What is a Grease Flow Meter?

Grease Flow meters are meters dedicated to measuring the volume or mass flow of industrial grease fluids.

The most common Grease Flow meters are elliptical gear flow meters, also called positive displacement flowmeters. There are turbine flow meters, gear flow meters, and so on. Industrial grease can be measured online. Including hydraulic oil, steam turbine oil, refrigeration oil, heat treatment oil and heat transfer oil, etc. In addition, there are greases with lubricating oil as base oil and thickening agent.

Grease Flow meters

Industrial Grease Flow meters are different from grease guns or grease meters. Industrial Grease Flow meters need to deal with more complex conditions. The pipe diameter can range from DN10 to DN200, or even larger. So how to choose the applicable Industrial Grease Flow meters? Let’s analyze it together.

Characteristics of industrial grease

What are the types of industrial grease?

Industrial greases mainly include hydraulic oil, gear oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil, transformer oil, vacuum pump oil, bearing oil, metal processing oil (liquid), anti-rust grease, cylinder oil, heat treatment oil, and heat transfer oil.

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In addition, there are greases with lubricating oil as base oil and thickening agent. The users of industrial lubricants are companies from all walks of life, and they use many varieties and large amounts.

The basic performance and main selection principle of industrial grease is viscosity. GB/T3141-94 is the ISO viscosity classification of industrial liquid lubricants, which is equivalent to the international standard ISO3448-1992 “Industrial Liquid Lubricants-ISO Viscosity Classification”.

So, when we choose an industrial grease flow meter, we first need to consider the viscosity of the grease. Then consider the flow range and temperature. And other special requirements of users.

Our commonly used industrial grease flow meters are oval gear flow meters, turbine flow meters, and gear flow meters. There is also a mass flow meter. Next, let’s discuss separately.

Grease Flow Meters-Oval Gear

Oval gear flowmeter is a volumetric meter for continuous or intermittent measurement and control of liquid flow in a pipeline.

Oval gear flowmeter, also known as positive displacement flowmeter. A positive displacement flowmeter as a mechanical flow meter is a common type of Volumetric Flow Meter. It can measure the volume flow of high viscosity and corrosive fluids.

  • Volumetric Flow Meters
  • High measurement accuracy;
  • The installation pipeline conditions have no influence on the measurement accuracy;
  • Can be used for high-viscosity liquids;
  • Wide range;
  • The direct-reading meter can directly obtain the cumulative and total amount without external energy.
  • Clear and clear, easy to operate.

Therefore, we recommend that when the grease viscosity is high, you can first consider using an oval gear flowmeter.
Viscosity: 0.6—2mPa.s—200mPa.s—1000mPa.s-2000mPa.s.
Temperature: -20~+200℃

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Grease Flow Meters-Turbine


Turbine flow meters are velocity flow meters, also called impeller flow meters. Can be used to measure the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of liquids and gases.

Turbine flowmeters are widely used in flow measurement: petroleum, organic liquids, inorganic liquids, liquefied gas, natural gas, coal gas, and cryogenic fluids. Turbine flowmeter signals can be divided into pulse signals or current signals (4-20mA). It is suitable for use with secondary display, PLC, DCS, and other computer control systems.

Therefore, when measuring low-viscosity oils, such as diesel, edible oil, etc., we recommend that turbine flowmeters be considered first.

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Grease Flow Meters-Gear

Gear flow meter for Micro flow

Gear flow meter is a micro digital positive displacement flow meter. Can measure very small flow rates and quantify small volumes of liquid. High and low-temperature resistance (-196℃-200℃).

The Gear flow meter for Microflow is made of stainless steel and is used for precise continuous or intermittent measurement of the flow or instantaneous flow of liquid. It is especially suitable for the flow measurement of heavy oil, polyvinyl alcohol, grease, and other high-viscosity media. It can measure the viscosity of Fluid up to 10000Pa.s.

  • High pressure resistance (1.0-45MPa)
  • High and low temperature resistance (-196℃-200℃)
  • Can measure various viscous media
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Pulse output/analog output optional
  • Wide range ratio (1:100)
  • Wide measuring range
  • Strong anti-corrosion and anti-fouling ability (acid and alkali)

Therefore, it is recommended to use Gear flow meters, when you need to measure grease in the following situations:High viscosity, low flow rate;Ultra-high temperatureUltra-low temperature;Small caliber;high pressure.

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Grease Flow Meters-Mass

Mass flow meter directly measures the mass flow of the medium passing through the flow meter. It can also measure the density, temperature, and viscosity of the medium

Mass flow meter is a flow measuring instrument that measures the mass flow in the pipeline. The volume of a fluid is a function of fluid temperature and pressure and is a dependent variable. The quality of a fluid is a quantity that does not change with time, space temperature, and pressure. More about: What Is Mass Flow Rate?

The mass flow meter has high accuracy. But the price is expensive. Therefore, when you need high-precision measurement, you can choose to use a mass flow meter.

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Tool: Volumetric Flow Rate & Pipe Diameter to Flow Speed Calculator

Find the most appropriate industrial grease flow meter from Sino-Inst for a variety of engineering and industrial purposes. Suitable for various fluids with different pressures and volumes. The choice of these depends on whether the volumetric or mass flow rate is to be measured. Grease flow meters offered on the site have wide minimum and maximum pressure ranges, which is considered to be a desirable quality as they can be used for a wider variety of fluids. These grease flow meters are highly accurate.

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