Ultrasonic liquid level sensors realize the non-contact continuous detection of liquid level.

Ultrasonic Level Sensing

Ultrasonic liquid level sensors echo sounding sensors for measuring liquid level. And converting it to an electrical signal to send to other instrumentation. Ultrasonic Level Transmitters & Ultrasonic Level Sensors can be used for Non-intrusive level detection of sealed tanks. It can be used for liquid level detection of unsealed tanks and open channels such as rivers.

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Featured Ultrasonic liquid level sensors

You can choose the appropriate Ultrasonic liquid level sensors according to your measurement requirements.

Used to seal tanks and fire tanks. For example: CO2 tanks, Halon, FM200, Propane, Novec 1230 and any liquefied gas under pressure.

Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator

Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator allows you to conveniently detect the level of liquid available in a container /cylinder/pipe/tank. Ultrasonic principle, Non-contact.

Reference price: USD 1200-1800.00/pc

Used as a non-intrusive tank level gauge. For example: Liquid ammonia, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid, bromine, chlorethylene, sulfuric acid, freon, and nitirc acid, etc.

HS-2000 Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor-External Mounted

Reference price: USD 3700-6700.00/pc

HS-ULC Ultrasonic Level Switch-External Mounted

Reference price: USD 1200-2800.00/pc

HS-ULC-Pro Ultrasonic Non-contact Liquid Level Controller

Reference price: USD 4400-8955.00/pc

Used as an open-hole tank and open liquid level. Such as: fuel tank, open channel liquid level. River level, etc.

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Ultrasonic level sensor is a monitoring instrument for measuring liquid height, tank height, and material position.

Ultrasonic level sensor can adopt two-wire, three-wire or four-wire technology.

The two-wire system is: power supply and signal output are shared.
The three-wire system is: the power supply circuit and the signal output circuit are independent. When using DC 24v power supply, a 3-core cable can be used, and the negative terminal of the power supply and the negative terminal of the signal output share a core wire.
The four-wire system is: when using AC 220v power supply, or when using DC 24v power supply, when the power supply circuit and the signal output circuit are required to be completely isolated, a 4-core cable should be used.
DC or AC power supply, 4~20mADC, high and low switch output.

More about Ultrasonic Level Sensing Technology.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor Working Principle

The working principle of the ultrasonic liquid level sensor is:

Ultrasonic transducer (probe) emits high-frequency pulse sound waves, and the surface of the measured level (material) is reflected back. The reflected echo is received by the transducer and converted into an electrical signal. The propagation time of the sound wave is proportional to the distance from the sound wave to the surface of the object.

The relationship between the sound wave transmission distance S and the sound speed C and the sound transmission time T can be expressed by the formula: S=C×T/2.

The probe part emits ultrasonic waves, which are then reflected by the liquid surface. The probe part is received again. The distance from the probe to the liquid (object) surface is proportional to the elapsed time of the ultrasonic wave:
hb = CT2
Distance [m] = time × speed of sound/2 [m]
The temperature compensation formula of sound velocity:
Ambient sound velocity = 331.5 + 0.6 × temperature

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Liquid level sensor is a kind of measuring instrument used to measure the change of liquid level in the container. It can display the change of liquid level intuitively and linearly. Among them, the magnetic float level sensor is a kind of one that can display on-site and output analog signals. Kind of level gauge.

There are many types of level gauges. There are intuitive displays such as: glass plate level gauges, glass tube level gauges, etc. There are also magnetic float level gauges, float level gauges, radar level gauges, ultrasonic level gauges, Level gauges with electronic signals such as radio frequency admittance level gauges.

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Ultrasonic level gauge is a sensor that emits ultrasonic waves. The sound waves are reflected by the liquid surface and then received by the same sensor. They are converted into electrical signals by piezoelectric crystals or magnetostrictive devices. The time between the transmission and reception of the sound waves is calculated to calculate the sensor The distance to the surface of the liquid being measured.

Very short microwave pulses with very low energy emitted by the radar level gauge are transmitted and received through the antenna system. Radar waves travel at the speed of light. The running time can be converted into a level signal by electronic components.

The radar level gauge is more accurate than the ultrasonic level. And the ultrasonic level gauge is not accurate when measuring the liquid level that produces the foam. Because the ultrasonic wave is reflected back when it hits the foam, the measured level is higher than the actual level. So The radar level gauge is used for the liquid level that is prone to foam. The microwave used by the radar level gauge can pass through foam. So it can also be used for level measurement of liquids that are prone to foam.

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Sino-Inst offers over 10 Ultrasonic liquid Level Sensing sensors and transmitters for level measurement. About 50% of these are float liquid level meters, 40% is the level switches.

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