Tank level gauges are instruments used to indicate and control the height of the liquid level in the tank. Commonly used in water storage tanks, oil storage tanks, and underground tanks. Tank level gauges are also often called Tank level Indicators or liquid level sensors. They are mainly for the level of liquid in the tank. There are many types of Tank level gauges supplied by Sino-Inst. Including floating ball, magnetic, radar, ultrasonic, and hydrostatic pressure, etc.

tank level gauges

You may have heard a lot of sayings, tank level gauges, tank level sensors, and tank level transmitters. Next, we will briefly introduce them.

The tank level gauge is a kind of level meter used to measure the low and high levels of the liquid level. The position of the measured liquid medium in the container (including tanks, storage tanks, and spherical tanks). Liquid level. The meter that measures the liquid level has been changed from a “liquid level gauge” to a “level gauge”. Level gauges include tuning fork level gauges, float level gauges, magnetic flap level gauges, drip level gauges, radar level gauges, and so on.

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Tank level sensor is a common sensor for measuring liquid level position. It converts the height of the position into an electrical signal for output. The liquid level sensor is a modular circuit. It has the advantages of acid resistance, moisture resistance, shock resistance, and corrosion resistance. The circuit contains a constant current feedback circuit and an internal protection circuit. The maximum output current can be made to not exceed 28mA. Therefore, the power supply can be reliably protected and the secondary meter is not damaged. In general, it is used in electrical appliances and equipment that require water level control.

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The liquid level transmitter has a further function than the liquid level gauge and the liquid level sensor. For example, when the float moves up and down with the liquid level. An electrical signal will be generated in a metal tube. However, this electrical signal is often irregular in size and cannot even be used for future circuits. For this reason, a circuit was installed near the pipe. The purpose is to convert this non-standard electrical signal into a standard electrical signal (such as 4-20MA, 0-10V, etc.). It can be output to other instruments or devices for display or control. This device is called a “level transmitter”.

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Although, tank level gauge, tank level sensor, and tank level transmitter are essentially different. But people are used to mixing these terms. Therefore, our tank level gauges below also include level sensors and transmitters.

Featured Tank Level Gauges

Tank Level Gauges Types

No.Gauge typeMain featuresDisadvantageInstallation methodPrice
1Ultrasonic level gaugeNo direct contact with the medium, only the gas phase part. Read more about: Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensors for Tank Level MonitoringThe accuracy is relatively low. It is not possible to measure pressure vessels. Cannot measure volatile media.Top installation, the device needs to be cutMedium
2Radio Frequency Admittance Level GaugeMeasurable interfaceIt is not easy to calibrate. The measuring medium must not be vicious. Otherwise, the probe hanging material will affect the measurement accuracyHole on the top of the deviceMedium
3Magnetic flap level gaugeIntuitive and easy to installThe magnetic ball gets stuck easily. Make it impossible to transmit instructions remotelyTo connect to the device, need to open a holeLow 
4Differential pressure level gaugeWide range of popularization, easy to calibrateIt is closely related to the change of medium density. When measuring corrosive media, the material requirements of the instrument diaphragm are very high.The device needs to be openedLower middle class
5γ-ray level gaugeNon-contact measurement with medium, high accuracyNuclear radiation is harmful to the human body and is not suitable for large diameter containersThe device does not need to open holesHigher
6Float level gaugeIndirect contact with the medium, the floating ball has strict requirements for sealingCannot measure viscous mediaHole on the top of the deviceLow
7Externally attached liquid level gaugeCompletely non-contact measurement. It can be used in harsh environments and is easy to install. Easy to maintain.The viscosity of the medium is less than 10 mpa.s, and the medium cannot contain a lot of bubbles.The device does not need to open holesMedium
8Magnetostrictive level gaugeHigh-precision measurement. Large range measurement. The liquid level and interface can be measured at the same time. Suitable for oil-water mixing measurement.If the medium is in direct contact, the floating ball sealing requirements must be strict, and the viscous medium cannot be measured.The device needs to be openedUpper middle class
9Hydrostatic pressure level gaugeHigh measurement accuracy; easy installation; signals can be transmitted remotely and remotely;
It can resist the corrosion of various media by choosing different materials; it is suitable for explosion-proof occasions;
The measurement signal needs to be converted; the density of the measurement medium must be uniformThe device needs to be openedLow
10Radar level gaugeThe measurement accuracy is high and the application range is wide.When there are obstacles such as stirrers and pipelines in the storage tank, these obstacles will also reflect electromagnetic wave signals, thereby generating false liquid level signals.The equipment needs to be openedHigher
11Guided wave radar level gaugeGuided wave radar level gauge is not limited by the dielectric constant; the measurement of the fluctuating medium is more stableNot suitable for measuring corrosive and adhesive liquids, nor suitable for occasions with high food grade requirementsThe equipment needs to be openedHigher

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The float level gauge is designed based on the Archimedes buoyancy principle and magnetic coupling. With its simple structure, easy operation, good reliability, high accuracy, and low consumption. It is commonplace in industrial applications and is quite popular.

It is widely used in the industrial measurement and control of the liquid level of various liquid tanks such as dam (reservoir) water level detection, sewage treatment, petrochemical raw material storage, food and beverage, and underground storage of gas stations.

When using the float level timer, you should choose different materials to adapt to it according to the chemical properties of the liquid.

Depending on the density of the liquid, different floats can be selected to match it to achieve the best measurement accuracy.

Magnetic Level Gauge/Indicator

A magnetic Level Gauge is also called a magnetic level indicator. Magnetic Level Gauge is developed based on the principle of buoyancy and magnetic effect. The magnetic float in the measuring cylinder drives the two-color turning column on the external display of the measuring cylinder to flip with the increase (decrease) of the liquid level to be measured. As the position of the float changes, the indicator moves up and down the same amount. Supports top-mounted and side-mounted. It can be used for liquid level detection in high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, highly toxic and dangerous environments.

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The glass tube level gauge is equipped with connecting flanges on the upper and lower valves of the instrument. The flange joint is welded with the container under test to form a communicating device. Therefore, the height of the medium level in the container can be directly displayed on the glass tube.

Tank Sight Glass Level Indicators

Safety steel balls are installed in the upper and lower valves of the glass tube level gauge. When the glass tube is broken due to an accident. The steel ball can block the passage under the action of the working pressure of the container. This way the valve will automatically seal. To prevent the medium in the container from continuing to flow out.

The lower end of the glass tube level gauge is equipped with a sewage valve. It is used for sampling, flushing or draining residual liquid by operators during normal production.

The glass tube level gauge is suitable for the measurement of the liquid level in various storage tanks, tanks, towers, and other containers in the petrochemical industry.

Mechanical Tank Level Indicator

The purely mechanical structure has no electronic components. There will be no instability of electronic liquid level products. Therefore, operating costs are lower. At the same time, it is more reliable than the electronic type. Magnetic flap level gauges, glass tube level gauges, glass plate level gauges, buoy level gauges, etc., are all mechanical liquid level display instruments that are currently used in the domestic market. They are widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, chemical, papermaking, and other industries.

Compared with the electronic level gauge, the biggest feature of the mechanical level gauge is that the internal structure is very simple and the counting is intuitive. A variety of materials are available, which can be anti-corrosion and explosion-proof, and can be adapted to various installation environments.

Common Applications of Tank Level Gauges

It can be said that almost all types of level gauges can measure the level of the water storage tank.

You can choose the appropriate level gauge according to your own installation method, accuracy requirements, installation requirements, cost budget, etc.

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Diesel fuel tank level gauges & Indicators

Diesel fuel tank level gauges for industrial oil storage tanks are very important, for level monitoring. Can be divided into mechanical and electronic.

Diesel tank gauges are installed onto industrial diesel tanks. It is used to directly or indirectly measure the liquid level of oil and other media. for the purpose of monitoring fuel consumption or reserve. They are often combined with a diesel tank alarm. This can effectively detect and control diesel fuel consumption.

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Industrial Propane Tank Level Indicators for Industrial Tank Level Measurement

Propane tank level indicator is also called propane tank gauge level indicator, or propane tank level gauge. What kind of level gauge is used for Industrial propane level measurement?

Propane is a gas that can be liquefied. Chemical formula CHURCH, colorless, liquefiable gas. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and ether.
Common Industrial Propane Tank Level Indicators for Industrial Tank Level Measurement include radar level sensor; magnetostrictive level sensor; float level gauge; magnetic flap level gauge; ultrasonic level gauge.

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There are many types of liquid level measuring instruments. But in the process of measuring LPG liquid level gauges. Due to the particularity of the medium, some measuring instruments cannot meet the requirements of the on-site working conditions. The current technology is constantly flying over at any time. Like the radar level The birth of the pressure gauge and the differential pressure level completely solved this problem in the LPG liquid level gauge measurement process.

Like plane radar, guided wave radar, high-frequency radar, etc. From the characteristics of these types of radar level gauges, guided wave radar is widely used. The difference between guided wave radar level gauges and other radars is that the guided wave radar liquid The position gauge needs to be in contact with the medium to measure. Therefore, its use cost is also low.

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For buried tanks, liquid level timing should be selected. First of all, according to its structural design, only the top-mounted liquid level gauge can be used. Of course, there are many types of top installations. We can make and order according to our own specific working conditions when we choose.

The top-mounted level gauges include ultrasonic level gauges, radar level gauges, top-mounted magnetic flap level gauges, top-mounted float level gauges, drop-in level gauges, and so on. These are different according to their respective working conditions and functions. The price is also different. It is necessary to consider the sum of all aspects.

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