A sludge flow meter refers to a flow meter that can be used to measure the flow of sludge.

What kind of flowmeter can be used for sludge flow measurement?

According to the characteristics of the sludge medium, the flow rate of the sludge can be measured by using an electromagnetic flowmeter. The electrode material uses a tantalum electrode. The lining material uses a ceramic material or tetrafluoroethylene. This can solve the flow measurement condition of the sludge.

Sludge flow meter for sludge treatment

Sludge treatment (sludge treatment) refers to the reduction, stabilization, and harmless processing of sludge such as thickening, tempering, dewatering, stabilization, drying, or incineration. The higher the degree of sewage treatment, the more sludge residues that need to be treated.

Why use an electromagnetic flowmeter to measure the sludge flow rate?

The main reason for using an electromagnetic flowmeter to solve the flow of sludge is its low cost, high measurement accuracy, and good stability. Many flows measuring instruments can meet this requirement.

Featured Sludge flow meters

Learn More about Sludge Treatment

Before sludge treatment, we must first understand the classification of sludge:

  1. Treatment of physicochemical sludge discharged from sedimentation tank or thickening tank of waterworks. It is a medium and fine-grained organic and inorganic mixed sludge. The compressibility and dehydration performance are average.
  2. The remaining activated sludge discharged from the secondary settling tank of the domestic sewage plant is hydrophilic, fine-grained organic sludge, with poor compressibility and poor dehydration performance.
  3. Treatment of physicochemical and biochemical mixed sludge discharged from the thickening tank produced by industrial wastewater treatment. It is a medium-fine-grained mixed sludge. The dewatering performance of the fiber-containing body is better. The other compressibility and dewatering performance are average.
  4. The physical and chemical fine-grained sludge produced by the physical method and chemical method discharged from the thickening tank from the industrial wastewater treatment. It belongs to the fine-grained inorganic sludge. The compressibility and dewatering performance are general.
  5. Physical and chemical precipitation of coarse-grained sludge produced by industrial wastewater treatment. It belongs to coarse-grained hydrophobic inorganic sludge. It has good compressibility and dewatering performance.

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