Wireless pressure sensors provide remote process control and monitoring for industrial measurement.

Wireless Pressure Sensors

Wireless pressure sensor is powered by solar panels or 3.6V batteries. It is supported by the company’s wireless monitoring system. A device based on GPRS mobile network or NB-iot Internet of Things transmission multiple input ports. The communication standard is MODBUS RS485-RTU digital signal, which can take 5 digits LED display. The display mode can be selected as continuous display and trigger display, channel inspection display and so on. This product is based on microprocessor. Acquisition and processing of pressure, liquid level, temperature, weight and other signals. For pressure, liquid level, temperature, etc., wireless sensors can set alarms.

Sino-Inst offers a variety of Wireless Pressure Sensors for industrial pressure measurement. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Featured Wireless Pressure Sensors

SI2088-W Wireless Pressure Transmitter
SI-1110 Wireless Pressure Transducer

Features of Wireless Pressure Sensors

  • Ultra-low power consumption design. 60UA in sleep mode (3.6VDC battery power supply)
  • NB-iot Narrowband Internet of Things. Supporting our company’s Internet of Things cloud acquisition and monitoring platform.
  • Online monitoring. PC and mobile data applications. Real-time/historical/alarm data query.
  • On-site low-power five-digit display header. Continuous display and trigger display can be divided (optional)
  • Remote configuration: Remote configuration of parameters such as acquisition frequency/sending frequency/upper and lower alarm limits.
  • Data communication protocol MODBUS TCP. .
  • Dual power supply. The battery is powered by 3.6VDC/7.2 VDC lithium sub-battery. The battery life depends on the frequency cycle of the collected data. Generally it can be used for about 2-3 years. External power supply 5-30VDC.
  • High-precision 24-bit ADC collects and digitizes sensor signals.
  • Enhanced EMC anti-interference design. It is suitable for various industrial environments with harsh electromagnetic environment.
  • Abnormal alarm: abnormal alarm of overvoltage and undervoltage/low battery in the pipeline network
  • 24hX365 online monitoring. The data server records data for several years.
  • Open cloud platform API interface/MODBUS-TCP interface. Seamlessly connect with user’s industrial configuration system, customized software and special platform.
  • The installation location of NB-iot IoT products must have NB-iot base station signal. Special IoT card. Low cost and low traffic, annual use.

Application of wireless pressure sensor

Wireless pressure sensors are mainly used in the following four aspects:

  1. In the power industry. Wireless pressure sensors can be used in data transmission fields such as reactive power compensation, power distribution monitoring, meter collection, and street lamp monitoring.
  2. In the water application industry. Water meter collection, remote monitoring of water resources management, wireless communication of waterway network monitoring.
  3. In the field of environmental protection. Online monitoring system of pollution sources such as CEMS, water quality online monitoring, etc.
  4. In the field of equipment maintenance. Such as elevator monitoring, air conditioning monitoring, etc.. Pressure sensors can be quickly embedded in the user’s monitoring instruments to complete the device monitoring GPRS remote transmission application.

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Wireless Level Sensor – LoRa

The Wireless Level Sensor upgrades the LoRa wireless transmission function based on the Hydrostatic Level transmitter. Measure water or oil level. This product adopts the LORA debugging method, which can greatly increase the communication distance. It can be widely used in the field of short-distance Internet of Things wireless communication in various occasions.

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Wireless pressure sensor system

The rapid development of wireless communication technology and computer technology has been applied to sensor technology. It makes wireless data collection of pressure sensors possible. Its unique performance is more advantageous than traditional pressure sensors. It can be used in areas where wiring and power supply are difficult, areas where people cannot reach. Such as high temperature, severe cold, high humidity areas, contaminated areas or areas where the environment is destroyed. And some temporary occasions. Realized the sensing system Remote testing. This is also an inevitable trend of testing in the information age.

System design

The pressure sensor wireless acquisition system designed in this paper is composed of the front-end sensor data acquisition transmitter part and the terminal data receiver part. Figure 1 shows the block diagram of the transmitter part (upper) and the receiver part (lower) of the sensor data collection.

The sensor data acquisition and transmission part is composed of a pressure sensor, a temperature sensor, a signal processing part, a microprocessor (generally a microcontroller) and a wireless transmission circuit.

Pressure and temperature sensors acquire pressure and temperature values ​​of the surrounding environment.

The signal processing part includes the preceding channel, program-controlled amplifier and A/D converter. Its function is to extract and amplify the analog signal of the sensor under program control and perform analog/digital conversion.

The microprocessor is responsible for controlling the work of each part of the system and processing digital signals. The wireless transmission circuit is under the control of the microprocessor. The encoder encodes and processes the collected information data and transmits it with the transmission module.

The data receiving part is composed of wireless receiving circuit, microprocessor and display part.

Receive data from radio under the control of a microprocessor. After receiving a set of format data, the decoder in the receiving circuit decodes the format data. The current pressure information of the environment is obtained. Then the pressure information is displayed on the LED receiving panel.

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Pressure transducers for sale

Hygienic / Sanitary Pressure Transmitt
Hygienic / Sanitary Pressure Transmitter
Also called Hygienic pressure Transmitters, or tri clamp pressure transmitter. Sanitary pressure Transmitters is used to food &beverage or pharmaceutical application.
High-Temperature Pressure Transmitter
High-Temperature Pressure Transmitter
High-temperature pressure transmitters with a 4-20mA output.
which has a temperature capability of over 850 °C and is not pyroelectric.
Absolute Pressure Transmitter
Absolute Pressure Transmitter
Absolute pressure transmitter with 4-20mA output for measuring pressure with absolute type reference. Absolute pressure (AP) transmitter is a measure of the ideal (complete) vacuum pressure.
Hydrostatic pressure transmitter
Hydrostatic pressure transmitter
Hydrostatic pressure transmitter is used for fluid hydrostatic pressure measurement. With working static pressure up to 32Mpa, for liquid, gas or steam .
Digital Pressure Sensor is particularly suitable for use in computer control systems. RS485 half-duplex working mode.
SI-520 Digital Pressure Sensor
Digital Pressure Sensor is particularly suitable for use in computer control systems. RS485 half-duplex working mode.
SI-302 Pressure Sensor-Press Movement
SI-302 OEM pressure sensor
OEM pressure sensors from Chinese manufacturer. Silicone filled. Protected by stainless steel diaphragm. Suitable for a variety of fluid media.
Flush diaphragm pressure sensor
SI-703 Flush diaphragm pressure sensor
Flush membrane / diaphragm structure, anti-blocking design. Pressure measurement of viscous media.
SI-10 Liquid pressure sensor
Liquid pressure sensor is widely used for pressure measurement of various liquids. Like water or oils. IP68 waterproof.
SI-512H High Temperature Pressure Sensor
High Temperature Pressure Sensor for pressure measurement of high temperature gas or liquid. Such as steam pressure. High temperature up to 800 ℃.
SIJC-1000HSM-Silicon Pressure Sensor
Silicon pressure sensor, also known as Diffused silicon pressure sensor. Silicon pressure sensors are low cost.
SI-706 Combined Pressure and Temperature Sensor-Dual function
Combined pressure and temperature sensor for Simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperature.
Thermocouple types: J, K, E type or PT100 platinum resistance. Two outputs do not affect each other. 
SI-338 Ceramic Pressure Sensor
Ceramic pressure sensor is a pressure sensor refined from a thick ceramic base using a refined ceramic base. Cost-effective. Support OEM processing. 0-0.2MPa -…- 40MPa


How Wireless Pressure Transmitter Works ?

Install the wireless pressure transmitter on the pipeline.
When the medium in the pipeline acts on the sensitive element, it is pressed.
Its internal circuit detects an electrical signal proportional to the process pressure.
After the signal is accurately amplified and compensated by the linear amplifier circuit.
Enter the microprocessor to measure, process and display data.
And wirelessly transmit the measurement data to the remote terminal equipment.
The wireless pressure transmitter adopts the wireless remote transmission module added on this basis. It can form a pressure acquisition system with our intelligent wireless receiving terminal.This system changes the transmission mode and switching power supply mode of RS485 and 4-20mA in the industry. It uses 3.6V lithium battery power supply. This simplifies the installation and saves the cost of customer wiring. The purpose of environmental protection. The product is widely used in various industrial pressure measurement systems. Such as oil fields, power, petrochemical and some occasions where wiring is inconvenient.

Wireless pressure sensor manufacturer

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Sino-Inst offers 10 wireless pressure sensors products. These are wireless pressure sensors, wireless differential pressure transmitter, and wireless temperature transmitter.

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Wireless pressure sensor products are most popular in North America, Domestic Market, and South America. You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, with ISO9001, and ISO14001 certification.

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