What is non contact flow meter?

Non Contact Flow Meters refers to flow meters that can achieve flow measurement without contacting the fluid medium. No need to destroy the pipeline. Easy to install and remove. This is a good choice for many pipes with strict hygiene requirements or only temporary measurements.
Non Contact Flow Meters supplied by Sino-Inst are suitable for various pipe material requirements: stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, copper pipe, plastic pipe (PVC, PVDF, PPR, PPH, HDPE, etc.). It can also meet the measurement of different clean fluids: various acids, chemical solvents, alcohol, beverage water, Coca-Cola, etc.

Non Contact Flow Meters Measure Liquid Flow

Featured Non Contact Flow Meters

Types of Non Contact Flow Meters

Currently, the main Types of Non Contact Flow Meters on the market are ultrasonic flow meters and radar flow meters.

Non-contact ultrasonic flowmeters account for 90% of non-contact measurement applications. Mainly used for flow measurement of various pipeline fluids.

Non-contact radar flowmeter is suitable for non-contact flow measurement of rivers, channels, pipelines, etc.

Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters utilize ultrasonic technology for easy and quick installation. Applicable to a variety of materials and pipes of different diameters. Delivers incredible measurement results even when compared to electromagnetic flow products.

The non contact ultrasonic flow meter only needs to install a very small ultrasonic sensor on the outside of the pipe without destroying the pipe. It can provide completely reliable measurement results while saving a lot of installation costs.

The transducer and the converter are connected by a special signal transmission cable. In the case of fixed measurement, a junction box should be installed in an appropriate place. Clamp-on transducers usually also require mounting clamps and couplant.

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Non-contact radar flowmeters are used for flow measurement in drains, drains, and rivers. Suitable for surface flow velocity for easy measurement. It can be used for long-term flow monitoring of various non-full drainage pipes, open channels (rectangular, trapezoidal, etc.), weirs, grooves, etc. and surface runoff. Instantaneous liquid level, flow rate and flow can be automatically recorded.

It can work stably in complex environments such as inspection wells that are wet, full of toxic and harmful, flammable and explosive gases. Due to non-contact, it is suitable for monitoring of fast flow monitoring points. And compared to contact equipment, installation and maintenance are simpler. But it cannot work under long-term immersion and overflow conditions.

It can meet the needs of system monitoring and data transmission without AC power and network access. And has excellent sealing performance, with anti-corrosion, explosion-proof function.

It can be maintenance-free on a daily basis, run regularly for inspection, and no need for manual on-duty. Measurement information can be stored locally and sent wirelessly. With early warning and cloud management functions, it can be set remotely.

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Strap on Flow Meter for Small Pipes Φ9.53~Φ90

Strap on flow meter X3 is widely used in flow measurement and monitoring in the production process.

Strap on flow meter X3 can meet the needs of different pipe materials: stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, copper pipe, plastic pipe (PVC, PPR, PPH, HDPE), etc.

Strap on flow meter X3 almost meets the measurement of different clean fluids: various acids, alcohols, chemical solvents, alcohol, drinking water, Coca-Cola water… etc.

ProductStrap on Flow meter
Flow range0.1m/s~5.0m/s
Pipe sizeφ6.35~φ90
Data storageDaily, monthly, and Annual. Flow Totalizer
Analog output4~20mA, Maximum load: 600Ω
Alarm outputDCT, Upper and lower limit alarm function(optional)
CommunicationRS485,support Modbus communication protocol
Power supply24VDC
Cable length2.0m
KeypadFour light touch buttons
ScreenOLED 128*64 displayscreen
UnitsMetric and imperial units are available, Cubic Meters(m3), Liters(L), USA Gallons(GAL)/hour,/min,Default unit setting:m3/h
TotalizerSix bit digit
Piper materialStainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, copper pipe, plastic pipe
Case materialAluminum alloy
Environment temp.0℃~50℃(32°F~122°F)
Medium temp.0℃~50℃(32°F~122°F)
Environment humidit0-95% relative humidity, without condensation
IP GradeIP54

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Non Contact Liquid Measurement Solutions

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If you let me answer this question. I would like to divide flow meters into two categories: mass flow meters and volumetric flow meters.

Of course, it can also be divided according to the measurement medium. There are two types of flow meters for measuring gas and measuring liquid.

Perhaps, we can also divide into closed pipeline measurement and open channel measurement according to the situation of the pipeline.

Finally, we may also be able to divide into contact and non-contact measurements according to the contact situation of the medium.

Non-invasive flow meter is also known as non-contact flow meter. When measuring the fluid flow of the pipeline, there is no need to cut and open the pipeline. easy to use.

If the flowmeter is divided into 5 categories. Then the five commonly used flowmeters are:

  1. Electromagnetic flowmeter
  2. Differential pressure flowmeter
  3. Turbine flowmeter
  4. Ultrasonic flowmeter
  5. Volumetric flowmeter (PD)

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Sino-Inst is Manufacturer of Non Contact Flow Meters. We supply more than 20 kinds of Non Contact Flow Meters. 90% ultrasonic flowmeters, and other types of flowmeters.

Non Contact Flow Meters are mainly used for flow measurement of various liquids.
It can measure even liquids such as water, seawater, oil, and slurry.

Non Contact Flow Meters enable stable flow measurement without piping modifications. This greatly meets the measurement needs of many applications. Can be used from small to large tubes. For efficient non-contact flow measurement of flexible and rigid plastic pipes.

Sino-Inst’s Non Contact Flow Meters, made in China, Having good Quality, With better price. Our flow measurement instruments are widely used in China, India, Pakistan, the US, and other countries.

The entire team at Sino-Inst’s has received excellent training, so we can ensure that every client’s needs are met. For assistance with your product requirements, whether it’s a non-contact flow sensor, level sensor, or other device, give us a call.

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