGauge:-100KPa~260MPaAbsolute:0~160kpaDifferential:0~3500kpa(Static pressure <20MPa)
Power supplyBattery(Built in 3.6V lithium battery )
Standby power<0.03mA
battery lifeWireless Open :1-2 yearsWireless Off :2-5 years
Output signalSWSN network
transmission distance1000m(open)
data transmitiondelayed tx ,1-255 seconds is adjustableSend deviation, deviation measured values and the last sent value is greater than the set value is automatically sent
battery lifeData collected once every second, 1 year battery life  at room temperatureData collected once every minute, 10-year battery life at room temperature
Working environmentTemperature:-20~60℃Humidity:<90%
Explosion levelsExdIICT6(optioal)
Process connectionM20&times;1.5,1/2NPT etc
Wetted partsSS316L

Wireless Gateway

Wireless Gateway is to receive SWSN series wireless field data measuring instruments,

and transmit them to third-party data acquisition devices via RS485 interface,

each wireless data gateway can support up to 96 multi-function wireless measuring instrument data and management.

Item Parameter
network support SWSN wireless network
Modulation Mode GFSK
Frequency 430/470MHZ
Data interface RS485
communication protocol Modbus RTU
Power supply 10~28V
Working environment temperature:-20℃~60℃ humidity:<90%
Dimension 75(W)*125(H)*45(D)mm(without Antenna)
Installation 35mm DIN-Rail Mounting
wireless receiver 32units,64units,96units

Sino-Inst Pressure Transducer range

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