What is mechanical oil flow meter?

Mechanical oil flow meter refers to a flowmeter that can detect the volume flow of oil inline. Most importantly, this type of flowmeter is a mechanical measurement. It is common to use an oval gear flowmeter to measure the flow rate of diesel oil, or other relatively viscous oils.

Mechanical Oil Flow Meters

Featured Mechanical Oil Flow Meters

oil flow meter types

At present, the following types of flow meters can be used to measure oil: Turbine flow meters. Gear flow meter. Vortex flowmeter. Ultrasonic flow meter. Mass flowmeter. Differential pressure flow meters.

You can find a suitable flow meter in the appropriate type of oil flow meter according to your needs. Of course, maybe, you don’t know what type of flowmeter you should use.

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Next, we recommend suitable flow meters for some commonly used oils.

Industrial Fuel Flow Meters

The fuel flow meter is an instrument that can monitor fuel flow. Industrial Fuel is an important energy source. For example, diesel, marine fuel, gasoline, etc.

Industrial Fuel is an important energy source for production and manufacturing. For example, diesel, marine fuel, gasoline, etc. It is very necessary to accurately measure industrial fuel. Commonly used industrial fuel flow meters, such as turbine flow meters, gear flow meters, mass flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, etc.

If your fuel has low viscosity and good flow rate. You can first refer to the turbine flowmeter. As long as the pressure and flow range are satisfied, you can find a suitable flow meter and use the best price.

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If you need to measure the flow of cooking oil. Such as sunflower oil. Then, the sanitary flowmeter is the first choice.

Sanitary turbine flow meters have stainless steel bodies and come standard with Tri-Clover fittings. A Sanitary flow meter is suitable for measuring liquid without impurities. It can output a pulse frequency signal. It is used to detect instantaneous flow and total integrated flow. A Sanitary flow meters can be used in food, sports drink, liquor, and other beverage industries, in preprocess applications.

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Vortex Shedding Flow Meter

The heat transfer oil uses a high-temperature vortex flowmeter to measure the flow rate. Can meet the measurement of high temperature. the best price.

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For measuring lubricating oil, the mechanical oval gear flowmeter is the first choice. Because of measuring temperature, high viscosity measurement can be met. Oil with low viscosity can be measured with a turbine flowmeter.

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To measure crude oil, you can also consider the oval gear flowmeter first. If the precision is extremely high. Then you can use a mass flow meter.

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There is no hydraulic oil flow meter in the strict sense. It is not accurate to say which flowmeter is a hydraulic flow meter. Which one to use depends on the specific flow measurement conditions.

For example, the hydraulic oil is also labeled, 40 #, 46 #, or other viscosity properties. Then choose a suitable flow meter according to the relevant information such as flow, pressure, viscosity, and so on.

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Of course, turbine flowmeters can be considered first.

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The heating oil flow meter is also called a heating oil flow gauge. It is a high-temperature mechanical fuel meter. A high-temperature type oval gear flow meter can be used as a heating oil flow meter. Can reach 60℃~200℃.

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mechanical flow meter types

There are many types of flow meters.

The electromagnetic flowmeter is based on the electromagnetic principle. When a conductive fluid flows through an electromagnetic field, the velocity of the fluid can be obtained by measuring the voltage.

Ultrasonic flow meters use the principle of ultrasonic acoustics to measure flow velocity. The mechanical flow meter is a relative concept.

Compared with other flow meters, the mechanical flowmeter relies on the rotation and displacement of mechanical parts to measure the flow rate. Common mechanical flow meters have the following categories.

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A positive displacement flowmeter as a mechanical flow meter is a common type of Volumetric Flow Meter. It can measure the volume flow of high viscosity and corrosive fluids.

Volumetric flow meter working principle

The positive displacement flow meter is a flow meter that uses mechanical measuring elements to continuously divide the fluid into a single known volume, and repeatedly fill and discharge the volume of fluid to accumulate the total amount of fluid.

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A Rotameter flow meter is a variable area flow meter based on float position measurement. It is suitable for liquid and gas volumetric flow measurement and control.

Rotameter flow meter working principle

When the measured fluid passes through the annulus formed by the cone and floats from the bottom to the top. The differential pressure produced at the upper and lower ends of the float forms the force for the float to rise. Until the rising force equals the weight of the float immersed in the fluid, the float will stabilize at a certain height.
The height of the float in the tapered tube and the flow rate through it correspond to each other.

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Turbine flow meters are velocity flow meters, also called impeller flow meters. Can be used to measure the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of liquids and gases.

Turbine Flow Meter Working Principle

The fluid flows through the sensor housing. Because the blades of the impeller have a certain angle with the flow direction. The impulse of the fluid makes the blades have a rotational torque. After the friction torque and fluid resistance are overcome, the blades rotate. The speed is stable after the torque is balanced.
Under certain conditions, the speed is proportional to the flow rate.

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Gear flow meter is a micro digital positive displacement flow meter. Can measure very small flow rates and quantify small volumes of liquid. High and low temperature resistance (-196℃-200℃).

Gear flow meter working principle

With the flow of the medium, the gears mesh and rotate. Under the action of the fluid flow, a pressure difference is formed at both ends of the instrument inlet and outlet. There is no need for power supply. A pair of gears rotate freely. The cavity between the gears is filled with liquid. Discharge and measure the number of revolutions of the gear to know the flow of liquid and liquid flowing through the instrument.

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Frequently asked questions

Mechanical flow meters are a type of flow meters that use arrangement moving parts to measure flow. The fluid passes through a series of gears or chambers (positive displacement or PD) or through a rotating turbine or rotor. Mechanical flowmeter is different from electromagnetic and ultrasonic in principle. Mechanical flow meters easily monitor liquid flow rates for water, fuels, viscous fluids and more.

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Industrial oil flow meters measure the volume or mass of oil. Can realize the mutual conversion of volume and mass.

The main industrial oils are hydraulic oil. Gear Oil. Turbine oil. Compressor oil. Refrigeration oil. Transformer oil. Cylinder oil, heat treatment oil, heat transfer oil, etc. Of course, edible oil can also be produced in the industry. In addition, there are greases with lubricating oil as base oil and thickening agent.

Therefore, whether it is a company that uses, trades, or produces oil, it needs to accurately measure the oil flow.

There are many common oil flow meters, such as turbine flow meters, positive displacement flow meters, gear flow meters, mass flow meters, etc.

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If you want to divide the flow meter into three categories. I think it can be divided into volumetric flowmeters, mass flowmeters, and velocity flowmeters.

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Oil is generally transported through pipelines. There are many ways to measure oil flow. For example, use the oil tank level difference to calculate the oil flow. Of course, the simplest and most effective way is to use a flow meter.

Although the types of oil flow meters are different, their working principles are different. However, they can all help us achieve a goal. That is to measure and monitor the flow of oil. Instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, etc.

So that we can better control production and trade.

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Flow Meter Selection Guide 101: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Application

mechanical flow meter for diesel

There are three types of flowmeters commonly used to measure diesel.

  • The first is the oval gear flowmeter, which is also commonly used with an accuracy of 0.5.
  • The second is the liquid turbine flowmeter, the accuracy can be 0.5, flange or threaded connection
  • The third type is float type, installed vertically or horizontally, with an accuracy of 1.5.

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More Featured Oil Flow Meters

mechanical water flow meter

Mechanical Water Flow Meters

Mechanical water flow meters refer to a type of flow meter suitable for clean water processes or applications. The working principle of a mechanical water flow meter is to measure the speed of water flowing through a pipe. This causes the piston or turbine to rotate. The volume flow of water is proportional to the rotation speed of the blades. Compared with electronic water flow meters, mechanical water flow meters may become clogged when the water is dirty or contains large particles. When the water flow is low, the mechanical water meter does not work well.

Water Flow Meters

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